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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they get this done before the deadline. Plus, the SAS took more time considering they're building stations completely from scratch as well as digging through ground.
  2. People can just take the and transfer to the at Lex-63. The and are reliable most of the time and the doesn't need any changes. Reducing the amount of trains would be hell at Lower Manhattan, Barclays and Bay Ridge. There is no use for a free transfer from Fulton to Barclays. That's a long distance, plus not a lot of people are going to take the anywhere besides Broadway/Metropolitan Ave.
  3. My god, they are really going back and forth with the dates.
  4. 1.) The / / already has enough trains to run. It doesn't need another line to delay things. 2.) The tracks are elevated and doing construction there would be catastrophe traffic-wise. 3.) That would cause another Myrtle Ave situation and have an even more dangerous crossing considering the / pass through there. 4.) Underground construction is way safer and would be much better to do it at Utica Ave on the Fulton Street line (through another platform)
  5. Exactly why? There's no purpose at all for late night service considering the and cover the entire route already. The reason why the , , , and trains run as shuttles is because they're the only local lines that have their own stations that separate from the express lines. (i.e Metropolitan Ave, Bay Ridge - 96 St, 148 St - Lenox Yard, Eastchester - Dyre Ave)
  6. Hopefully when they extend the / to the Bronx (via 3rd Av), they should connect it with the at Gun Hill Road. I propose Gun Hill Road should have an upper 3/4 track level for / service and a lower 3 track level for the to terminate at (in case of a reroute). The / from there would go via Gun Hill Road to Co-Op City. (as well as making a connection to / trains at both Gun Hill Road stations)
  7. Were it at late nights only, it could work. The shuttle wouldn't interfere at all. Only the runs on Lexington Ave along with the . Plus like I said, if the Utica Ave extension ever becomes a thing, this will help bring late night New Lots service easily without extending the shuttle.
  8. When and if the MTA decides to make that Utica Ave extension for the or , they should extend the during late nights there to replace the via Utica since it'll run to New Lots at late nights, replacing the . The doesn't really need to be extended since the / runs local anyways at late nights and the / runs local as well during that time.
  9. So far, it's been on IND lines like the , / , , , and . Basically, the entire IND minus the . Progress is going nice so far. Not long till we see one on the rest of the BMT lines besides the and Franklin Ave . Probably testing on Broadway/Downtown Brooklyn is next.
  10. Well, the & / & share cars from each other (R160s, R143s, R46s, R42s and R32s), while the has separate rolling stock from the (R160s and R32s). Can anybody correct me on this if I'm wrong?
  11. The MTA might as well try retro-fitting some R68s on the and trains with possible LED displays next year considering the long delays.
  12. They might as well call it the R-1SevenDE-NIne-AL because Bombardier won't admit they can't do anything right.
  13. Hopefully if the is extended to Brooklyn, they could use the nearby Hugh L. Carey tunnel or maybe part the abandoned Atlantic Avenue tunnel.
  14. I think they should honestly revive the as the Broadway AND Flushing Express. This will help tell the difference between local and express trains (Because people are too stupid to read the signs), give people who live in Bronx a fast travel to eastern Queens quicker, and helps with traffic. Plus, there should be a skip from Dyckman St to 242 St- Van Cortlandt Park because train exclusive stops aren't really good for people who live in Bronx and are going to line-exclusive stops. They could just build a tunnel from Times Square onwards, connecting in with the the at 5th Ave. This also benefits the line in case an incident happens between Manhattan and the Corona Yard. trains could just operate from Bronx to Manhattan as an alternative to service. And, if case of there being a problem at the Hudson Yards station, they can just reroute some trains via the Broadway local.
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