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  1. @mtawife I have to clear up a pending traffic ticket. Then I'll be able to proceed with the process. #2**
  2. 161NewYork. Not that I doubt what you said. But no pending. I can pay it but I just don't want the 4 points.
  3. 161NewYork. I will keep you updated. Thanks a lot
  4. I received a letter Saturday to report on Friday the 23rd for OA 4105. The ticket isn't in the system yet. I was going to fight it. So you don't think they would hire me. I haven't been convicted of anything as yet. Thank you for your answer NYC 161
  5. I received a speeding ticket last week. I was called for Mta bus driver position the other day. Would they hire me with a pending ticket over the speed limit by 14 miles?
  6. I have a question. Received a speeding ticket with the radar gun 3 weeks ago. That's 14 miles over the speed limit. I'm gonna fight the ticket because that's 4 points. I'm have a interview with transit Monday will they still consider me for the bus driver position with the ticket pending?
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