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  1. What makes this plan something more than FasTrack 2.0?
  2. So would it make more sense to run as the Myrtle Shuttle, from B-way Junction over 63rd and thru 53rd, to 96th with and an elongated to 71st or 179th?
  3. Should split the SBS somewhere near Jacobi Hospital since the damn things run in bunches because of crowding.
  4. What about running like the to 2 Av, and running like the old between Met Av and Broad Street? Potentially shoehorns more on QBL, and times well, have a shuttling between Met and Myrtle to meet to not reduce service level on Myrtle Line.
  5. I forgot what it was called, but the 2010 Census includes some statistical assumption based on density, reported housing units, run rate for single and married parents based on number of children in school, etc, to make the population and funding estimates when people wouldn't return their census forms or answer the door. has MetroCard, and based on a lot of the aforementioned metrics, T&LC registrations, historical ridership data and trends, and other demographic devices, could make a pretty good approximation of an areas population and usage tendencies to adjust routings and frequencies. So it's less about how good the data is and more about how good the person's dealing with the data are.
  6. $20 billion as an estimate; $35 billion in debt currently, as a whole. NY should be ashamed of itself doing this to the engine of the US and global economy.
  7. In case someone here hasn't seen T'Challa or Sarah Palin on SNL:
  8. Her Sarah Palin in the VP debate is almost as great as T'Challa on Black Jeopardy.
  9. I'll play: Four track expresses on 2 Av and 10th Av that turn east or have spurs to serve Manhattan crosstown lines from the Hudson: Three to the Bronx with the one on 125 St splitting to serve Co-Op City interlined with a duly extended and the Fordham or 174 St line serving Soundview and joining with a Queens line to Nassau; One additional Queens Latitudinal line splitting to serve Northern Bl to Nassau near Great Neck; and the other Metropolitan Av to St Albans, with a spur to serve JFK and the Rockaways. Three latitudinal cross-Brooklyn lines from the shore to JFK and to Nassau; Connecting Staten Island from St George to the BMT Broadway Line and continuing to Tottenville and to the Outerbridge and with a spur to Bayonne; and one latitudinal line that connects to Brooklyn and continues to JFK or Nassau; PATH would be controlled and connected to the Lex at Astor Pl (as originally planned); and 3 Av would have a intraborough subway from Bruckner Bl and the Deegan then curve east to join at 180 St to serve as the local while and are express to Wakefield and Dyre Av to cut down runtime.
  10. The only thing I could see being "corrupt" is if his seats with MSG and NYU Langone resulted in sweetheart deals for them through , but I'll give benefit to the doubt that he's above board in both on the bases of: 1. It potentially makes each negotiating situation less acrimonious since he's a powerbroker in both situations that can cut through bullshit and get fair deals for all sides; 2. The financial impacts and terms of the deals are publicly disclosed before finalization; and 3. It's NY - since the State rejected progressive democracy to go with backroom deals - even after Robert Moses, this is what we get. Unlike my former home out West, this is how things get done in NY, and it'll be 20 years before we get a Con-Con to change that, so if it gets critical issues resolved, then I'm pragmatic enough of a progressive to say "So be it." And I don't think that conflicts of interest necessarily lead to one party losing while others win in a blowout. I'm always more concerned with lack of transparency and actual corruption than perceived corruption. Which is why I'm vicious to the "But her emails crowd" when they justify his emoulments clause violations. (The former being perception, as she was cleared of criminal wrongdoings while he's profiting running that hotel and getting favorable review on a land deal in exchange for rescuing a communication company that's long been a security risk. But I digress.)
  11. I used to take that NY Waterways ferry to North Williamsburg. That thing needed more service during the rush. Took it once since the City took it over. Nice boats, and they redid the North Williamsburg landing, but it needs more slips and maybe 2 minute service to Wall Street and 34th Street when the shuts down just to help the and cope when everyone West of Havermeyer or Roebling gets tired of the crowding and the shuttle bus waits and delays.
  12. That's why I'd do it using just data science and minimal public comment on actual routings - people love the status quo over improvements. But I'd also tie this in to a daily unlimited pass like every other transit system so folks don't have their fare drained because they have to transfer twice.
  13. I don't think it's silly - Houston and other places did it to much success recently; LA's old RTD did it in the early 80s going from hub and spoke to a grid, and they're looking at making the change again. When you have all this data showing where MetroCards are being swiped, you should be able to see trends on who's riding Bx12 from Bay Plaza to 207th St for , or transferring to it from Bx15 and Third/174th to get on or and see if it'd save time running an LTD from there to the Concourse for a and reasonably guess why they're opting for roundabout trips vs a direct. Since hasn't really done that, maybe this revamp will force them to do that - or putting small frequent circulators in the middle of neighborhoods for runs to subway stations and turnbacks (ie routes running under 20 minutes total) and crosstowns on major thoroughfares. I dunno, but I don't see this "it's f**ked, let's reimagine and rebuild it" as a bad thing.
  14. Dunno why he's worried about the politics - he's termed out in 2021 and no NYC mayor has gone to higher office since NYC was just Manhattan and the Bronx. I highly doubt he'll become the first 150 years...
  15. I really would like to see them focus the buses on feeding subway and railroad stations, since a lot of delays could be solved if the system operated as a circulator for the majority of lines/routes, and fewer crosstowns. With that, I'd also love it if the single fare were abolished in favor of an unlimited daily pass so folks can get to/fro and transfer as necessary without having all the MetroCard fare depleted for a 3 bus trip. I mean, it's kinda the norm everywhere else but here (including NJ and CT)...


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