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  1. Enhanced Station Initiative

    The best thing they could do is connect the northbound track from Fulton St to the disused express track at Chambers and run the station as a 3-track/2-island - closing off the other platforms behind a wall like they did Bowery. But I gather they would’ve done that if it was possible and not expensive.
  2. I'm trying to understand how this man has 20 arrests - TWO for jackin off on trains, and is still free. Maybe exposing and stroking your twig and berries on the train should be a felony sex crime?
  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/woman-stabs-creep-masturbated-front-train-article-1.3837863
  4. Enhanced Station Initiative

    MTA board: “Alright, FINE Andrew!!! Put your lipsticks on pigs.” The City’s board members voted no. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-votes-cuomo-1b-plan-pretty-subway-stations-article-1.3836591
  5. Worst feeling in the world is that I now have to go to GCT daily and deal with the slowdowns on the Lex Line. I miss Brooklyn already. Get off at Dekalb or Nevins, ride the B38, and I'm showing apartments 20 minutes later. Damn day job making me go to Midtown.
  6. @Via Garibaldi 8 was probably Bx2 - I got on at 175 or 176th (was showing that apartment on Teller Av I told you about in PM). Three wheelchairs and two walkers on one of the high floor New Flyer bendy buses. Only saving grace of that trip was I didn't have to eat my cousin's cooking. (I always say anyone who cooks rice so long it looks like popcorn will NEVER feed me.) But the fact it took that long to get to the Oval (including missing the Bx12 Local that stops at the Oval's main entrance so I didn't have to walk) - yeah, buses in Bx suck unless it's an express or the Westchester bus (the latter doesn't suck until you get to Cross-County mall).
  7. I was all over Bx1/2 when I would visit as a teenager (Grandmother's house was on Findlay Av/168th). I made the mistake using Bx1/2 last summer when I missed the by 30 seconds - rode to Fordham to go visit the cousin in Fordham Hill Oval. A 20 minutes 1.5 mile trip took 63 minutes. If ever there was a need for low-floor exclusive fleets, bus lanes and service as or more frequent than LACMTA's Metro Rapid 720, it's Bx1/2. (MetroRapid 720 has a bus every 2 minutes.)
  8. Too true, but then I think of Bx1/2 and the M5 and they're packed for their trips paralleling a subway. Same with B38/Ltd. Not so much with B25. B48 tends to be empty or full as it parallels Franklin (S). And then Eastern Pkwy has no buses on it. I think it'd be a better idea to have one on QB going from 71st/Continental to 59th/Lex at least, but then that's a 2 hour bus ride, and that's saved only for Manhattan.
  9. That's why I can look outside the office window and think on one hand how stupid it is that the Q32 goes from the middle of Queens to pass by 49th/Madison, but on the other hand makes me wonder why there aren't more bus routes that parallel subway routes in regular service. Granted, you have the fact that in most cases,buses that duplicate rail service tend to be low-ridership lines if they exist at all. But running these lines so when there is a train disruption planners can pull rolling stock and run buses as limited stop/super expresses until the disruption ends seems like a smart contingency investment. But in 's defense, can't do planning like this if their money is always short.
  10. Not if they're surge pricing. Say the situation is like that time I worked in Ramsey, got off the Shortline, and needed to go from NJ 17 at Lake Street to 100 Williams Drive in a blizzard - roughly 1.5 miles total road distance. The Uber fare I was quoted for the surge was $100. If the same thing happens to folks in Astoria trying to go from 31st/Astoria Bl/GCP to 59th and Lex or to 125th/Lex, sure that'd be $25 each, but that's still "excessive" for many - especially since many folks here are paycheck-to-paycheck. If it had to be done, it'd be done, but I think it doesn't happen for most commuters because their bosses are stuck in the same shutdown they are, so no harm no foul.
  11. I imagine most folks didn't because other folks were in Uber/Lyft, or weren't interested in that surge. (One time I got caught up in that and the surge made the fare from Port Authority to 148th St $90.)
  12. Stupid question: why don't trains have brake lights so the operators behind them know the train is stopping?
  13. And at 34th St on 7th Av/8th Av, and Barclay's on the IRT, they could tell us on the island platforms the expresses are stopping at the locals and locals at the expresses and make us run up and down the stairs to get to the train too. Or they could just build Island platforms so all one has to do is turn one way or the other to get on an express or local. Won't happen at the stations I mentioned because of capacity, but doing that with the would make the dash disappear, the station safer in regards to slip and trip injuries, and make the line more efficient in operation.
  14. IDU why they don't make it a two-track line with island platforms and three crossover switches so people don't have to dash to figure out which train to get on, but that's just me.
  15. Having been in a union in a past life, I’m gonna guess that it isn’t maintenance, it’s likely employee availability. This one year at Kaiser Permanente (the largest non-profit HMO in the world), to try to stop us SEIU-UHW folks from voting for a contract provision the company didn’t like, management guaranteed us that our vacation bids would be done so only 5% of us would have our 5-day vacations uninterrupted (we’d request a M-F off, 5 days in a row, and they’d approve it for 95% of us instead of 25% of us being scheduled to work on one of the midweek days - T,W,Th). For a year, we had staff shortages of 15% midweek- getting slammed because out of 48 non-embargoed work weeks with 300 staff in the unit, 30 people each week were gone and put us right above the 265 needed to meet demand - not including the folks who called out sick/FMLA, California Family Leave. So like in that situation and similarly, with SI bus runs cancelled when drivers call out, I’m suspecting there’s an employee shortage affecting the . And im speculating that doesn’t have enough on calls or PT employees to fill that gap. If I’m right - AND I’M SPECULATING HERE WITH NO INTERNAL OPERATIONS KNOWLEDGE OR SOURCES, it probably won’t be resolved until the next time PTO bids are run. As to whether my speculatory observation is a management screw-up or a deliberate plot by an ally of the Duke of Albany to pressure Hizzoner to cough up money to fund the $836 million, I dunno. But it seems too deliberate and meticulous to think that the inconvenient rolling stock shortage on one line and rampant failures of track equipment increasing is solely due to age of the system. /ConspiracyTheories


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