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  1. Kevin is the guy at the front desk when you get your ticket when you first go into PE. He's the guy on the left. He is def very informative and tries to help out with every single question.
  2. Its not an exaggeration lol. I'm still in schoolcar from the december class but the most recent picks just happened. And jobs that don't have weekends go quick. So 10 years yeah. And as far as a pick for 2 and a half years, that's true too. And even 2 1/2 years in you might not get a great pick. Mostly late PM, mid nights and a lot of weekends. What you can do though is for those first 2 1/2 3 years is keep your eye on the open job list. You can bid on those jobs and if no one with higher seniority bids on the jobs you do then its yours. Granted most likely it will be once again late PM, Mid Nights, and weekends and mostly temps jobs that won't last for to long , but It can provide a consistent regular schedule for you for a little while instead of random jobs at random times as XX or X. I know that's my plan as soon as I'm out of schoolcar. Gunning for a bid job. I am actually fine being up for mid nights, so hopefully can pull a job on my favorite line since a kid
  3. They had to adjust scores and lost numbers cause 1 session was not graded properly, one of the answers was incorrect
  4. Day 1 of 15 Posting,boldly going where no one has gone before, well except one over the pass three weeks but i'm not gonna let Nipaaaa take my spotlight :P. Had PM relays at 179 today. Did a relay on the upper overhanging, then a relay on the lower, another relay on the lower, then a relay on the upper overhanging again. then a double end on the lower where I did the put in. Then another double end but on the upper. I did the put in again. Then lunch. After lunch we took a train to the lower relay and then back to Jamaica yard. We didn't go into the yard, Just into the lead up to the first homeball of the yard, then changed ends and bought it back to LU1 on D4 parsons. Then a double end relay to the lower, I did the put in side. Very busy day for me. I was with T/O Douglas. Very cool guy and had some great advice for braking. I learned a lot today!
  5. Every TSS has their info, my TSS Oliver said that there are no classes until may, so don't ride on an opinion
  6. Wanna wish all the luck to my 12/16/18 induction brothers this weekend! Jay and Legacy! P.S. Don't show up late Jay 😛😂🤣😅
  7. Yeah that's gonna be the hard part, we're not gonna have favorable weather
  8. I'm on the 2774 Babylon to Patchogue we are stalled just east of Bayshore between 4th and 3rd conductor said we are clear of the gates.
  9. Congrats to your class! We get to tackle it thursday!
  10. Passed the midterm and pre signal test, sitting within TB-12 brethren.
  11. Yeah you wait, they will most likely email you when they want you to come in. Don't be surprised if it's not right away, they waited1 month after my first expired to contact me but contacted me again 1 week later for medical. So they will probably wait until closer to when they will be close to final process, did you change your contact information with the MTA?
  12. To quote a friend of mine, he must of gone easy on you guys cause he's not instructing you 😛
  13. Oliver was the same way with us, was he a breeze for you guys? I heard there is a list they have to follow...
  14. 2 retakes, one for track components and another for cuts and adds,I had In Khan for all processes,I aced it! Khan was a cool dude to me though
  15. Yeah were here at concourse r68's everywhere! Good luck with oliver... he's a combination of bad koolaid and bananas in the tailpipe!

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