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  1. Explosion In Subway Near Port Authority

    I keep mine in so people don’t talk to me. Rarely ever have anything playing through them
  2. Rockaway Beach Branch

    So back in Sacramento, there's a section of Interstate 5 called "The Boat" that separates Downtown Sacramento from the Riverfront/Old Sacramento. (If it made the news out here, this is the section that flooded a few years ago and needed to be closed for drainage repair since it's built as an open cut below the watertable.) There was a plan to convert this into a "tunnel" by building a roof over it - high enough not to impede traffic on the freeway but low enough to accommodate grass and plants and some stores to create a park and physical connection by hiding the freeway. I bring this up because since RBB is an elevated structure, it shouldn't be terribly expensive to sink the tracks below street level and build a park on top of it. But I don't think the people shouting for a park there represent a significant percentage of the population along the corridor.
  3. Fordham Road Transit Upgrading Proposals

    Here's a radical idea: Eliminate parking on Fordham between Third Ave and the 207th St Bridge, make the bus lane 24/7 with a barrier between it and the regular traffic lane, and include bus-only traffic light sequences. Now you'd run into the problem of bus bunching without being able to pass (ie Fordham/University, Fordham/Concourse), but eliminating the ability of cabbies to block the curb and double-parkers doing what they do would make bus traffic flow smoother. Although I'd rather they (re)build the streetcar as a low floor system (like HBLR and River Line) along the curb with separation barriers, but it'd probably only save 5 min between the Deegan and Pelham Bay, and the Toyota Dealer/auto repair shop at Fordham/Cedar would have to close to make it work.
  4. There’s always the off chance that the right person inside reads this (other) obscure transport site and discussions like this influence actions or thought processes prior to actions...
  5. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Just switched back to regular real estate sales/rentals. How u doin?
  6. No. All powers not given to the feds are given to the states. Actual text of the 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That “respectively” is the key word, as it makes the States the arbiter of what can legally be done and how it’s territory is administered. It’s why Dillon’s Rule is the cornerstone of municipal law - there’s no legal right for municipalities to exist. It’s why each state has laws governing how city (or village formation) occurs; it’s how states create or consolidate counties. After Congress ratified a state’s entry into the US, the state can do practically whatever it wants within its territory. So since NYS decided every NYer lives in a city or town (incorporated area), and each town handles typical county-wide planning within it’s portion of its county (or counties, like Geneva and NYC) and has elected municipal officials who coordinate with counterparts in adjacent villages, hamlets, towns and cities, why are county governments still a thing in NY, since they’re redundant?
  7. Petition to allow open strollers on nyc buses

    Should put it on the farebox/fare guide stickers as well.
  8. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Frankly, I wonder how much delays decrease, commutes speed up and capacity increases if TA got rid of signals before and in stations (excluding terminals) along with timers.
  9. Rockaway Beach Branch

    It’s a shit casino anyway. The only saving grace for it over Empire is you can take the train to it, but it's so stingy in payouts it's not worth enduring the train ride and walk from Conduit to get there. (I grew up in Sacramento, so I had Reno, Lake Tahoe and a shit-ton of Indian Casinos nearby, and Aqueduct doesn't come close to the crappiest bingo hall/casino I can think of, Colusa Casino.) Plus NY is so expensive a place to live in that I don't see people giving away enough of their disposable income to make Aqueduct enough money to make it not shit.
  10. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Like I and other said on pages earlier: the only way RBB COULD BE VIABLE as a subway is via a NEW trunkline to Manhattan, and there are other parts of the city that have more urgent needs for subway service than the RBB corridor.
  11. Imagine how I feel. I'll try it again. If everyone in NY outside NYC lives in a town, and towns have home rule powers that let them do everything counties can do, why are there still county governments in NY? As I understand it, Connecticut is the same - everyone lives in a town, but there are no county governments. Why isn't that duplicated in NY?
  12. NYC Subway Turnstiles

    Funny that the only problem I have in turnstiles is swiping too fast...
  13. Yup. I already cracked Pandora's box. May as well open the whole damn thing all the way. I just really don't get why Counties have governments if every part of a county is legally in a town and the villages in that town can vote for the leadership of the town. Seems a lot of taxation could disappear if county-level government was eliminated because it's redundant.
  14. All the times I took S79 to/from Bay Ridge to SI Mall, and even now when I'm waiting for the S44 at Target, I never see more than five people on the S79 going to the mall. Oddly, I see a good amount of people getting on S79 the the mall going to Hylan or Bay Ridge, so that may affect why there aren't short turns. As to whether that makes sense given how leaving 86th St practically every S79 is SRO or crushloaded, I'll leave that to you guys.
  15. I'm referring to every part of the state that isn't NYC. So where I'm from, there are two divisions: Counties and incorporated cities. Everyone lives in a county, but not necessarily in a city. Example: I'm from Fair Oaks California - an unincorporated census-designated place (CDP) in Sacramento County. My father lives in Arden-Arcade, another CDP in Sacramento County. His address reads Sacramento, but he doesn't vote for mayor of Sacramento because he's not in the City of Sacramento, just the county. We voted for County Supervisors - who are the legislators for the County, while people in the City of Sacramento voted for both Supervisors and City Council members. Counties, being subdivisions of the State of California, implemented state laws within the state-supported county lines, and handled local stuff for areas that weren't incorporated into a city. Example: It's why Sacramento County shoppers pay higher sales tax than City of Sacramento shoppers - the County supervisors raised it higher over the state minimum than the City Council chose to. But it's also how the City had to implement certain public health mandates automatically - rules came from the State and the County enforced implementation. (Context of why I'm asking...) So I'm reading stuff trying to understand how the other 57 counties in the GSONY work. It looks like everyone votes for county legislators, but everyone also lives in a town with a town council and some live in a village with a village council, unless one lives in a city. But if everyone lives in a town and the town sets baseline rules, why does NY have county governments?


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