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  1. Still requires two things: 1) delaying thru traffic to merge into that exit lane (and related backups on the on/off ramps), and 2) attentive motorists who plan ahead versus last minute changes. There’s a reason the Feds mandated this - it’s best practice. And given people drive like they walk, and in NYC people don’t pay attention to who’s behind them - on roads or even subway stairs - this is a beneficial project.
  2. Two aspects to this: 1) Left-hand exits are technically illegal under the Federal Highway Aid acts - as they’re not in spec for interstate highways, and each expenditure for roads with them have to be explicitly mentioned in law as grandfathered and eligible, and 2) They contribute to backups and cause wrecks - like left-hand entrances - because people cut across lanes to get to them - causing delays or wrecks that cause delays. Now if only NYCDOT could get money to get rid of the left entrances and abrupt lane shifts on the FDR (ie Under the UN/Rockefeller University)...
  3. It’s a fair response. We left and formed our own, NUHW (see post above), and SEIU-UHW got California and Fed courts to take every step to block recognition, and then UHW had nerve to abrogate their responsibilities to represent us and 50 of us got fired as an intimidation tactic. Thats why I support the simple vote (the card thing) to unionize - because when your union doesn’t bargain in your interest - thinking pay rises are the only thing you’re worried about, when your ability to do the job effectively and live your life is impeded by management with the union’s blessing, you should be able to leave it and start or join another. No doubt that if these employee’s could do that, some of these asinine anti-customer rules inflicted upon them would go away, and we’d probably have a better customer experience, and some budget savings.
  4. That’s how my union let management act on my unit out in California. But then part of my dues went to this “Labor Management Partnership” that screwed us regularly because the folks from SEIU-UHW weren’t interested in making sure the local reps and stewards were as savvy about the business as the management. So it was just a rubber stamp on oppressing us. And Andy Stern & Co were absolutely shook when 65% of us left to create our own union. I’m always pro union but EFF SEIU-UHW with rusty pipes.
  5. https://www.silive.com/news/2019/09/oh-crap-soiled-car-reports-on-the-rise-in-nyc-subway.html
  6. I wonder if this is why there’s no SBS Machines on the S79...
  7. That was the norm when I was with Citi Habitats and the office was on Bedford - multiple 38s and LTDs bunches and still as crowded as pictures say trains in India are. The maths say that a 60ft bendy bus should increase capacity 50+%, but if you can have 40-footers with close to 100 people on them all arriving within 2 minutes of each other, that capacity boost is already ruined when service is cut. Looks like it’s B26 or B52 whenever I wanna go to Bed-Stuy.
  8. When you have every 40-footer getting stuffed to 2.5 times it’s capacity - even when bunching, why would you go to artics AND reduce service by 1/3? B38 LTD will be packed worse than both Bx12 lines.
  9. Another reason why I keep wired headphones - if one falls out, the other and/or my phone rescue it.
  10. Between stress (my father was in hospice in California, and I worked for two shitheads, pardon my English) and walking up the Hamilton Av mountain, I lost hella weight being on SI. But what I wouldn’t give for a bus over the Bayonne to Walmart - even if it’s hourly. I imagine they’d need an artic just because of the ridership that’d go there just for the groceries ($125 at ShopRite = $90-100 at Walmart). But you know I feel like the entire Metro area should have better links to areas that aren’t in BdB’s jurisdictions. And with SI - since so many of us go to Jersey vs Manhattan, it could be a potential growth area for and possibly . Definitely could make the air better on both sides.
  11. That’s really how I’d redo SI buses - FT connections to Bayonne to the Walmart and to stations near Linden and Perth Amboy. The fact it isn’t happening makes me wonder if PANYNJ are blocking it bc it could lower toll revenue, or if its and not playing nice.
  12. I don’t understand why they don’t just have recessed cameras on the sides of cars covering the doors and monitors in the cab so C/Rs don’t need to open the window to check the platforms.
  13. I know the frontage roads at New Dorp can take all the buses, but it’s far enough down that any real changes - my plan included - makes it not worth happening since the time savings go away. I’ve only driven it twice - there isn’t already a bus lane on the lower level for the SIMs to Bk and FiDi?
  14. 1) I’d take your union to task over that 2) If you’re in the worst 30%, you should have FMLA - even if it’s for I’ll family members you care for (and get it for hours per month, not days, so you can take partials. That way, if they tell you not to come in bc you missed 4 hours, you can’t be penalized for management denying you work, and it has to be paid as straight time and not sick time or vacation/PTO) 3) Get your union to lobby for a state family leave act that prevents you from being penalized for child care or caregiver issues.

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