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  1. I'm actually speaking on behalf of my brother, who says that he took the T/O test on Sep 19, 2012. The list expires this Sep 19.
  2. I took the Train Operator exam a few years ago and scored 76. My list number is 10,778. Transit has been calling people for years, and they are up to list number 9,600. Do you think I will be called before the list expires on September 19?
  3. OK, no one knows how many T/O's will leave due to attrition (retirements, promotions, etc.), but any idea if there are plans to scrap the awful YX program eventually? That in itself has reduced our effective seniority by at least 2 years.
  4. And the week of "route familiarization" is a gigantic waste of time. Taking new train operators who've never been taught how to read a tower board around to all the towers to learn all the places they can be turned, rerouted, etc. with no context just goes in one ear and out the other. I wholeheartedly agree. Visiting the towers to learn "route familiarization" did absolutely nothing for me as a student. I didn't even know how to read a tower board for crying out loud! But, even if knew how, I would have been better served by actually operating all the routes and memorizing where and what to punch. And, I'm not talking about doing this while posting. This should be done in Road Ops, so that, by the time you actually post, you already know all the routes, and can focus solely on your operation. I was a lost puppy when I was first spit out on the road, and that's all because so much time was wasted visiting dingy towers that meant nothing to me.
  5. That was back then. I highly doubt 350 T/O's a year are retiring now.
  6. If this was correct, the employee turnover rate for T/O's would be 100% about every 13 years, and that's definitely not the case.
  7. Yes, I am also seeing many former T/O's in Dispatcher & TSS titles. The question is, how many of these positions can there possibly be? If my memory serves me well, I think there are only about 400 TSS's in total. Even if a whopping 40% of them retired en masse (unlikely), that's only 160 positions. There are probably even fewer Dispatchers than TSS's, though I'm not sure.
  8. I hope they scrap YX altogether, if you ask me. It is definitely not in our best interest as T/O's
  9. That won't be me, as I plan to retire early (by 55 at the latest). Also, I have 8 years in title-- not a senior by any measure, but not a rookie either.
  10. Let's just hope this changes within the next 5 years. If what the union says is accurate, and over 40% of employees systemwide will be eligible for retirement soon, there will be an exodus at some point in the not-too-distant future. These old geezers can't hang around forever.
  11. So, all the rumors of an expected exodus of Train Operators are unfounded? What about all the promotions to TSS and Dispatcher that have been going on? Perhaps that has something to do with the wave of new hires? Also, I've read that gov. Cuomo recently signed a law that allows military time to be added to TA time*. If this is true, it will likely exacerbate employee turnover. * I don't know the specifics of this new law
  12. I'm just curious. Do any of you actually work for the MTA? Because it seems that everyone is keen to discuss topics that don't affect them, and ignore the ones that do.
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