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  1. Imagine if your coming from the street. it's a foreign language that only exists in RTO.
  2. The passing rate for T/O's FOR THE LAST 8 years are horrible most folks go back to what they were doing. The reason there are so many TSS jobs out there school car is screwed up. NOT EVERYONE CAN TEACH. Fresh out of schoolcar. Exam: 8098
  3. Good luck but, dream job "Hahaha" If you love your job save yourself the aggravation. Or try it.. You have nothing to lose because your not coming from the street.
  4. The variables that you will get a good teacher is low. Everyone can't teach. Most are running from the TSS job. You look like your a B/O. You have a good fall back plan. 90 percent of my class were coming from the street. 15 percent remain. We are called the walking dead. (Constant state of jet lag and no one trusts you). It's bitter sweet to say the least. That's a ton more info than anyone gets walking into this hell. Pray and get holy water from the grotto you might see some of my classmates there on Sunday. They will fill you in on the rest.
  5. Outrageous! That's a new one. I've consistantly heard Unfortunate, Bull*hit, Horrible, Hate for the way things are handled down here but, outrageous is a new one.. These are all apart of everyday life down here. Meanwhile don't be late.
  6. The passing rate is horrible.. The TSS's are horrible.. The SI in schoolcar is horrible.. There firing 10 T/O's a week this includes schoolcar and probation.. Maybe 10 percent of the promotional conductors are becoming T/O's 90 are going back to being conductors.. That's the truth.. So 7604 might be called sooner than you think.. The A division is starving for T/O's.
  7. I pray you signed the dual employment form.. I know you know that you were suppose to right?!? If so you have nothing to worry about.. Congrats!!! I'm in class now.. I personally thing this was the worst time to do T/O.. No one before us has ever had to deal with this BS we are going through.. But, congrats that you made it.. I bet a pension you didn't have LEONARD.. Worst TSS ever!!
  8. I agree they are not hiring from 8098 anymore supposedly but, they are taking people back that failed the first or second practical. Most things are variables with MTA. If they need you they will call.. They have even moved the same requirement to nyc.gov for LIRR with the same requirement 1/12 of the wait.. MTA is pretty f**ked up these day's. All and all I'm in schoolcar and it's NOT a dream come true!
  9. May I ask you what kind of class they had? Age wise? Young, old? Little bit of both? And what's different from school car today compared to when this thread was made. Some changes I see. Actually alot. But then again I really don't know. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk School car now you ask?!?! Well I'm currently in School car: Young - His love for men caught up with him in the failure of schoolcar students you hear today because most of them messed up on the road so most are not passing schoolcar he passed mostly men prior now is failing most. TSS's are the luck of the draw. Class of 40 are down to 21.. My class specifically was 10 down to 5 in the first practical.. We all failed the first practical. 5 passed the makeup. Half men half women young and old.. "Open and comp" is not popular as well as YX.. That's plain and simple. There are 10 T/O's being fired a week. Provisional mostly.
  10. The problem with YX is that it was an open and comp test and most people are from the outside. Let's call a spade a spade. Those cray cray stories can be directly related to the TSS's that are in school car and the SI that has been running school car. The reason we don't know anything is because it's never been taught. There's no perks in being a TSS and most if not all don't want to be there. The funny thing is that Senior T/O's have kids to and they will need a job one day. Let's hope precious tier levels can take care of children & grandchildren as well when they can't find a job.. Meanwhile, 10 train operators from schoolcar and on probation are getting fired a week. 10 in my class down to 3. 40 in my induction class down to 21 while posting. School car needs to be revamped and why teach or become a TSS if you don't want to be there.. Stack your pension elsewhere. It's no secret school car has been failing for about 3 years or more that's why it's a revolving door. They get in and see how it's ran and run right back out or make it worse at the expense of a student..
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I've also heard that the A division has more of an updated RR system.. "Automatic way's to trip up and get called downtown" A division would be ideal because of where I live.. As opposed to the B division where you can cover up a missed signal. The T/O's on the A division have been VERY vocal in person about missing signals which lead to the obvious retention rate of the 2016 maturation process from school car to the end of 1st-year probation. Does this hold any merit?
  12. Preparing for school car and all of the traveling one topic I haven't seen covered is parking.. I know everyone doesn't travel to the stations by train. Are the cars that are parked upon the curb the cars of T/O's & TSS.. What's the best way to travel?
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