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  1. Different instructors, training is 5 weeks
  2. Everyone commenting about pay. Your answer is 1 page back on page 26. Posted by HMC. Please take a little bit of time and read through the recent pages.
  3. I believe the provisional hiring was based on previous customer service based work experience along with test score. There must have been some method to their madness. As far as the certified list. I think they will go down from highest score to lowest, (based on the current openings available and company needs) start to call people who turned provisional down and see if they want the job. Then change the rest of us over to permanent. Only thing I'm concerned about is this "hiring freeze" and what role it will play I'm getting us switched from provisional to permanent. Let's see how this goes. Good luck to all.
  4. SA Exam 6600 has been certified. Call DCAS @ 212-669-1357. Call the number, press number 2. Enter social security #. Then it's going to ask for exam number, press 6600. Then press 1 after it says more detailed info.
  5. TWU local 100 recently filed suit. Finally this exam is expected to be certified on or before February 2019. http://www.twulocal100.org/story/union-scores-important-win-risk-provisional-station-agents Good luck everyone.
  6. Looks like the 2018 S/A exam is now postponed
  7. If you are currently working provisional and didn't receive a paper letter in the mail saying you are not qualified you should be fine. Apparently the emails/calls today were sent out in error. Let's see how this plays out
  8. She's talking about the way finder pilot program
  9. Latest official update: "NYC Transit Station Agent, Exam No. 6600 (Updated as of 7/10/18): The qualifying Education and Experience Test Papers (EETPs) have been rated. Candidates will be notified shortly of their EETP ratings and the appeal process, which will take several months to complete."
  10. Also keep this in mind. Your filing date is just as important as your score. So when the filing period opens for an exam try to file as early as you can. File early and score high.
  11. I have a little over a year now on the job. I'll repost some information that I've stated before that may be helpful. As far as training: Just make sure you arrive on time and in proper attire. They will cover mostly everything you need to know. Training is 5 weeks 7am to 3pm 1 hour lunch break Saturday and sundays off A little about the job: Good pay and amazing benefits. When you are new you start out as an extra.(you basically fill in where they need coverage. if someone calls out sick, uses a OTO or AVA day, etc.) Being extra you get to work different stations. The good thing about this is that when it comes time for your pick you will already have a feel of which stations you like or don't like. Busy stations can be stressful when your first starting out. I found the AM tour to be the busiest compared to PM and nights. Some busy stations have a non-stop flow of customers. This is where you will learn discipline and how keep your money in order. Being extra Your also not always stuck in a booth. At times you will be doing customer service jobs (work as assigned), basically outside of the booth wearing your transit safety vest answering questions and giving directions. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my ability.
  12. 5 weeks. 7am to 3pm 1 hour lunch break Saturday and sundays off
  13. On page 20 someone said there is a class on June 18.
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