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  1. I have the same exact timeline. see you on 10/17
  2. Thanks. I thought about taking the Lirr but the train that will get me there will make me arrive two hours early so I don't want be there idle with all the extra time. I'm already super nervous. Do everyone dress business casual for the open house ?
  3. Did anyone drive there or commuted via lirr?
  4. Yes I decided to go. I read all 60 pages of this thread but still want to know is there anything I should know to prepare for the interview and test ?? Do they do credit check and can that prevent you from getting job?
  5. Has anyone been invited to an open house and asked for a different date?
  6. Did anyone get invited to the 9/15 open house ?
  7. I went to an interview on 5/25 and they told me they will be in touch with feedback if failed or in contact with next steps if passed. Don't hold your breath i hear it takes time for them to get back to you
  8. I have not registered for the exam however i applied for the position a few months ago. can someone currently in this position share the hiring process, daily duties, interview and Insight on the overall position
  9. Hi by any chance do you have a number or email to someone in hr i can reach out to?
  10. Anyone currently in this position can comment on their background and skills?
  11. Thanks for your response and I wish you the best!!!
  12. Hi did you have any special or related experience? I also applied but have not gotten a call back so i want to see what special skills or experience their seeking. Please share
  13. I have a bachelors degree so i apply to ALL of the positions that require a degree and customer service experience. I also have been applying to all the staff analyst trainee positions and writing cover letters. I'm registered to take the exam for train conductor in few months but the positions i'm referring to are the ones posted on the website that are accepting applications.... which i continue to apply and qualify for and don't get a call back.
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