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  1. No problem. Getting your pistol permit in NYC is a headache, I suggest you get your foot in the door with MTA with a different position keep taking every exam that comes out. Plus alot of these jobs are not much of a difference in pay between collection agent
  2. In order to get your pistol permit you have to go through 1 police plaza it's about a 6 month process. Once you have your pistol permit you can go to a school and do your 47 hr armed guard class. In order to get experience armored truck companies are easy to get into only thing is they pay horrible
  3. Try again in a few, it does that sometimes.
  4. Is anyone on this thread currently on the job as a property protection agent??
  5. Being on a upstanding certification with DCAS means they got to your list number and you should recieve a call soon. Congrats and goodluck !
  6. Back in December I applied for part time customer service rep with metro north. Today I received a email with a date for pre employment testing attached with a employment application to fill out. My question is since it's part time is it provisional? and if so do I have a chance of being permanent with them ? Don't get me wrong i know i still have to pass the test, training & backround checks,just trying to get a idea
  7. I'm in the same position ! Applied to atleast 30 jobs I qualify for & not "one" call back not even from part time jobs
  8. I work for FJC security. They have armed guard contracts with federal
  9. Oh wow wish they still did that. Not sure if they sent you to the range to qualify yet, but it'll most likely be in ridgewood queens. Mta and my company rent out the same range
  10. & you took the 2012 exam ?....good luck with the process though
  11. Does anybody have an idea of when the next collecting agent exam will come out ? I read some ppl are still waiting for a call back after 4 years
  12. You're right. I was thinking that, I don't see anyone asking about security positions on this forum. I'm guessing when you submit your application online the call back process is similar to them pulling your name out of a hat. I also heard the computer reads for keywords on your resume
  13. Ok so my chances of getting called back are very slim. I was just trying to get a idea, I appreciate the response. Gonna continue to keep checking the website and applying to everything I qualify for
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