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  1. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    I hope it's the 17th or I will have to deffer!
  2. I agree 6 more months and I would raise questions. Not jumping any bandwagon but I still think its an improvement.
  3. It more then likely could be. However I do like the direction that Murphy is traveling. And if he keeps it up then hopefully soon the Christie Corporation Crumble as I like to call it, will be a thing of the past!
  4. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    All letters say that, however the list has not been officially established, it has been slightly delayed due to a scoring error on one of the sessions The subway is split into 2 divisions. The A Division which is the numbered lines and the 42nd st Shuttle, and the B Division which is the lettered lines, the Franklin Ave Shuttle and the Rockaway Shuttle. The reason for the 2 divisions is that the tunnels and stations are built differently for each division. The A division has more narrow tunnels, more narrow cars, usually shorter stations and shorter cars then the B division which has wider tunnels, wider cars and usually longer stations and longer cars.B division trains can not fit into A division tunnels and stations however A division trains can fit into most B division tunnels and stations but since the cars are more narrow there would be a big gap from the platform to the train. Because of this the MTA maintains 2 separate fleets, 1 for each division. The B division has a more diverse fleet and usually requires more training.
  5. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Sucks cause we won't be made perm faster which means longer probationary period. However for me its slightly positive since I am 55x and so close to being emailed for medical. Establishing the list would mean them starting from the top which people can accept and might take longer to get to me. I'm just eager to start training Perm/Probationary or whatnot!
  6. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Upwards of 3 months and then you have to wait more for your name to be reestablished on the list
  7. The state has a problem getting the city to help pay for its own transportation system, how do they think the city will react to this request? lol
  8. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    If hes coming from wheatley heights he should be on train 2005 during the weekdays which has the first atlantic terminal getting him in around 5:55am. Should be fine. If they ever surprise you with a weekend class that would be where the challange comes in. Thats when trains don't start rolling in until around 6:40.
  9. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    When you have your name put back on the list it is restored by DCAS not the MTA. It could take DCAS up to 2 months before your name is restored to the list and just a little bit longer for the MTA to resend you the paperwork to come in for PE. Going to livingston with just get you the same response of having to go to DCAS to get your name restored.
  10. LIRRMedford

    NICE summer service change

    Our daily n88 service to Jones Beach begins Saturday July 23rd You just gotta love website typo's.
  11. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    They processed around 1200 for preemployment, and according to other posts are around 310 for medical, with the next class being July 9th the next batch of emails for medical hopefully go out next week.
  12. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Cause there's nothing to post everyone is waiting for the OPA, PE, or Medical
  13. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    It could go both ways, you could have 6 wrong like you originally thought, you just have to wait and see
  14. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    I hope it just means no more provisional classes but the rest are perm classes. Here's to hoping!
  15. LIRRMedford

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    I did mine 5/30 just got to be patient man. I'm sure as soon as soon as the next wave of emails for medical go out people will start posting


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