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  1. Each garage has gotten two buses with the Cummins X12 engine (the 2017 EPA compliant nextgen of the old ISX-12 engine, and possibly standard equipment on the 2020 buses) as demos/test buses. Wayne - 19104, 19119 Ironbound - 19120-19121 Howell - 19122-19123 Meadowlands - 19124-19125 Newton Ave. - 19126-19127 19136 and 19137 are eluding me and they might be X12 engines as well, possibly for Wash Twp or EHT (they don't have any X12 test units yet); I don't see their VINs (KP015376-KP015377) with history no matter what engine code I put in there, and I don't yet have inspection/registration data. They may not be NJT buses...?
  2. Except if option buses are built, the entire NJT order of 184 buses for 2019 models has been built. and are from 19001-19184. About 20 buses are still to be delivered; highest inspected so far is 19162. The 2020's, which will be numbered from 20001 and up, should begin showing up in the fourth quarter, which will be the fourth year of the order.
  3. I saw 18126 running the 317 this morning, in Brick headed towards Philadelphia, so it's probably still out there somewhere by the Joint Base MDL by now.
  4. 19120-19125 have not been tracked yet - these buses all have the newer Cummins X12 engines - anyone seen them? Trying to find the dividing point between Wayne and Newton Ave. bus allocations. 19134 and 19135 now running out of Newton Ave. Buses through 19149 are inspected and ready to go.
  5. BTW the last bus inspected on Thursday was 19143. 41 buses to go to complete the order and my understanding is they have all been built.
  6. N.B. Buses 19119-19127 were delivered with Cummins X12 engines (2017 EPA) and carry the VIN code N for the engine. All other units so far have the old ISX-12 engines.
  7. With today's sighting of 19131 we can now project out the entirety of the 184-bus order for this year. 19001-19030 KP015208-015237 - 30 buses for Rockland Coaches 19031-19037 KP015238//015250 even - 7 buses for Trans-Bridge Lines 19038-19067 KP015251-KP015259, KP015261-015262, KP015264-015265, KP015267-015268, KP015270, KP015272-015273, KP015275-015286 - 30 buses for Academy Lines (Toms River and Westampton) 19068-19184 KP015288-015289, KP015291-015292, KP015294-015295, KP015297-015321, KP015328-KP015347, KP015359-015424 - 117 buses for NJ Transit (Wayne and Newton Avenue Garages)
  8. 19131 is on the 317 right now heading towards Lakewood. It will be in Asbury Park around 7:35 so I'll try to get some pictures then.
  9. Wayne got 19068-19117. 50 buses exactly. A bus which is probably 19118 was inspected yesterday at Newton Ave. which might be its assignment.
  10. Wayne should have through 19068 through 19117 which is exactly 50 buses. If my numbers are correct, 19118 just showed up yesterday at Newton Ave.
  11. Let's get back on track with the new buses. I got 19113 on the 191 route right now heading to Willowbrook.

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