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  1. Tomorrow is day 9. Does anyone know the route? Approximately how long is the road test? Tomorrow is day 9. Does anyone know the route? Approximately how long is the road test?
  2. Day 5 complete. Things are getting easier, still nerve racking. Hopefully I pre qualify tomorrow.
  3. I report to fresh pond with supt Williams for day 1 of training. Excited to get started.
  4. I am in the 12/26 Class. List number in the 14XX. I passed my medical on Thursday the 15th. Haven't had time to post. Looking forward to this. Will update the forum once training begins.
  5. Good Luck, you should keep in contact with Mrs, Chestnut, They will tell you that you should hear from them with in 3-90 days. If you don't hear from them by early to mid next week, i would call her.
  6. My List number is 14XX, but my number was passed on the Drug Test. I took my Drug test on November 28th. Thanks David
  7. I have my medical on Thursday, any ideas on what the blood sugar level needs to be. I see people mention the Blood Pressure, but if i recall they check the blood sugar level as well.
  8. thanks, Mrs. chestnut is out until the 8th, i am goinng to call the main HR number to see if they can help.
  9. I still have not received a letter about my medical exam. I tried calling Mrs. Chestnut and she is out of the office until December 8th. Any ideas on who i can call? Has anyone received a letter for a medical today? Thanks David
  10. Congrats, I still have not heard from her. Hopefully i hear from them on Monday, if not i will call her. Good luck.
  11. I did not receive anything either. I was out of the testing room at about 2:30. Thanks for the update.
  12. Thanks for the info. Hopefully i hear from them soon.
  13. Isaelperez81- Thanks for the info, hopefully i hear from them tomorrow and get into the next class.
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