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  1. 6474, 6477 and at least one other bus from Montgomery & Westside IBOA have been transferred to NJ Transit (possibly Ironbound). At the shops right now having the Clever Device installed, so I am told.
  2. 19183 and 19184 have not been delivered yet to my knowledge. I'll keep looking though.
  3. The only buses with the Cummins X12 are 19104 and 19119-19127. All others have the older ISX-12. I believe with the 2020 buses the X12 becomes standard equipment in the MCI commuter coaches. No Detroit/Daimler engine options for commuter coaches any more. That engine is now only being used in J4500's as an option.
  4. Registrations have been verified for all the above buses and the VINs have been confirmed. The majority of this year's buses still have the Cummins ISX-12 buses. We are still waiting for 19183 and 19184, otherwise the 2019 portion of the MCI order is done. Next up should be the New Flyer artics, then the 2020 MCI's.
  5. Meadowlands should also have 18117, correct? 18118-18119 are at Saddle River, and I think those are lavs too. Egg Harbor also has 18120-18125...?
  6. The Neoplans will start going once the New Flyer artics arrive sometime this fall. It will take about a year to deliver all 85 buses in the order. The current breakdown of garages using artic buses is: Fairview - 7 transits, all 36 suburbans Big Tree - 20 transits Hilton - 22 transits The real fun is going to begin if NJT picks up the option for another 85 artics. where are they going to put them?
  7. After all that effort to get some more routes under their belt and to lose them. Oh well at least Saddle River still has those cruiser routes.
  8. We've already talked about 5919; bus has been dead since 2013. Also we appreciate your enthusiasm about adding information but PLEASE do not quote the entire fleet roster to add one line of info. Thank you!
  9. This request is no longer relevant. Highest embossed plate is OYB4881 and lowest flat plate is OYB5200.
  10. 19168, 19170 and 19171 just got their stickers on Monday.
  11. 19068-19182 KP015288-015289, KP015291-015292, KP015294-015295, KP015297-015321, KP015328-KP015347, KP015359-015375, KP015378-015424 - 115 buses for NJ Transit (Wayne and Newton Ave. Garages and two each for Ironbound, Howell, Meadowlands, Newton Ave. and Wayne with Cummins X12 engines) 19183-19184 ?
  12. I now do not believe they are. Highest inspected is VIN KP015408 which corresponds to highest seen in service which is 19166. Corrections to the above page with all the VINs will be done as soon as I can get confirmation.
  13. ex-DeCamp bus. I guess the whole run from 8401-8450 is gone?
  14. Saw an Instagram post with 19172 and 19174 this weekend. The end of the 2019's is near.
  15. 19151 is the last of the Newton Ave. buses. 19152 and up are at Wayne; highest seen there is 19166.

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