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  1. hello, you do not have to disclose any info on medical until after your receive a formal job offer. with MTA job off comes after medical. dont talk about depression they will have you going to MAC every six months with a letter from your doctor..as for the back unless its severe and was out on SSDI , i probably would not talk about it either..computer questionaire will ask what meds your on, but because of HIPA laws you dont have to disclose until after job offer.. hope this helps
  2. hello everyone, i am 9 months on job, good luck to all. as for the question on additional work history pages, you are allowed to photocopy the work history page, make as many as you need. do not remove staple from original packet, just staple the additional sheets together and hand that in with the 21 page booklet. as for uniform slip resistant ,waterproof black shoes any dark blue pants and light blue shirt, black or navy tie, remember you will be wearing these for a few months until uniform arrives. Dont overbuy uniform until you pass Zerega 12 days , when you get into line training you can buy additional items needed. my suggestion, go for comfort at a discount price...
  3. Relax, Relax, Relax, this is a 4 to 1 ratio student to instructor, not like high school 30 to 1. You will get individual attention. Listen to instructor and you will get thru this with no problems. I recommend since you have time this week look over and study ALSAPS, get familiar with this and once you start and get into the buses it will all make sense to you. Don't over think things. Enjoy the process, I have 5 months this week, totally enjoying buses, good luck see you on the road, Sparrow
  4. bxvixen, you need to know that they will not let you in class if your permit is expired, hopefully you get into the 7 or 14 Aug class, best of luck to you
  5. Bottom line if they pay great if not great win win
  6. MCID, you wont need that sheet, just make sure you know how to get there and DONT be late!!!!!! Don't sweat all you read, everybody's situation is different , your only focus should be on the next 10 days. After you pass these 10 days then your focus is the next 10 days. 10 days at a time and then they pay you.......drive safely , customer is always right, disabiled ride first and free. Remember PMI, park neutral interlock.
  7. How many people from this class are coming to Ulmer Park????
  8. Just list in you will not have a problem
  9. Regarding accident you so have to tell them. They will ask was there a police report, also it my show on your abstract. I had an accident with an MTA bus, minor accident, better to disclose if your caught in a lie, your gone.
  10. High school diploma IS required for exam 4600, also the salaries you posted are incorrect, the original 4600 exam had higher salaries as well as tier 6 which now gives you top pay after 5 years, just trying to help out, go to your high school If you don't have diploma handy, they will give you a paper stating you have diploma with a raised seal on letter
  11. Cory1018, Correct, good luck, don't know what ACG is, but they don't check shoes, just make sure there slip resistant. All black in color.
  12. They will take your out of state abstract , you need to bring with you, abstract from out of state are only valid for 30 days, also you should get your CDL permit for NYS, as quick as possible, the 3 years mean driving 3 years or more, I want thru same issue with Pennsylvania license , I waited one day after transfer of license then took CDL permit test, had everything in 3 days, my only problem was I had not picture ID, I had to wait for my NYS license to come in mail.
  13. Hello frankie126' starting pay is 23.36 per hour, it takes 5 years to reach max pay, somewhere around 33.00 per hour, plenty of overtime available, could goes as high as 120,000 per year with the overtime, once you pass your year probation you can get between 100 and 120 hours per pay period, that's 2 weeks. This doesn't mean you are actually driving the 1 hours, there's different kinds of bonus time and paid time no driving. Also you don't know what depot you will be at until day 12 of training, random draw based on your test score. Not all depots may be available. As for the CDL, yes, you should have the CDL permit the first day you go, they will issue you a highlighted paper and have you call them form a date to return once you have the CDL permit. The 10day training with CDL permit at Zerega will teach you how to operate a bus there way, you will have 3 chances to pass Zerega, this is not the nys CDL road test, once you pass zerega 10day they will schedule a road test that will be taken around the Zerega depot, if you listen in the 10 day class and do what they taught you in training then you should pass the road test. The way if works you could get 2 chances at nys CDL road test, you would have to qualify with Zerega on either day 7 or day 9. If you go to day 10 then you only get on chance for CDL road test. I had CDL permit, qualified day 7 and passed road test first time, you will need to practice calling out hazards as you drive, but, I will save that for a future reply, fell free to PM me or reply, I am 4 months on the job so most of my knowledge is fresh. Sorry $23.26 starting
  14. Edjones, preemployment package is 10 years, first day at Livingston they will hand you a second package 21 page booklet with work history to be filled out from high school to present, first day if all goes well you will also take a drug test, when they call you back for medical you will have the 21 page booklet filled out, I paid the $115 fee and made it easier to fill out, I had 40 years of work history, I could not remember them all. The pages SSA gave me for $115 helped a lot , I didn't want to pay either, now I am 4 months driving as TA B/O.
  15. Edjones, social security charges $115.00 for the full life print out, includes company names, the year you worked there, then you could fudge the months. You could get a free print out at the SSA web site once you enroll, this will only tell you you annual earnings , no job info, hope this helps, if you need the $115.00 printout you will have to visit the SSA office.
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