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  1. Soon hopefully I will be a new hire, I’m at final processing, Finish my paperwork into criminal convictions know I have to get this disposition papers from the court. (How will this affect me?) *i have many arrests bull shit arrest. No I don’t have a Fenoly.
  2. Sorry I new to the forum and I not sure if I'm posting in the the right area . But I recently got call in for the MTA for MTA bus as a bus operator went in at 7:30am to 180 Livingston, and my god so many people where there, I waited and waited and waited finally there called my ticket number , just to tell me that ineligible because of a suspension on my license back in 2015 , but the lady claims in still on the lists and would be able to work in 2018. It this true ? Also is there anyone I can talk to to start ASAP
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