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  1. They did not ask, but I do think they asked on the application so they should have it on file. The color blind test too was on there.. those number blended in so well lol There was one or two numbers the lady said people usually have to try again with but as long as you can make it out you're golden
  2. I am so sorry to hear that... that is extremely unfortunate. They are huge stiflers when it comes to time management and being on time. Every step along the way is a test upon which you are judged based on your performance. Hopefully you can still get in, maybe try applying for the Assistant conductor trainee position
  3. I wear glasses but when i went i was wearing contacts. They just had me stare into this machine that mocked the Snellen eye chart test for visual acuity. The device had a setting for near/fat sightedness and the woman asked me to read the lowest line possible.
  4. Congrats to those who made it to phase 1. I too went for my pre-screening medical and vision on Tuesday, but have yet heard back from HR. Have you guys been told what time the class is on May 3rd?
  5. Congrats everyone to who made it past the open house scare tactic. Now the fun begins!... I too used quizlet in helping me study. Very beneficial in my opinion but as mentioned before, be sure to correct any typos. Thats imperative for you do need to know them verbatim. They are stiflers when it comes how detail oriented you are. Good luck everyone. On a side note, has anyone been called to Phase 1 yet? I had my panel interview February 8th and have yet to receive a phone call from them. I have tried calling but no answer.
  6. Thats excellent news FBS2920. Wish you the best of luck from hereon out. Im sure you know the procedure that is to come, I wouldn't sweat it. Just remember every step of the process counts, they are watching. haha
  7. Good Day everyone, Would anyone have any knowledge of when the next Phase 1 session begins? Hope everyone is safe from this storm, be well guys.
  8. I was interviewed. I had my panel interview a little over two weeks ago. They called me 12 days after the S&D test to tell me that I passed and to choose a time slot out of two options of when I wanted to come. When I went to the S&D overview, the training coordinator said that there would be training classes every 3 months starting January, so maybe the next one is in May. I felt like I bombed the panel interview though so I wouldn't be surprised if I get that rejection letter lol.
  9. I too wish you the best in making it to phase one. Have you been studying the material just in case? Is that what they told you or you know others who have gotten into the class? Thank you for responding.
  10. Hello everyone, so I am curious as to what happens after the panel interview. Is it that the next call you receive from them would be about informing you that you are in the pool of applicants or that you will be invited to phase 1 of the training program? I thought the waiting game started after the S&D test. Any answers would be appreciated, thank you.
  11. Thanks I too wish you the best in getting a spot in the LIRR. The open house I went to 80 people were invited and only about 20or 30 something showed up. And a lot less (11) or so made it to the Signals and Definitions test. As mentioned earlier, Metro North is hiring for conductor if you're interested. I just hope to get that call that I made it through the interview lol
  12. When I applied for the Locomotive Engineering position back in June, I didn't having anything under there indicating where I was in the process. Then come October I got a call to attend the open house. So maybe its just a glitch or something. I also didn't even get an email confirmation that I applied I had my panel interview last Wednesday and it consisted of reading 14 pages of material which included the job description and responsibilities and rule G which is their alcohol policy. They then wanted me to apply what I read ( I wasn't explicitly told to do that but she kept saying its important what you're reading) to the interview questions. 20 questions and then after we were done I had to write down what skills/attributes do I have and how will i be successful in the program if selected. Never been more nervous
  13. Hey Diezel, you were right about the way the interview was going to go. I had mine today, it was 20 interview questions about my skills and attributes in relation to being a successful candidate for the position. They wanted me to incorporate what i read into those questions, but i was so nerve racked I forgot to include some. They were very welcoming and not too aggressive. Now to just hope I made an impression on them.
  14. May I ask what influenced your decision? Must have been a carefully thought out decision, unless your circumstances changed in that you no longer wanted to pursue the career.
  15. Understood Diezel.. haha. I meant to type that as I noticed its spelling but autocorrect was hounding my every move. Seems straightforward enough as long as I don't make a fool of myself, everything should go well. Its been very well appreciated and thank you for your insight.
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