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  1. I have a question for anyone who's been to phase 1. There are certain rules that are that are to me memorized by the rule # right? If not by the rule # how do we associate the other rules?
  2. I would feel better with the aspects and indications much more so that the definitions. I made Flashcards and memorized the the aspects while waiting for the call back. I saved the indications and definitions until later when they were explained to us in class.
  3. I would be careful with the Quizlet. I have heard that they change definition verbage and have added and removed some of them. You will be tested on the packet that they give you if you are called back. It is word for word out of that packet. You will need to memorize the mistakes too. My packet had a few errors.
  4. I spoke to HR last week. All they said was that I am still in the candidate pool.
  5. I was told in September, after my interview that the next class would most likely start in February. The people on this forum who were invited, I believe, were from the interview round before mine. I have been studying. I picked my cards up last month and go over them like three times a week. did you say you were interviewed? Or waiting for results and interview?
  6. I went for my interview in September. I am hopeful that I will be included in the next phase one class. It seems to be about a five to six month wait after the interview.
  7. Thanks! Same to you and the other two! I didn't know the number of pass/fail but I do know that the confidence level of people I spoke with after the test was very low. I know they just had an orientation the same week as our interviews. Let's hope enough people pass the next test to fill a class. Studying the same material for four more months is very draining.
  8. Omaldj. I was in your test class. I have been told the same about the next phase one class.
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