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  1. I would get it done fast. Call out some days get what you need. If they are cutting time then they need more operators. RDO's were shifted around last week for XX cause they do need a little more overall coverage.
  2. It's not always good to go for the lowest bidder? Lol. I'm still sniffing around in the yards asking RCI's. The strongest one is they will def be back before the year is out. When the F comes off a supplement schedule the 160's on the A will have to return pretty much putting a deadline on the 179's return.
  3. If its been more then 60 days since your last P/E then yes. But they probably still have your old form on file and you can ask for it so you can just transfer all the information over.
  4. With the restructure taking place the admins keep saying possible front line cuts but the union won't let it happen, not unusual response for the MTA to start cooling down hiring.
  5. My class tb11 from December induction passed the road test today, we will be doing the multiple choice test tomorrow, no clue what it's gonna be like but, we're are right there!
  6. So long as you passed, do what you gotta do, when I operate any smee I'm rolling up while releasing then release to a slow roll, then full service to the marker. But congrats!
  7. Wanted to say congrats to those getting sworn in for July 22. If you guys are in the gym when I'm taking my final then perhaps I'll drop in and see who your TSS's are and let you know if you're in trouble or not lol
  8. That only if you promote and decide the promotion is not for you. You can return to T/O for up to 1 year after the promotion then its permenant
  9. I'm rooting for you man, I was put on medical hold myself and it bumped me back 3 months...it sucks
  10. I chose the B division. They tell you B mostly has report locations in queens/brooklyn while A is mostly Bronx/Manhattan. If you luck out enough times you can get a job out of the queens division. Jamaica Center on the E,J. 71st Continental on the R,M. 179th on the F. Jamaica Yard or ENY yard.
  11. Congrats! You start a few days before I end!
  12. 33 years old here. Was semi pro 6 years ago. Lifting it up to the coupler is no joke. And you have to hold it up for a few seconds yourself while your partner bolts it on. Its def a task in itself
  13. You should of left em scared and wondering lol
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