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  1. I could probably do this in a DM, but I figured I'd ask: Is there a map editor that can edit bus routes - like the ones people use for subway maps? And, are any of them free?
  2. Deucey

    HTF is South Ferry in a GO??

    Kinda my point. All those GOs where didn't go to South Ferry during the rebuild and it never "came up" to anyone to replace the track.
  3. Deucey

    HTF is South Ferry in a GO??

    13 months though...
  4. Word on the announcement at 18 St is ends at Rector St because of track replacement between It and South Ferry. South Ferry just opened June 2017. How can it need track replacement after 13 months?
  5. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny-news-ny-muslim-racism-20180712-story.html
  6. Andy and Billy Dee are both petty mean girls. Both be like https://media2.giphy.com/media/szPZ2NXIGCMcE/giphy.gif
  7. Only if he were in a bored tunnel. Cut and Covers aren't rounded, so the signals aren't close enough to the train chassis. Plus, in that section of Fulton St, there's a walkway on the tunnel's side so there's enough clearance for him to hold on and not risk getting hit by any "obstructions".
  8. This AM on the , some guy gets at Fulton St on and does the spiel. No one gives him anything. I'm holding on to the poll in car 4 by the cab, dude looks at me and starts talking. The look on my face when I looked up at him - he stopped mid-sentence and ran out the car wen we got to Bk Bridge.
  9. So glad Gothamist is back. NY snark was missed.
  10. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/ny-metro-subway-surfer-brooklyn-train-video-20180708-story.html
  11. I'm still not clear on what the flashing orange lights next to the destination signs are for, nor why flashing blue lights were needed/picked instead of wrapping or painting SBS units in a vastly different color scheme from non-SBS units (like some other cities do).
  12. I just find it extremely "interesting" - to use a completely unsuitable adjective - that folks get records for jumping turnstiles but only folks going to/from Stapleton or further north don't ride the train for free.
  13. Aside from potential transit "improvements" or "influencing zoning" related to the hospital, the only real big conflict I see - and that's if it's within his remit as boss - is if he can influence employee benefits to favor Langone. If employee benefits are through NYS' personnel department, then no worries; if negotiates its own benefits contracts - even if they're self-funded, then anything that favors Langone over other health and insurance systems is definitely an issue.
  14. I used to think it was cool when I lived in Sacramento and@Ben Kabak posted these on SAS. Don't ask me why, cuz I dunno.
  15. I wonder how much money revenue would get if they collected fares on SIRR after Stapleton...


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