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  1. NJT Bus Suspension 3/12/2018

    Service will be back up and running on Thursday. There will be no cross-honoring.
  2. NJT Bus Suspension 3/12/2018

    Contracted routes are not running though Transdev still had buses out as late as 4:30 p.m. I couldn't tell you about private carriers running their own routes like Lakeland or Academy.
  3. NJ Transit suspending all bus service statewide at 3:00 p.m. today due to weather.
  4. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    18096 is still on the shelf. Besides missing title, there are problems on the left side with reading lights and stop request.
  5. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    18084-18090 are ready to go as of today.
  6. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Okay as of 3/19 here is what hybrid buses were moved to Ironbound and buses still at Egg Harbor Twp. Egg Harbor sitting on about 13 more D4500CT's that are tied up in paperwork snafus. MOVED TO IRONBOUND 4008, 4014, 4032, 4034, 4036, 4039 STILL AT EGG HARBOR 4010-4011, 4022, 4033, 4035, 4043
  7. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Yes we have a bunch of new buses. there is a five bus gap in the VINs - 14915 is bus 18080, then five D4505's came off the line, and we pick up with 14921-14936 CONFIRMED for NJ Transit and these are bus numbers 18081-18096. The reason we're seeing 18094 and 18095 is that most of the buses between 18081-18093 failed inspection due to no title, and 18096 also failed due to mechanical issues.
  8. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    At Lakewood Terminal right now heading out on a 559 run.
  9. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Going to look into that. I confirmed a few more VINs last week but only eight of them. Wondering if these are finally the Detroit Diesel engines. If you spot any of them & you get me the license plate I can have them confirmed. Thx!
  10. DesignLine Commuter Coach Discussion

    Thanks Shane. The Designline company's US operations couldn't support the volume and approach the excellence that MCI has proven themselves capable of over and over again. MCI has delivered 3,219 buses to NJT since 1982 (up to bus 18080 on the current contract) with many more to come. NJT's attempts at doing "something different" have always stabbed them in the back - the Eagle AE-20's which they couldn't get rid of fast enough after 12 years of service, the Millennium debacle, and Designline. Hopefully the fourth time will be a charm when the Proterra electric buses make their debut on the mean streets of Camden.
  11. DesignLine Commuter Coach Discussion

    No, should be only 13. NJT did not get 7203 and 7215. I don't think we'll ever see these buses in service again, unless NJT gets really really desperate or all 147 MCI CNG buses out of Howell break down all at once. (Should we unpin this?)
  12. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    18080 on the 559 this morning, headed towards Lakewood. Spotted it myself near Monmouth Medical Center Ocean Campus.
  13. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    4032 pulling down the 116.
  14. New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    18079 on the 553. Still haven't seen 18080 which is the last bus for now. I think we're on a bit of a hiatus with new buses.
  15. We still have a bunch more 18000's to go. You probably will see 19000's and 20000's which will hopefully complete the order. And then there are the other buses on the agenda: the Proterra Catalysts, new articulated buses, and the 40-foot Cruisers so badly needed at Oradell.


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