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  1. That's true. However, even if the destination signs says one thing and the other half also says another thing, it's the conductors job to place it. Even if they're half different from one another, they will still end up having the same terminal and same thing. It's the conductor who technically controls those destinations signs. It's true that the MTA is notorious for bringing updates to some trains and abandoning the rest, but you have to remember that the MTA has neglected some of it's trains up till now. That's why most of the trains were rebuilt in the GOH program back in the 1980s and some were left in graffiti even before the GOH program. Although we have Andy Byford now, he should be able to have the MTA stop neglecting it's trains. Just remember that the yard controls the fleets, not the MTA directly. That's why there's half enhanced sets and sets that weren't enhanced.
  2. That's not the case with ALL R46's. Some have been given the enhancements in 2017 which improved speakers for announcements, but it can also be due to how close or how far the conductor is to the speaker. It's not mainly the R46's to be known as a problem or blamed upon. Some conductors either forget or don't place it up thinking people will know. There's not much to blame except that the G.O wasn't explained properly.
  3. Hi. Can I get an R188 LED that has the old R188 Sign and covers around the LED like the new version? I'll send pictures if needed. I'd like it to sign the Local Green Circle.
  4. For Some Reason, I feel like that if the MTA Returned the to Forest Hills, then the Brown has a chance of returning 1. The Today basically goes in a almost full clockwise circle which makes no sense 2. People could literally WALK or take the bus to Forest Hills from Metropolitan Avenue 3. If people wanted to get to Midtown, then they could take the Brown To Essex and take the to Midtown or if they felt like it (Idk why people have to be so lazy and complain about transferring since it's like school and home. GET YO LAZY ASS UP AND JUST DO IT FOR f**kS SAKE!) 4. If people couldn't take the Bus, then they could take the to Myrtle Wyckoff Avenue and transfer for the and then take it to Lorimer Street for the where they can take a one seat ride to Queens Blvd
  5. AdonisDimaggio. Where's the R62A 5 train rollsign above?
  6. I also need a R62A 5 train Rollsign that says for North Dyre Avenue and South Flatbush Avenue, which looks like this:
  7. Hi Spectre. I need a sign for the Please? I need it to look like this.
  8. Hi guys. I need a R142/A 4 end like this picture. Would be nice to have one. Then I need a R142/A 5 end sign. And Last but not least a R142A 6 end sign. Sorry for the same requests of each line. I think it won't fit so I had too.
  9. Hi guys, can I get a front rollsign that says "Special". Here's a photo of it: Thanks. Forgot to mention, can you try to make it the same size as shown in the picture? Thanks.
  10. https://www.roblox.com/library/208932098/R42-J-Train-ExteriorShould this Work? If it does, is it possible for you to make the exterior rollsign like that?
  11. Spectre What about this kind of texture? https://t2.rbxcdn.com/4d93e0e662f771350f35e90c35863b75 Can you make it like that?
  12. AdonisDimaggio Do you make Exterior Rollsigns also? If so, can you make a exterior R42 Rollsign of the R42 Brown M train to Bay Parkway? Thanks.
  13. Actually, don't make the interior rollsign that color, I change my mind. Have it the same way as the first page has?
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