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  1. Yeah I just saw it, I had to go the old website to see it.
  2. I don't see it on the site, that's why I asked...
  3. If the R32's ran on the 24/7, especially during the summer wouldnt that put more strain on the A/C rather then being underground on the ?
  4. What is the next phase for the OMNY testing? J heard it was 42nd St to 125th St on Lexington Avenue.
  5. How come? If you install it right after 30th Av it shouldnt be a problem.
  6. There should be switches at Astoria Blvd as well to allow some trains to terminate on M track, boosting capacity.
  7. Absolutely unprofessional. Remember when the came back and they didnt update anything for 4 months? Ridiculous.
  8. MTA's method of waiting until the last minute to add or fix an AAS program is completely unprofessional. Remember the via Broadway G.O and none of the trains were signed up correctly because the program didnt exist yet? Or when the started going to 96th St and the announcements were glitched and kept saying "This is a Queens bound local train."? Does the agency not have a team to ensure that glitches like these are worked on BEFORE the actual G.O starts?
  9. You need a secondary local for Queens Blvd. The only other way I see of doing it is running the as the Queens Blvd Local and having the run via 63rd St to only use one switch at 36th St.
  10. Ok what about; to 96th St to Astoria 34th St/Penn Sta to Forest Hills-71st Av via Local?
  11. Can't they just have the train behind the terminating train at Canal St run 2-4 minutes behind on the schedule since it shouldnt take that long to discharge? Or run the behind train via Bridge.
  12. How come the dosen't have short turns at 36th St or 59th St to drop out and deadhead to the yard?
  13. IIRC, Tompkinsville originally was fare free before customers discovered a loophole by walking to St. George and not paying the exit fare.
  14. I heard about the Bay Ridge private bus, but not the Staten Island-Hudson Yards one. Is there a link for it?
  15. Who keeps throwing the dam things on the tracks!? Do we have to start pad locking these things now?

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