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  1. Two days ago I saw NYPD poking a "down on their luck" and intoxicated person at Bowling Green uptown platform - no outreach team or Social Worker with them. Upside is they were trying to wake him up and telling him he couldn't be on the floor but would be okay if he were in the chair. Downside is that if it were other Bluebloods, that "courtesy" may not have been extended. Still would rather have them without pistols and with Social Workers doing these interactions.
  2. You're not familiar with the Common Law and standing, are you? All these suppositions and character attacks on the unknown parties... I'ma hip you to some game here: Every law, rule, order, ordinance, and regulation can be litigated if someone has reason to believe they'd be harmed by it, has proof of it, and can get advocates and supporters. So could create sleeping areas in stations and I could sue that it's violating NYS hotel and short-term rental laws for "charging" $2.75/night, or discriminating because it's not available to people who aren't indigent; or if I got cited by Bluebloods for closing my eyes between Union Square and Bowling Green (which I always do). @Around the Horn could sue because the lack of shower facilities and non-enforcement of hygiene rules presents a nuisance and health hazard. @Via Garibaldi 8 could sue because if someone got access to that area without paying a fare but he was cited for hopping the turnstile to get on the train, it's discrimination. And could be sued by the City for participating in homeless relief but not following City Rules or contributing to City shelter projects, for violation of the lease it gave to NYCTA in the '50s, etc. Since you wanted to supposition into a rabbithole... The problem in all this - which is overlooked by the "EYE WANT MY 2:30AM RAILFANNING TRIP TO FAR ROCKAWAY BACK" crowd is that: 1) service was shut because of a contagious virus no one that isn't a die-hard conspiracist RWNJ wants to risk dying from necessitated it 2) The folks who complained about them sleeping on trains to minimize exposure used health risks to justify it 3) A whole lot of NYCers threw fits about shelters being opened in their neighborhoods - so where else were they to go? 4) The same folks glad about SCOTUS' Citizens United decision forget that not spending money (even if one doesn't have it) is Freedom of Speech as well; and 5) So long as they're not being disruptive, it's a violation of their Right to Peaceably Assemble (that other part of the First Amendment). Not liking them on the stations or trains isn't being disruptive; neither is having B.O. So if one wants metrics to reopen the system to 24/7 service, the aforementioned list is your baseline criteria to create metrics if the goal is to make the system homeless-free. Think on those instead of whinging on about ambulance chasers.
  3. But if it only stops where the corresponding train stops during the day, then it's a different experience altogether. The only real flaw to something like this is that since buses cost more to run than trains, and SRO is ~116-120 people on artics, depending upon the night ridership you might see 8-10 minute frequencies and need three drivers for every train crew. So on Lex - for example, where you'd only need four people to run and every 20 minutes, you'd need 12 to run the buses to match the ridership demand whether the -bus ran local or express. (Assumption being that the runtimes aren't heavily divergent due to traffic.) The economics favor running the trains, but if they're insistent on shutting the system overnight, having the buses duplicate the train routes as closely as possible between two boroughs is how I'd do it.
  4. Best I can recommend is clicking the link button (see arrow in the image) and pasting it. The site automatically embeds it (if you don't have that function turned off).
  5. Two things: 1) When replying to multiple posts, please put them all into one reply. 2) Can you be less combative in your replies? There's a lot of knowledge here - from employees, industry experts, logicians, and researchers. While it's a good thing to question conclusions, flaming and gaslighting is not.
  6. BPB - split the difference between both stations on Jerome and Concourse - since local buses pick up more at those two stations than at Norwood or Woodlawn.
  7. Sample of my idea: Route duplicates and - Runs on the Concourse to 149th, goes over 3rd Av/Willis Av Bridges, down Lexington/up Third Av; terminates at Bryant Park. Bk Segment runs from New Lots along Livonia to E 98th St, up Ralph to Eastern Pkwy; up Flatbush, the Bridge, then Bowery, up Park Av, terms at GCT with timed Transfer to the Bx segment. I should write/draw this whole Subway OWL plan out. Been years since I drew a map.
  8. Imagine if they did an entire night bus network mirroring subway services with timed transfers...
  9. When NYDN says this: ...but you know the Island Line on the Isle of Wight is using British Rail Class 483 trains that were first built as the London Underground's 1938 Stock...
  10. Still not as bad as folks in Texas... https://www.tmz.com/2020/06/26/master-bedroom-canceled-houston-realtors-texas-slavery-connotation-primary-bedroom/
  11. Pops two scenarios to mind: free up cap by running like - one branch to Middle Village and the other to Jamaica Center, and make the Nassau like a shuttle between Broad St and Essex St - then there's 24 TPH for midtown service (although a service cut to would be required); or Run between MV and Broad, and from Jamaica. Doubles TPH to 16 for - if not more bc fewer trains are needed on Nassau St; still have to cut service (or have a new route switch to 8th Av at Jay St or West 4th), but could solve gaps on 4th Av and QBL local by truncating to Astoria or 96th St. And for railfanning sakes, NY would be 6 stations short of a true London-esque Circle Line. Not to @Wallyhorse the thing...
  12. A boy can dream of singing Oh Canada instead of Francis Scott Key's slavery tribute, although God Save the Queen isn't problem-free.
  13. Yet to Middle Village would be a full-time service, to/fro B-way Junction a M-F service, and all they'd have to do is walk 12 feet at Myrtle or stand still at Marcy - like they do on weekends currently. Losing for affected the folks on the Concourse that worked at 1 Penn Plaza since they had to walk up stairs or two blocks (as I said before) - yet they survived. Myrtle Av folks would just walk 12 feet. Like they do on weekends currently.
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