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  1. So I peeked out the front window on a one day this week - GCT to Bowling Green. Looking at the signals, I keep seeing speed zones go from 20 to 30 mph, then timers, and then a 35, then a drop to 30, and so on. I know blocks are shorter on the Lex because of how many trains run through it per hour, but do these trains ever get up to 50-55 mph between stops? Is it possible that because of these regularly changing speed zones, that's adding to the service gaps and delays - because the runtime on paper doesn't account for the actual speed trains travel in the tunnels?
  2. Deucey

    MTA Buses on 9/11/01

    Dunno personally, but I was here in 96 when sent new RTS' to Atlanta to help MARTA out during the Olympics. So it does happen - lending equipment out to help others.
  3. So I didn't get a pic, but all the platform signage says "World Trade Center" instead of Cortlandt Street. Was a station renaming always part of the plan?
  4. HEAR EFFING HEAR!!! Every time @SevenEleven handled my S52, I made my ferry with time to spare.
  5. Deucey

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Reroutes, and the fact the strip map on consists don't show all the stations when goes local overnight.
  6. Deucey

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    So no SI changes today?
  7. Little bit of trivia: every time I have to take an intercity bus, trains suffer some service outage that makes me late to boarding, so I have to Lyft to Javits Center. So I've only been in the station when coming back from DC or Boston.
  8. Some news I found (it's free to read): http://s.silive.com/sq6Q4Al
  9. It's definitely a concession to folks who host dinners for him. All this money for BQX when rent is still high, Section 8 and other voucher holders spend months to find apartments that take vouchers, shitty schools not educating kids, all these building fires... Money on a train few will ride in comparison to other corridors or to Red Hook... #ThanksDeBlasio
  10. Like he couldn't control by giving Cuomo the 1 year warning required in the enabling legislation. DeBlasio is a weak dude. You could build an actual LRT line along Fordham or those SBS corridors in Eastern Queens and East NY and have a better spend of money and better transit access for the car and bus dependent.
  11. Seems with all the major reroutes when something goes wrong, that some of the removed switches could've been useful - if they were previously in the right (strategic) locations...
  12. Deucey

    staten island local bus study?

    And it's always late - AM or PM...
  13. There's been plenty of positions I was qualified for and never heard back. Now doing not just the hiring, but the recruiting, I can honestly say @CrazyD that sometimes you're good but not good enough; you're interesting but it's not the right time for interesting (ie in sales right now we need a builder of systems or practices vs a closer of deals); you could have worked for a rival the place isn't ready to "piss off"; we know the place you worked and their ways aren't compatible with ours; or my favorite, we can't see what you're bringing as beneficial. (Example: a lot of the CVs I got were from folks who worked retail. Retail, unless it's commission, isn't sales, and retail doesn't translate to email and phone sales. So they might've been top associate, but it doesn't mean s/he can prospect.) All that is to say that make sure what you apply to lines up with what you've done, because if you want to be an ironworker but you've never been trained and all you've done is ring people up at the Gap, you're probably not ever getting called.
  14. If you want a "trick" to get called, make sure the words in the job description appear in your resume. Some folks will copy the experience into the footer and make it white text so it marks them as a 100% match; smart folks weave them into their description of duties in past jobs. But, if you want "me" to look at your resume, make sure you say something that 1) shows you can do the job; 2) that shows you did the job or something close to it, and 3) something that shows you improved the job that might be able to improve my unit. I just hired this guy for a sales job despite him never having sold anything before. How'd he get my attention? #2 stood out. He was a claims examiner, so since my industry is Property insurance, that put him ahead of everyone else because by nature of #2, his knowledge of auto insurance filled #3 - I was a life and health insurance agent, so I don't know how auto works beyond "car gets hit, here's a deductible to pay and drop the car off here." If you can do that, you have a better shot of not just getting called, but also getting hired before the interviews are done. @Via Garibaldi 8 leads his unit too, so he can help on this as well.
  15. Deucey

    Transfer from LIRR to NYCT?

    What's a drug test have to do with transferring corporations? Besides, isn't there a rule on how much time one has to be in a position before transferring out of that position (unless being promoted to management)?


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