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  1. has anyone received a "considered but not appointed letter?" Or know anyone who has? I received the letter and I don't know WHATS going on. I have not been able to get in touch with anyone at certificate.
  2. Damn, that sucks! I thought you were straight...but everything for a reason. You were just seeking time to clear up loose ends. Just use the time wisely. You are still in the race. I am 7 list numbers away according to my homegirl that just got called for the December 26th class. However, I spoke with Mrs. Vargas today and she stated that they are on hold with the calling because they are waiting for people to come off of medical hold. This is insane. I's so close....smh
  3. That's awesome news Ayeo! My home girl received her email today too! I'm only 8 list numbers away from her so hopefully I'm next! Keep that focus. Remember, you only get this shot once unless you take the test again and want to patiently impatiently wait. Start the new year off right all of my fellow appointees and let's get this money! Congratulations everybody!
  4. I did the drug test already. I'm waiting for a physical date at the moment.
  5. I did not receive a call or email to date regarding the December 26 class. My list # is 8431
  6. the printout is not a requirement. Neither are the W2's. The printout was a suggestion for someone who doesn't remember their work history from the time they are requestion. When I was going through the paperwork for sanitation, it was a requirement so I already had a copy. My suggestion, buy it once and keep it close. I can't answer that one. I went to the ss office and paid the $135 because I needed it right away. I was told later that it could be ordered online but it takes some time in which I did not have. The extra $20 may be because of the rush, who knows. If you can wait order it online , pay the $115. If not the $135. Either way, keep it close!
  7. awesome! I'm hoping to get in there. They are into the 8200's for the December's class. My list # is in the 8400's
  8. Ok guys L Bo answered our question. No invasive blood testing for "proteins and sugars" lol...as previously reported.
  9. hello, I have a question. Did you have to go and have a test done for your sugar and/ or protiens or any type of blood work during your physical?
  10. i don't think so...scoring high is the key and being readily available when they call you with all of your paperwork. But even after the test, you still have to wait until the list is generated and then wait until you are called. I think we took exam #8098 back in 2011, I think. Sometimes it takes a while. It depends on transits needs amd their budget.
  11. yes, I think its $135 but, it gives you everything you need
  12. don't do it.. just give them what they want so that your process runs smooth. We waited long enough for our shot
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