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  1. We now have through 20020 delivered and today 20011 and 20012 got inspected.
  2. The inspections are being done in Netcong. Street address leads on Google Maps to a rather nondescript heavy equipment facility.
  3. 20802 inspected and on its way to CMF as of 1/2 hour ago
  4. I always chuckle when I see Wayne and Howell mentioned together - back in the day there was an old TV announcer named Wayne Howell who worked at NBC in New York, working various shows.
  5. 20007. 20008 and 20010 were inspected yesterday - units 015729, 015730 and 015732. It then follows the three units inspected on Tuesday were 20003-20005. Thanks to whoever inspected these buses to include the fleet numbers on the inspection tickets!
  6. First units underwent inspection today. No fleet numbers but the VINs are LP015725 through LP015727. Usually they inspect three coaches per day. then send them off to wherever.
  7. VIN of 20801 as previously reported is 5FYD8YU11LB073009
  8. Trevor Logan got some pics of 20003, -04, -05 and -08. Buses have not been inspected yet. Can’t read the data on the windshields. Might have to take a ride up there today or Monday.
  9. They usually get inspected there, so I’ll start running VINs through the New Jersey inspection website. I’ve got maybe about 100 VINs so far for 2020 D4500’s that don’t go with any buses.
  10. There was a report on Facebook tonight that the first of the 2020 cruisers are coming in.
  11. Word is we won't see the 20000 series cruisers until late February or early March. Stay tuned....!
  12. All of their state owned buses have been turned back to NJ Transit.
  13. Bogus report on Clever today that 20802 was in service. I don't believe it has been delivered yet.
  14. 20801 (the first New Flyer XD60 artic) is now running in revenue out of Hilton garage.
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