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  1. Eligible candidates on a Certification may be considered for probable appointment at the appointing Agency. Does not mean transit called u, list being certified means ur eligible to be called depending no other factors, background health vacancy and etc etc
  2. Hey we have him for our class, any suggestions? Or advice ? How is he? How was ur experience? Anything I should be aware of ??
  3. Brah...? Why you gotta mess it up for us A div ppl! Now this whole time I'ma think I'm getting the second best.
  4. So your telling me I don't have to go out and buy gray shirts and dark blue pants. I have blue, white, red shirts and black pants...really not trying to go buy 3 new gray shirts and dark blue pants...lol
  5. What's this thing about no backpacks? Can you bring a backpack ur first day? How much stuff do they give you the first day to take home? Like books/paperwork? Thanks
  6. I believe so, but NYPD and FDNY has other ways of disqualify you based on the type of JOB it is as a peace officer. Not sure of sanitation...MTA you can have a felony and still get hired as long as the felony doesn't clash with the position your being considered for. I have seen MTA use this rule more on people trying to go for promotion if they have a disciplinary action or bad sick record.
  7. 1 in 3 Rule or Rule Of Three When you take an exam, pass, and end up on a list, under NYS law a hiring manager can select candidates off the list using the “1 in 3 Rule” which is also known as “The Rule of Three”. There have been many concerns about this practice, but it has been around a long time. Basically, it allows an agency to select one out of three candidates in a particular place on the list, and not have to take the other two of the three. For example, if there were three individuals on a list, with respective scores of 100, 95, and 90, and any of them would take the job if offered, the agency can select the one who scored 90 and can disregard the other higher-ranked candidates. Here’s another example. Say an agency had five openings. A test was given, and a list was certified where one candidate scored 100, one who scored 95, and twenty who scored 90. The agency can skip the 100 and 95 and take their five from the twenty “90” core candidates. I know of several people who has gotten disqualified based on that rule. What people dont know is if you do get disqualified based on that rule, all you have to do is go to DCAS and ask for your name be put back on the list. As long as the list is ACTIVE the agency will have to consider you from a pool of other candidates. You just have to hope there is someone else the agency doesn't want more than you.
  8. They ask you to fill two questionnaires, one ask about your medical history the other is about sleep apnea. Then they call you in to do a series of tests which includes a vision this test for sight and depth perception, if you wear glasses you do the tests first without your glasses than with them. They measure your blood pressure, measure your height, weight. They then do a EKG test on you they test your urine for diabetes they test your hearing. Once all the tests are concluded the doctor calls you in he goes over the test results with you if it's satisfactory he gives you a white piece of paper saying that you passed medical if it's unsatisfactory you are placed on medical hold until you resolve whatever issue that needs to be resolved. My advice don't volunteer too much information.
  9. Because they urgently need operators a select few has been called as provisional/temp status although the list had not been established...
  10. Hey give us a timeline, of your hiring journey? And what was done in the medical brother! See you on the road!!
  11. Track worker your out in the elements, and pay is less and it's manual labor more risk of fatality and it will wear you out before you get to enjoy that pension... However you have opportunity to move up...its a nobel profession... All the best wishes!
  12. Im in a similar situation as you, perhaps to clear your conscience and mine, sacrificeing one-two year for a better furture for my kids and family healthcare PENSION? ...its a good gig with the level of requirements needed, hard to find a job these days that's pay 36/hr with only High School /GED Hard to find a job thats pays this range with an a associate or bachelors without out any experience in that FEILD (EXCEPT IT) . And it does get better you get AVA, OTO, it will be hard but what is life without a little hardship?
  13. For those Smartypants who are getting hired throw some study materials our ways like signals and stuff so we can start preparing while we wait if yall don't mind... thank you!!
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