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  1. Wasnt there also a proposal in a document to have bus service to Empire City Casino and a LGA bus from Fordham Plaza?
  2. Oh its D5 that's out of service... what's D5 again?
  3. Can someone help me understand this? If the and are running local along Queens Blvd, why is the not ending at Queens Plaza?
  4. The Dyre line was orginally a railroad which had much better ridership north of Kingsbridge since one of the main purpose was to bring people from Westchester into Manhattan. When NYWB went out north of Dyre, so did the ridership and everything else with it.
  5. The other thing is that if the were to end within Manhattan, it would have to switch back and forth with the at Chambers St.
  6. I never understood why out of the two White Plains Road Lines, the was the one to have a reduced weekend frequency and normal weekend operation to end at Bowling Green. The serves 7th Avenue which isn't nearly as busy as Lexington Avenue, so why is the the one to always get the boot when theres a G.O?
  7. We're almost done with the R179 delivery right?
  8. Why don't some trains go up 2nd Av during the Astoria closure? I imagine having a one track terminal causes delays along the whole line.
  9. I guess they're starting on the Lexington Avenue Lines first. That's great, let's keep it going.
  10. Wait a minute, I thought 96th St/2nd Av had security systems to prevent this?
  11. Wasnt able to take it, might have to suck it up and just take the MTA Bus exam. I cant transfer from that divison to another right?
  12. Am I dreaming or does Lexington Avenue actually not have any G.O's today?
  13. Ok well since this is going to be my 2nd time missing this test (just my luck), will it be taken against me and can I try again for the next one?
  14. It said something about a makeup test date on the email, that's why I asked.
  15. @+Young+ Hello, is there a way how I can reschedule the test to something later on in the day or a different day if I can? I have two important things i have to get done. Thanks
  16. Why does academy operate those routes anyway?
  17. Ok after reviewing the proposal, here are my thoughts: Bx6SBS: l like the idea of having it operate as a Story SBS but after riding the Bx6SBS during rush hour, a lot of people utilize it in Hunts Pt. Maybe create a seperate SBS branch (Bx6A/B SBS) or a new route all together. Bx15/Bx15LTD: This one is tricky. I agree the reason why the route suffers from being late all the time is because of 125th St, but I dont think it should be split. Instead of having the Bx15 LTD end at Fordham Plz, it should end at 125th St & Lexington. Bx46: They left this alone!?! M125: Ok, being the southern portion of the Bx15, I would do it like this: Fordham Plaza to Ft George-193rd St via 125th St, replacing the M101 north of 125th St while the M101 becomes a LTD only route between 6th St and 125th St, terminating where the M103 does now. BxM17: The concept is good on paper just not in the real world...that bus is going to get delayed so much. If bus lanes were implemented it *might* work.
  18. So why was the Bx55 discontinued in the first place if they were going to bring it back now?
  19. I wonder why they arent selling the ones.
  20. That Bx6SBS change though, isnt there ridership on the Hunts Point section?
  21. I wonder how they're managing the turns, cause correct me if I'm wrong some of the turns on the Q70 are really hard.

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