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  1. So then why not Station Managers? They’re next to switches. Why not cross-train them for filling in gaps?
  2. But right now, it’s a necessary cost - crewed redundancy. There should never be one person in the tower - the position is too critical. Might behoove to have one of the token booth people trained to run switches as backups, or run towers in two person teams.
  3. It’s only called the Lex subway now. If you look at where it runs south of 42nd St, it was rightly called the Park Ave South-Lafayette St-Centre St-Broadway line.
  4. I didn’t grow up in the NYC school system, so I’m definitely not understanding why kids in the Bronx can attend Curtis High on Staten Island. But what I’m really not understanding is why with all these school buses in this city, 1) the city contracts that service out instead of running school buses directly, and 2) why the city isn’t just giving all students half-price metrocards instead of this means-testing scheme. But remember, I came up in a state where all you needed was a school ID card to get a half-price unlimited monthly bus (and train) pass.
  5. In 22 years the fare has only doubled, but the loss/deficit has projected to treble. The mismanagement from Pataki to now is staggering.
  6. Being a (former) Left Coaster, CNGs and Hybrids were crap with their slushboxes hard-shifting into 3rd fear, but they were purchased because the all-knowing academics that make up the California Air Resources Board mandated them. That they did make an impact on bus-created CO2 was nice, but it being California, those new transit riders were replaced by more drivers. However, given that SI always smells like diesel for reasons in addition to the stink from Elizabeth, NJ, and the petrochemical infrastructure and (former) GM plant in Linden, NJ, clean air buses that could actually use the clean air drivetrain could make a difference in stopping the 460k of us stuck there getting that lung cancer. (Given My father just died two weeks ago from Stage IV, I’m a bit conscious of it now.)
  7. Does make me wonder why they don’t run CNG buses on SI, since even CNG Orion Vs and VIIs were meant for these higher speed routes.
  8. Well when you sell generations on the dream of being rich by incurring tend to hundreds of thousands in debt to have a piece of paper from a learning institution that leads to a job unrelated to what you studied, then you get these kinds of shortages. The thing that bugs me is that all these folks complaining about not being able to find work in their fields and not having enough money to not have 13 roommates is that they’re not applying for blue collar jobs because they’re “beneath” them. So they’re rejecting reliable income to be freelance or otherwise underpaid and uninsured because it may not lead them to a Pulitzer or as a feature on House Hunters. Meanwhile, me - the guy who didn’t graduate and worked himself up to Operations Director at another startup (and occasionally collects 15% when you get an apartment in this city) is steady debating applying to be a bus driver or other city job because pensions are more reliable than chasing equity hoping for a buyout or IPO...
  9. Imagine if they did that with that Sandy money when they were rebuilding that bridge...
  10. Found a demonstrator bus - sloped rear end because the A/C condenser not above the engine:
  11. In theory. Having done both B38s and S40/44, 2x1 on an almost at capacity bus makes alighting and boarding as slow as 2x2 seating. i really feel like there should be 3 doors on 40 footers just to make it faster, and 5 doors on bendy buses (Bx1/2 and both Bx12s show why that’s something to consider).
  12. That’s why I like ’s Orion V layout before retirement - longitudinal on both sides. Wider aisle, easier to access poles, and faster alighting since no one had to turn or stand up for a rider to exit. That’s how these low floors should be laid out.
  13. I might’ve been 14 or 15 when I saw RTS’ with openable windows. I remember RTD had just became LA’s MTA, and the RTS’ had these green-hued windows that opened at the top (like bus windows do now). Man, was it UGLY: The original LACMTA livery scheme did it no favors. But I imagine the windows saved on fuel burn, and made it more likely that LA met CARB emissions goals.
  14. But will they put the “bought by Port Authority” stickers on the preserved buses or nah?
  15. It works on MARTA and WMATA. Even works on bendy buses...

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