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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have one of first 5 picks in my class so I'll take your word on it.
  2. I'm in the Nov. 27th class. We're doing a double shift tomorrow from 7am - 11pm for fire & evac training and vac? training....I'm hoping to be go to a gang on the L or J/M lines. Do any of you seasoned gerryswingers have any recommendations on whether I should avoid these gangs for any reason?
  3. Volchik696, don't lose hope. The job/training so far is great compared to the agency at 180 Livingston. That's considered "management." They are a completely separate entity than the actual job itself. You don't have to see them once you are hired. Only when you have to do some sort of paperwork When you get hired. Just be a little more patient. There is a guy in my class (list #4xx) who should have been hired last year. We all have to deal with that shithole aka 180 Livingston.
  4. Our TWU local 100 seems to have a great sense of comradery. They answer any question you throw at them so thats a good thing. See the rest of you tomorrow for 1st day of training!
  5. Great explanation guys. Young, thanks for asking the important questions that we sometimes forget to ask. My orientation is tomorrow morning. I hope to apply this new knowledge during these first couple of weeks!
  6. Wow thanks for the heads up Steve. I definitely will ask lots of questions and be alert down there. Have they offered you day shifts yet since you've started working? Just curious to know...
  7. Thanks for the info Ebenz. I have friends who are bus operators and I believe they get an annual allowance for their uniform but I guess Track dept. is different since they give out the uniform at orientation.
  8. For those who have already finished their first week of training, are we given a uniform allowance during that first week?
  9. At least I know I have plenty of time to get a CDL before any picks are given. Thanks G13
  10. For those who are already Track Workers, which specialist jobs do most new hires pick? Are the jobs requiring a CDL less likely to be chosen by new hires?
  11. From what I understand, it is when you choose your work location, possibly work time (days or nights), and your specialist aka dual rate title. For those already on the job: If I didn't explain this right, please correct me.
  12. As long as you have your orientation date to start, don't worry about a thing. I'll be in this Nov. 27th class too. I'm hoping my high list # will get me the highest seniority for the mini pick.
  13. Thats exactly what happened Slim. They lost my info sometime between Charlie Moran and Ruby Robinson having control of the Track worker title. Another thing I found out from DCAS was that Mta sent the list back to DCAS the samd day I went in to clear my medical hold. Bad timing and agency negligence pushed me 2 months back.
  14. As far as those concerned with the money order. There is a check cashing place on Willoughby St., between Jay St. and Pearl St.. About 2 and half blocks away from 180 Livingston. You can get your money order there in 30 mins or less and return to complete final processing. Just make sure you let the staff know you are stepping out if you do for whatever reason.
  15. For those who need an extra email to reach a staff member at Livingston: Emma Marie Rivera (manager of employment operations and EVP/human resources) 347-643-8523 Emma.Rivera@nyct.com After I was hung up on by Ms. Robinson twice, told to take another medical although mine hadn't expired yet, and left with unanswered questions, this is the lady who helped me get through the hiring process. But DO NOT expect any responses through e-mail from any of their staff. Some do and some don't e-mail you back.
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