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  1. What are the training hours and what days of the week are folks trained?
  2. Did she happen to mention what list number she was up to and all that stuff?
  3. Yeah. I keep getting some of the same answers as well. I also did 2 drug tests. I spoke to hear earlier this week and she asked me my list number, then she stated what number she was last at, which was 6432, however someone in this thread recent got a call and was 648(?) something. She also told me that the last call will be on 30th. I asked her if there was a chance she would reach my number soon and she just told me to check my email. I'm assuming that by weds, if I don't get an email, then it's officially done.
  4. So back to 8094, any more info from anybody yet?
  5. does anybody know the last number they called?
  6. congrats! hoepfully i will get a call as well, my number is very close to yours
  7. Well, if anything occurs, I'll be sure to report it here (since this is the only source of info for everyone it seems)
  8. I can't recall, but what was the reason for them first extending this list? I was hoping that since some of us took 2 drug tests that we would at least be called for medical for the last class, which is on the 30th. I mean, there is tomorrow and most of next week, but it feels highly unlikely and is very very discouraging. It feels like a waste of time doing these test and having no outcome or answers.
  9. Im hoping to hear something...anything...some time before the 30th
  10. Sigh, nope. Im hoping that some of us do being that the last class for us is the 30th.
  11. I have to go tomorrow as well, being that the list officially ends on the 30th and they are up to 4632, kind of doesnt make sense to even go. However, I will. The time frame is just too short so it feels highly unlikely.
  12. Wow, I hope that it wont actually take another 9-10 months to actually be called. That's crazy, (even though ive already waited 8-9 years lol)
  13. Geez again...lol But okay cool. My list is 649X
  14. I got my second letter on Monday and have to go in this Friday, if I may ask, what happened during your second pre-employment session?
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