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  1. 20066 in revenue service. 20067 and 20068 waiting to make their debuts.
  2. I thought Coach was going to get more buses at the end of this year. If any of those operators are still running the older coaches then they're bound to get a few more. BTW 20062 is now in revenue out of Ironbound.
  3. 20080-20082 inspected today. 20083-20084 should be in transit.
  4. Not for NJT. Apart from prison buses, MCI is generally not making any 40 foot buses. Through 20079 have been inspected. 20080 is being inspected now. 20083, 20084 and others still at the plant, but I think they may be on the way. Also, at last check, none of the Saddle River buses have gotten inspected yet. They are still in various stages of rehabilitation.
  5. Two more buses were inspected yesterday but there are a bunch of them now sitting over in Ironbound. There were about ten over at Atlantic Detroit Diesel yesterday, but some of them might have been already inspected and moved.
  6. Soon.... the next step after state inspection is registration (plates) and acceptance by NJ Transit.
  7. Add 20805, 20807 and 20809 to the list of inspected buses. All the buses from 20801-20811 have been inspected now except for 20804.
  8. 20070-20072 inspected today. Through 20114 has been built.
  9. scrap 7508, 7932, 8055 from Ironbound. They have been replaced by new MCI's just cleared for service.
  10. not likely. I think they're going to continue to build the D4500CT's.
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