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  1. http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-builds-robust-public-outreach-efforts-first-ever-digital-open-house
  2. http://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-builds-robust-public-outreach-efforts-first-ever-digital-open-house
  3. Yes, there was nothing particularly notable at E. 33rd. St, as opposed to Herald Sq., Penn Station on the west side.
  4. Don't write to us. Write to the MTA! Even better, ask the school admin to contact the MTA.
  5. If I read the chart above right, each of the 4 and 5 is losing ONE interval a day.
  6. It's amazing how many potentially worthwhile improvements were left out of the that plan.
  7. 1. While it's not far from the New Lots stop to Linden, it is no closer than from the Van Siclen stop to New Lots. A station could be built between Linden and Stanley Avenue to the south, allowing connections from the Linden buses and walk-in traffic from the developments south of there. It would also be very convenient to the housing developments due west of there. 2. Not sure why takings would be necessary. An el could be built over Elton Ave. which abuts the yard, straight south into the Gateway Mall. From there, it could swing west through the parking lots (yes, I guess compensation would need to be negotiated with the mall owner), and then over the creek to Spring Creek, terminating at Van Siclen Ave.
  8. Never mind extending the New Lots Line to Linden. It should be extended to Starrett City/Spring Creek to serve that development as well as the shopping mall.
  9. Mr. Bugatti - they are eliminating southbound BxM1 and 2 service after 4 pm weekdays. So now, strictly a commuter service. Want to go out at night, Riverdale? Screw you!
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