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  1. I feel like should commission street artists to turn train exteriors into canvases - since every car isn’t being wrapped with an ad for something no one cares about nor will pay attention to.
  2. Actually I do. And I’m going to formally advise you to stop it - since during this stay-at-home order period I figured out how to use these moderator buttons.
  3. I think the immediate worry will be if ridership gets back to what it was due to both the aversion to people standing too close because of virus transmission AND the potential residential flight to the suburbs because of density causing viral hotspots and annoyance with living situations during this stay-at-home period. (Honorable mention to leaving due to recession.)
  4. https://thecity.nyc/2020/04/subway-graffiti-commemorates-train-operator-killed-in-blaze.html
  5. Assuming construction is/was occurring apace. Construction workers get Rona too.
  6. Especially since we don’t need this happening again. https://nypost.com/2015/05/04/mystery-subway-driver-throws-urine-from-train-window/
  7. I’m “trying” to teach myself French and the silent/hard “t” and plurals made me close the book and get addicted to The Big Bang Theory instead.
  8. I think local overnight is as bad or worse than local overnight from 207 St to JFK. (I did that years ago when I lived in California - my father’s insistence bc he never trusted the train. It hit EVERY red signal.)
  9. I feel like if were eliminated, Franklin were double-tracked and made 10-cars long and ran Brighton Local to Stillwell, ran express on Brighton, and both the Jay St switches were upgraded to higher speed or had a siding installed along with adding a NB switch at B-way/Lafayette, you could make a 6th Av Express and CPW Local (switching to Fulton Local at Jay St) and solve this QBL capacity issue without de-interlining CPW. But that’s a lot of money to spend.
  10. So if a 4 or 5 car was in service and needed to get another 4 or 5 added on, it went out of service and got replaced by an 8 or 10 car consist, or it sat on a layup track and had the other cars added on?
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