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  1. How the promotional works is. For every 3 hires, 1 person gets promoted. The reason why it's taking so long to get called is because a lot of people that were on medical hold are getting the last spots.
  2. Whether you called for employment or not. Mta have to send you for another drug test before it expires. They offer other employment like cleaners or they may very well be another conductor class. Everything that has to do with Mta you can ask 100 different employees and get 100 different answers. One fact I know, we are very fortunate to be getting calls when the list should been expired 4yrs ago. So don't let opportunity pass you.
  3. I'm in the December 26 class. All I can say is don't leave your job unless you can get a leave of absence. If you can't then you better study and avoid outside distractions because your at the point of no return. Also if you received another letter in mail it means your going for another drug test. Good thing is you don't have to fill out anymore paperwork other than a paper which ask if you had prior drug test for past jobs. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks, anything I should know or beware of?
  5. For some insight I was just hired yesterday. My score was exactly 90 and my list number was 6399. I really hope mta call you guys because for if to 2016 and they still call for exam 8094, we're very fortunate.
  6. I have some unfortunate news. The December 26 class is in fact the last class for 8094. The January class is for promotional only. I inquiried today while I was doing final processing. It's very upsetting that mta can't be more straightforward but instead they keep giving misleading information. Just wanted to let you guys know before January come and still no email.
  7. I done gave up on MTA. Then I received email so all I can say is good luck. Remember we still have to pass medical and criminal background round checks. You will get called don't worry.
  8. Yes, she sent 3back to back emails. It crazy because I just turned down a last min.job to drive bus South Dakota. I would've left today and returned Thursday.
  9. After 4months of torture FINALLY Congratulations! You have successfully completed the first phase of the pre-employment process for a Conductor position. Accordingly, please accept this letter as a conditional offer of employment subject to successful completion of a medical evaluation. Upon successful completion of the medical evaluation, consistent with applicable laws, any criminal conviction(s) record will be reviewed. If you are still interested in this position, please return to our facility at 180 Livingston Street (between Smith and Hoyt Streets), 5th floor, Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, December 6 , 2016 at 7:30am to complete the final phase of the process.
  10. I went from a 8yr clean cdl B license to 7pts and 3moving on aug17. Fines paid when I plead guilty? $414 plus $125 a yr for the next 3. Not to mention I got moving violation last week (3pts when plead guilty) because my stupid sister put her daughter in a booster seat and not strap it. I am so frustrated
  11. At least you have options. I gave up my options on August 17th when I plead guilty to 3 traffic violations just so I wouldn't have anything pending. By the way I drive coach buses for a living so you know I just screwed myself and my license.
  12. You will be doing pre employment process again of than drug test. The ten year work history won't be collected. The reason you are being called now for 2ND drug test is because even though it hasn't expired yet, if you are a candidate for the Nov29 class by then your drug will be expired. *wont
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