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  1. About how long after clearing medical should it take to get the hiring paper work?
  2. About how long after the S and D test should it take to hear back about the medical. Also, should the background check website still say consider or does that not change?
  3. Actually, I guess it doesn't matter about the restricting thing since I learned all of them. I have a few questions. 1.When do they do a credit check? Is it done with the background check? I am a recent college graduate and the only thing I have to show for is making my student loan payments on time. 2.What are some examples of the panel interview questions so I can prepare if I am to pass. How exactly is it done? Thanks.
  4. I have everything down pretty good for the S and D. I believe there is 75 definitions and 127 signals in my booklet. One question, I keep thinking my instructor told us we do not need to know zone A restricting for the test because it would be confusing with zone c restricting. Can anyone confirm or unconfirm?
  5. Can anyone let me know if these are reliable and accurate to study from. https://quizlet.com/21485846/lirr-definitions-1-64-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/79398679/lirr-signals-flash-cards/
  6. Got the overview email today. Are the sample definitions and signals ones that we will need to know for the exam? Just want to get a head start and begin studying those. Also, how many total of each will we be given at the overview? Is there anywhere to look to get a head start and begin studying them all?
  7. My background check just completed last week and I believe the next step is waiting on the S&D overview date. We have not received any study material yet. Is there anything I should be looking at in the meantime? Also, do you remember how long it took for them to contact you after the background check completed for the overview date?
  8. Okay, just making sure. It was just weird how they wrote consider on one of my jobs even though I sent a w2. Hopefully I hear back for the next step soon.
  9. I called they said lirr requested them to submit all checks yesterday. WIsh they asked sooner for documentation and not the day it was due. How long does it take to hear back for s and d overview?
  10. My background check was completed today. One of my jobs I had to provide a W2 form for and I just checked the results and that job came up as "consider" not clear. Not sure why this happened or if it's going to prevent me from going further.
  11. I'm on day 3 of the background check sitting at 2/6 searches completed. My boss said he hasn't been contacted yet. I wonder if they try a different way of verifying jobs first. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.
  12. I submitted my background check on friday. About how long does it take for everything to be verified? I'm a little worried about one job because the building closed down and the phone number probably won't work. However, I was able to get a supervisors email to put down. How exactly do they even verify these things?
  13. I just had my test on the 22nd and havn't heard back yet so there is still hope.
  14. About how long after the preliminary testing would you receive an email for the next step if they decide to move forward with you. I believe they said they'd email about the background check step.
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