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  1. Is there any suggestions on how to take the open house exam? This is my 2nd time getting invited (9/23/19). The last time was in April 2016. I’m not sure what I did or didn’t do that had me fail before
  2. What kind of vision tests did they have you complete?
  3. No you don't have to finish. But at the same time you have to have more than 1 question right in each section. Idk exactly how many though. I wish everyone else luck. It's pretty disappointing that I couldn't pass the prelims but I'll give it one more shot next year. The vocab is by far the easiest. So much so that they only give you 7 mins to complete it. The cognitive is the real challenge. But it's the time compression not the actual questions themselves that screwed me over. 10 mins to do solve their sequential problems is pretty insane.
  4. Well I just failed the cognitive test. Really hard. The vocab was easy but the time constraints for the cognitive is just crazy. It's not that the questions are hard but they give you little time to understand them to begin with. No math
  5. I just wish the Babylon branch had 2 more train in service within the 5-6 am schedule. The only train that will get me there on time is the 5:16 am train from Jamaica; I would get there too early though (a whole hour and 30 mins) But any train after that won't get me there on time lol. A 6:15 am train or somewhere around that would've been great. Oh well...
  6. Damn 10 months?? The suspense must be ridiculous. I wish the process wasn't drawn out too long smh
  7. I got my invitation to the LE open house on April 6th! I'm ecstatic! Can't wait.
  8. There's an opening for Assistant Conductor (LIRR) if anyone is interested.
  9. I'm sure you'll pass. I met a trainee at Valley Stream station in October 2016. He was operating the West Hempstead train, dude was ecstatic lol. I don't blame him. He went through a lot to get behind that console. After speaking with him he pretty much explained everything that was already mentioned in this thread. He just wished he had stable hours.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I don't favor the MNRR but I'll apply anyway. I'm sure I can switch agencies in the future. LIRR is much more convenient.
  11. Damn that sucks smh. That's the same LE posting I applied to (June 2016). I wish you the best man. I'll just keep applying, persistence is key!
  12. Damn that sucks lol. That's the LE position I applied to (June 5th 2016). Guess I'll keep trying; persistence is key! I also applied to the LE opening in Jan 2017. Hope I have any luck with that.
  13. Here's something I'd like to understand.... When you go to "My Activities" to view your submitted applications, under "disposition status", why is the "applied" status missing under some of my applications? Does this mean that I'm no longer considered for that position? Where it usually says "applied" it is now blank.
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