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  1. Reliable funding. All this Congestion Charge is is forcing NYers to directly subsidize so Albany doesn't have to. Had Albany just restored the funding it cut a decade ago, we'd probably have a reliable and less congestion because all those damn gypsy cabs wouldn't be traipsing Midtown looking for fares or Uber hails. In 8 years, my native California went from a $27 billion deficit from the recession and Enron screwing us on power to a $9 Billion surplus. And in the process restored a large part of the state transit subsidy Schwarzenegger and now former Governor Jerry Brown cut. What the hell has New York State been doing?
  2. Deucey

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    And where would all those 68s go??
  3. So the solution to the political problem of having one person "manage" the 's vision and operations is to give the one person legislatively authorized to "manage" the 's vision and operations legislative authorization to manage the 's vision and operations. Only in NY...
  4. The problem is that you can make all the resources available, but you can't make people use them. These homeless do know of the resources available, but they deliberately choose not to use them - because they'd have to obey house rules: shoes for blankets and pillows; in by 11:30pm, etc. So they're making a choice. And their choice imposes on everyone else.
  5. On the HOV, is it just restriping the #1 lane, or is it widening the Deegan for an extra lane that's separated from the other three?
  6. I wonder if there's a correlation between the bus going to crap, congestion getting worse, and BdB's lowering the speed limit to 25.
  7. From St George to WTC @ Vesey Street. Why Jesus? Why? http://s.silive.com/WXczUfE
  8. Deucey

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Nah. That'd be like saying voters in KS and OK got rid of politicians because construction of Interstate 2 in Texas is going slower than expected. There are only two things voters from other states care about - appearing strong and not being truly incompetent. Cuomo's attempt to appear strong may end his perception of being competent, but being under construction won't matter since even the dumbest of voters understand projects and repairs take time. But if it's a cheap fix that won't last, and will cost more in the long term, that'll affect the choice, but not as much as the fact that Cuomo sounds weak and dumb because of his voice. (He only got in because his name's Cuomo, and that name recognition doesn't resonate outside the Tri-state area.)
  9. Which is why, at the risk of pulling a Wallyhorse, should be democratized to where the board should be made up of local politicians to it's service area - that way accountability isn't 3 hours away on the Thruway.
  10. Deucey

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Andy C has no chance of winning. Let's be real. But on even more real, the last thing he'll want is to die on that hill - forcing a quick vetted and substandard plan that the learned folks looking at this for more than an hour say "No" to because it'll be a bandage on a hemorrhage that needs surgery. I'd even go so far to suggest this outside expert thing Byford called for is Andy C's attempt to walk this "hero" moment back.
  11. Meh. I'll give a cognate: highway patrol/state police. Largely they're a government security force, but their main role - believe it or not, is revenue generation. Speeding tickets, fix-it tickets, etc. The most "anal" break even. But there's the symbolism - drive down the interstate at 80 in a 65, and you might get away more often than getting caught. But get caught one time (and I'm using the California model here because that's what I know from those times): $10 for every mile over the limit; $300 for traffic school to get the point off my record, and $20 extra per month on auto insurance for 12-24 months. So what do people do? Either get better at not getting caught, or comply and avoid interactions. ====== I use that to point out that dedicated forces can enforce "better" behavior. Undoubtedly, a reconstituted NYCTA police isn't going to generate enough economic revenue to be revenue-neutral, but if they could get that $215 million figure down by half, that does fix a bit of the financial hole. And, it does upgrade the quality of experience on transit, since maybe the hobos pee less on staircases or sleep less often on benches and subway seats, or maybe they get into recovery programs and turn their lives in a different direction. (I had an uncle here that was homeless and schizo in the 80s and 90s. Before Giuliani merged NYPD and TP, one of the TP and Homeless cop teams got through to him, he got his rehab and was not only back to work, he bought or rented - I dunno - one of those apartments in the high-rise at 135/B-way.) I don't think this can be looked at solely on budget outlays.
  12. They're ruining Oakland, and there's too many NIMBYs in all the planned cities along 580. But this is the new flavor. You might've missed it when they bought up Stockton above March Ln and changed their minds about the $5 tolls across the San Mateo Bridge to get to all the West Bay tech companies. That ruined Stockton so bad that it and SJ County were the murder capital and foreclosure king of California for years. And now they ruined El Camino Real. At least Pacifica is largely safe.
  13. You ever read something you agree 100% with but wanna disagree cuz you dislike the MF that said it?
  14. Deucey

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Good. I always like people who don't blindly follow. Hopefully contracts haven't been cancelled yet just in case this assessment shows it's a half-assed job that punts the actual repairs needed down the road.
  15. Deucey

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Dunno why he's taking responsibility for something he didn't introduce nor was apprised of by a boss that didn't talk to him at first nor endorse his plan at first. But unfortunately I'm the guy who throws superiors under the bus when they're being stupid.


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