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  1. Yes. They need the resume to match the application and background check. so if it doesn't match you'll get a call to fix the paperwork. no big deal just go through the motions and give them what they want.
  2. Hey CT, thanks for the info, did they give you a start date or no? I guess some people have been given a tentative start date with the conditional offer?
  3. CT, how long did your back check take? Been in contact with Fed and they've been back and forth with us a few times on things not matching in paperwork but back check is all completed consider/clear so any timeframe would be appreciated. also how are you dressing for medical my brother in mnrr said dress bus casual but I've seen some say dress comfortably due to the PAT. TIA.
  4. Hey guys, anyone who passed S&D on 5/23 hear anything regarding conditional offer/back check/physical/pat next steps?
  5. That's what they did back in '13 when I went but like this thread has gone, a lot of the procedures and what they want you to study has changed since then so best thing is just to go to the overview and listen to the directions given. no interpretation, no studying anything that you're not told to, etc...
  6. no, nothing yet. they said end of last week, low and behold we're still waiting. the timeframe looks about 3-4 weeks from previous posts. we do have now the train horns and buzzers/hand signals to know for first day of class, so there's something to do there. next she said would be contacting with conditional offers and sterling link for back check. I'm actually going to the irs office next monday to get all my w2 transcripts, being proactive about it so there won't be any delays when they do call and get us going, something I'd recommend for all waiting candidates as via mail it takes about a month, if you go into a local office they can take care of it in about a half an hour when you're there.
  7. No, you need to know everything in the packets.
  8. Hopefully, ct's time line appeared to be around 3 weeks after the entrance exam for next steps. I'm trying to be patient but its a killer.
  9. Hey CT, I recall Ms. Oliver saying they were going to send out letters with the offers? I'm just going by what I heard but if they call then that's what I'm waiting for, I guess? so what is it? they call with a conditional offer then email you the sterling link for back check then when back check is completed go for pat and physical and get start date? again I am unfamiliar with the next steps as I've only made it to the entrance exam previously. thanks!
  10. Hey man, Dunno what the next step is, she said sometime last or this week they would be contacting and she said that she would be sending the sterling link for back check and sending conditional offer letters. I'm thinking physical would be next after back check is done? Like I said I've only made it to the entrance exam previously so I don't know what the hiring steps are, just going with the flow and waiting on them to contact.
  11. No. They will give you the materials to study and tell you exactly what is on the test and what you need to study and how (verbatim, everything word for word in the exact way in the material). They give you the road map to succeed you just need to put in the time and effort to follow the plan and do what they tell you.
  12. IH, Signals and definitions will be on the test. The horn/buzzer/hand signals we will need to know for the first day of class. He told us at the test that the more material we know when we start the easier it will be as they are just going to be piling us on with a lot of stuff and it's critical not to fall behind.
  13. IH, good luck! study study study, it will all pay off!
  14. pretty easy, but that's me. it's different for different people, and the failure rate at ours was a lot lower than usual or when I went back in '13. back then it was like half the class failed. this time there were only like 4 or 5.
  15. Anyone get an invitation to the S&D test on 5/23? I just got an email from LIRR to that effect. They didn't do that last time I took this in '13, I thought it was a given that you had to show for the test if you went to the overview, or is that them confirming their receipt of the quiz and good to go for the test?
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