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  1. On this one, under a union contract, your wages increase after set periods of time - typically called steps or a synonymous term. So you could start at the entry wage, then have an increase after probation ends, then have a date in the contract when the new wages go into effect across the board (in my union in California, it was usually Oct 5), then on your anniversary date, you get another one, and so on until at year 6, you’re at that wage they mentioned in the posting. Depending on the contract, that could be the top step wage for people who met that milestone, and every wage increase isn’t laid out in a per hour format, but rather in a similar percentage increase as people aging into the 6-year level (i.e. if the bump from year 5 to year 6 is 2%, the contract could give you that 2% as well on that across the board date). Dunno if it’s publicly available, but if it is, see if you can get a copy of the contract for each driver’s union to see what the wages and other rules look like.
  2. From September: https://m.metro-magazine.com/news/735572/ny-mta-s-managing-director-hakim-to-depart-post
  3. I don’t get why two services terminate at FH, then runs local and express until the QBL/Archer split instead of extending or to 179th and keeping express to 179th St. Eliminates a merge and fumigation delays, and could add a few TPH to the locals to improve service in Bk and MAN (assuming turns back at 71st).
  4. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean everyone needs to hear it. Free speech - or, the prohibition on the government’s ability to restrict freedom of expression, is the right. Being heard and/or not being ridiculed for expressing things is not.
  5. I once took a complaint from someone mad about the paint scheme Kaiser Permanente uses on their medical office buildings in Northern California. Since that day in 2007, I had not been witness to such an Archie Bunker-esque complaint until I read this in it’s entirety.
  6. You’d be surprised by how many people over 40 take it just to avoid the subway - LRT alone seniors with mobility impairments
  7. But is missing a green, picking up pax, then going a minute later worse and slower than making the green and stopping for a minute and waiting for space to merge in? (That’s the TL;DR version of my question.)
  8. So weird question: Has anyone ever studied if having stops next to a red light or stop sign makes buses faster? So in Sacramento (where I grew up), roughly 90% of all RT bus stops are located after the bus would exit the intersection. I always assumed it was due to how Sacramento streets are designed - lots of unmarked right turn lanes entering the intersection, and “merge” lanes exiting the intersection, with bus stops there to “discourage” people from making unsafe rights on red (see pictures). The flaw to it, in my logic, is that the bus has to make two stops: one for the red light, and the other for the actual stop. Seems like a lot of stops are after exiting the intersection. So would moving them to the entrance side speed up routes? This image is an up-close view of an unstriped right turn lane by where I used to live in Sacramento. Wider image of the above pic: This is the exit side of that same intersection. The rectangular green sign has the bus stop under it (colored blue) Wider angle of the above picture from the east:
  9. Someone pulls the door open on its hinges. Other transit systems have figured this one out. Now we could make trains crawl in at 5mph so if someone jumps, they’re less likely to splat.
  10. So stupid but brilliant question: Why didn’t they just build some platforms under Lex/63rd for trains to stop at, and a storage/turnback yard beneath Central Park? Did it really need to go to a whole new level beneath GCT?
  11. The rails stop right after the garage - the entire waterfront is paved as a service road to that parking lot by CSI from Jersey St & Richmond Terrace. After that, all businesses, so I really have ZERO idea what they’re building this on since you have Gerardi’s old warehouse and that salt storage lot in the way down to Lafayette St, then all those port-servicing businesses after that until you get to the old North Shore bridges.
  12. Put your pics on an image hoster- you can’t display/link them from your email.
  13. They could remove the trees, narrow the sidewalks, and turn the median into a double yellow from St Peters to the ferry and preserve the parking, the bike lane and build the bus way. And moving the 120th into the mall frees up even more space.

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