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  1. I chose the Wolverine boot. Boot is really comfortable and lightweight. A lot of TO's recommend it.
  2. Is there a specific dress code for tomorrow's appointed class?
  3. Question, is it true they hold our first paycheck?
  4. Question, for those attending Nov 26th class we have to wear a great button down and navy blue pants/slacks? So I'm assuming business casual?
  5. Going forward this position no longer needs a driver's license. They are just concerned that all tickets are paid off and what violations you ever received. They don't care how many times your license been suspended or points taken.
  6. Any current T/O have a recommendation on which boots too order from the free boots website?
  7. Thanks man! My pre-employment was on Nov 1st which includes the drug test. Got an email on the 5th to come in on the 7th for medical. Did my medical and was sworn in the same day. Literally only a week window.
  8. Eye, hearing, glucose urine test, ekg, blood pressure and sleep apnea if they deem you might be a candidate for it.
  9. Passed medical and got sworn in and appointed for the Nov 26th class. I'm list number 23*
  10. Passed medical and currently here waiting to speak to an interviewer. Hoping to get an appt date today.
  11. You as well! Question, do you know how long they take to give results back from our medical?
  12. Thanks Brother! I'm list #26*. This was my first PE and medical. I have to go on the 7th as well
  13. Just received an email inviting me back for the medical and that I'm being considered for the Nov 26th class. What does the medical entail and have you guys ever been considered for a class when provisionals were being done? Thanks in advance.
  14. What are some factors that may disqualify you on the background check?
  15. List number 2xx and just got a letter to arrive for Pre-Employment on Nov 1st. Any idea when the next class might be? Looks like they are looking to fill positions fast.
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