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  1. 20060 inspected yesterday, 20059 not inspected. Nothing is tracking in Pembina right now. The line might be shut down. Meanwhile some of the 2005x buses are tracking at CMF today. (Signs of life)
  2. Unless I miss my guess, Coach USA Westwood (Rockland Coaches) does not have any D4500CT's yet.
  3. The final two buses destined for Wayne Garage, 20057 and 20058, both passed state inspection today. We now have a logjam of 15 buses at CMF awaiting their entry into service. I can understand with the service cuts and other concessions to the Coronavirus (including reduced manpower at CMF) that NJT is reluctant to put new buses into service.
  4. 20060 highest delivered unit. 20061 confirmed still in Pembina.
  5. No, plant code on those is F, which is Anniston. Those are the 2020 diesel ones that NYCTA took delivery of this year. the most recent gas buses (XN60) were built at Crookston.
  6. Through 20056 have been delivered, and 20057 seems to be on the way.
  7. 20801 is at Hoboken Terminal now. 20802 was in revenue this morning too. For all the downtime those buses have had it's good to see them on the streets.
  8. We've been stuck on 20043 being the highest numbered bus in service for quite some time now, about 2 weeks. The buses past that number that are in NJT's hands have not been tracking, even at CMF. I'll note 20054 as delivered but not inspected.
  9. Anniston is building (and has finished, I believe) the current NYC order of New Flyer XD60's.... The Pembina plant is strategic for MCI as it's very close to their headquarters in Winnipeg. I don't foresee MCI going down there to build buses. Meanwhile I think we are in a holding pattern with the new buses. Nothing's been delivered of late, 20044-20050 are sitting in the CMF, 20051 is apparently still at Allison, and 20052-20053 are supposedly on the property someplace. Whole lot of buses sitting in the parking lot in Pembina as well.
  10. 20076 highest unit built. I do not know if they're shutting Pembina down, but MCI said they'd be closing plants on a case-by-case basis. The only plants they have are Pembina and Winnipeg.
  11. Yesterday's update letter from NFI. This may affect both the MCI line in Pembina and New Flyer in St Cloud. https://www.nfigroup.com/2020/03/23/nfi-group-update-on-impact-of-covid-19-pandemic/
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