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  1. Here's the info from the Board Agenda about the new cruiser bus purchase for 2022 model year. I find it amusing that NJT illustrates this document that emphasizes the use of 45 foot cruisers, with Bus 7501, which was a 40 foot bus. https://d2g63oyneaimm8.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/board/agenda/4_14_2021_FinalBoardAgenda-V3.pdf
  2. NJT will buy 118 buses for 2022 to complete this contract. Will be approved at Wednesday's board meeting.
  3. 7101, 7108, 7112 and 7116 have all gotten the black paint so far.
  4. Bus 21072 now in service at Howell Garage. Howell now has all of 21029-21073 in service.
  5. Great stuff. Looks like they've all been inspected, but not registered.
  6. 20905 active. 20910 will be the last one to go into revenue. What a long strange trip it's been.
  7. Yesterday 20901 went active, today 20908-20909. Only 20905 and 20910 remain to go into service.
  8. Howell now has all its 2021 buses in service except 21072.
  9. The only buses that are not yet in service are 20901, 20905, and 20908-20910. Everything should be at CMF getting final prep. So it looks like NJT will come pretty close to their prediction that all these buses will be in service by the end of the quarter, which is today.
  10. Since our last update a week ago, several more of these buses have gone into service. Ironbound has all theirs, Howell is now missing about three. The first Wayne bus, 21191, has tracked at ADD. There are tons of buses at ADD, Sicklerville lot, and CMF, waiting to go into service. Nothing has tracked in Winnipeg this week. Oh, and the new MCI VIN formula (D2W91 instead of PDMNA) is soon to be showing up on the tail end of this order, with unit numbers from 75000 and up (dovetailing with existing New Flyer orders). I think the scrambled VINs are going to be falling back into place around the 21140's, so we shall see.
  11. The last bus to go into service at Ironbound is 21016. Ironbound is done with new cruisers. Good point about the hybrids... what is happening with them? Oh, one more thing: the VINs of the 21000 series coaches are scrambled from about 21111 onwards. Have fun, spotters.....
  12. Time for another update.... Ironbound (21001-21028) In service: 21001-21015, 21017-21022, 21024-21028 Inspected: 21016, 21023 Howell (21029-21073) In service: 21029-21041, 21043-21055, 21057, 21059-21062, 21065-21067, 21069, 21073 Inspected: 21042, 21056, 21058, 21064, 21068, 21070-21072 Delivered: 21063 Meadowlands (21074-21190) In service: 21077-21083, 21086-21087, 21093 Inspected: 21074-21076, 21085, 21094-21095, 21103-21105, 21107, 21110-21112, 21115-21116, 21118-21119, Delivered: 21097-21099, 21101, 21106, 21109, 21113, 21117, 21120, 21122, 21130, 21145 Not Yet Delivered: 21084, 21088-21092, 21096, 21100, 21102, 21108, 21113, 21114, 21121, 21123-21129, 21131-21144, 21146-21190
  13. All 110 New Flyers are on the property. All have been inspected except 20905 and 20907. Today, 20909 and 20910 were inspected. Now Meadowlands just has to put them on the street.
  14. Coach USA Westwood's 2020 cruisers have finally been registered (plates from AW-269Y to AW-288Y). Looks like they're going to be on the road soon.

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