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  1. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    +Young+ thanks for the info. I guess then the question would be, upon calling what is the significance of those two criteria ["On An Outstanding Certification" or 2. "Not On An Outstanding Certification"] the online data lists does not seem to have those particular data points identified (Unless since it's a Certified List, All on the list are "On an Outstanding Certification"). So it's a bit of a curiosity as to if it represents anything. From prior posts on these forums some say it does. Haven't dealt with it enough to know. In regards to the data sets you linked, do the data sets ever change to show individuals were appointed to the position or where the list currently stands in terms of hiring sequence. I know on the State level those exams results will show dates people on State lists were appointed, but not sure how these DCAS data/list sets run. Thanks again. Surely, something has to happen for those on this list, eventually! Seems they clumped all the TMA [4 levels] exams within a 2 year period, but doesn't seem like these exams occur too often.
  2. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    For anyone on this list, if you call DCAS automated line (212-669-1357) and select option 2, then enter exam 7606 and your credentials they ask for, it will deliver back a message that may include at the end one of two messages. 1. "On An Outstanding Certification" or 2. "Not On An Outstanding Certification" According to some posting on these boards & other on the net, the On An Outstanding Certification signifies that DCAS as sent your information along to the hiring agency. While the Not On signifies that your information is still held with DCAS and has not been transferred as yet. I would suspect that those in the upper tiers of rankings on the exam will hear the positive of the two, and as the list progresses further down those hearing Not On now might hear that portion of the message change later. There have been posting of individuals saying they call weekly & check. Maybe Young+ can reflect on it a bit more, as to how that message relays to real world changes or actions on an established list. Again, this may all be moot due to the potential/probable hiring freeze.
  3. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    It would seem the first request date [12/7/18], and certification expiration date[1/9/19] have passed without any forward momentum towards filling from the list as of yet. There is a column for "Reissue Date" which is described as "the date on which a Certification will be extended beyond its original expiration date" By that wording it would seem that a reissue date would be required if they wish to again use the list for candidates, as at current, it has surpassed its certification expiration date. With the probable hiring freeze, perhaps this all means very little. Guess on the bright side, the list is established, and it's just a matter of time before something occurs with the first batch.
  4. Just an update, the proposed answer keys have posted for these multiple P/TMA Exams Good luck to those managing to successfully pass any of these level 4 A/P/TMA Exams. This completes up to the proposed answers point for all the following exams given in 4Q18: 9613 Assistant Transit Management Analyst 9614 Associate Transit Management Analyst 9718 Promotion to Associate Transit Management Analyst 9719 Promotion to Associate Transit Management Analyst(Ops) 9615 Principal Transit Management Analyst 9720 Promotion to Principal Transit Management Analyst 9721 Promotion to Principal Transit Management Analyst(Ops)
  5. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    While this list got established in mid November, a month has passed without seemingly any forward motion of progressing with hiring off the list. This may be due to MTA's ongoing hiring freeze on all "non essential personnel" that's been mentioned in various media from around October, to more recently in mid December. http://gothamist.com/2018/12/13/mta_budget_subway_fares.php "The MTA has already instituted a non-essential employee hiring freeze and minor cuts to service" Not sure how these positions are classified, but likely they are seen as non essential [being trainee an such] & might be under the freeze umbrella. Also not sure how hiring freezes at MTA operate in terms of duration or scope. So while this took close to 2 years to get a list, and there is a certification date listed for early January, the wait might just be longer. But definitely could be wrong on that. Will have to see if it starts moving anytime in the near future.
  6. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    Thanks +Young+, for the effort & information you posted. Always helpful to have some background info on things. Hopefully, some will get contacted within the window established by that certification end date on 1/9/19. Seems like a rather short window, but we'll see.
  7. Just an update here, the proposed answer keys have posted for these multiple A/TMA Exams http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/proposed_answerkey.htm Good luck to those managing to pass either or both of these level 2 & 3 A/TMA Exams. The level 4 [Principal TMA] Answer Keys will release next month. **The protest session for these A/TMA exams is scheduled for 12/18/18, from 10am-12pm. Anyone wishing to voice a protest & attend the session has to inform them of intent to do so by 12/14/2018 by 3pm**Details are on the records of answers sheet. If someone's scoring on the proposed answers is a few answers short of passing, and the protest session gives them the ever slight possibility of getting 1 or 2 answers changed allowing them to pass, then certainly it's worth it. 24 incorrect [out of 80] & they hit passing at 70%, but if someone has 25 incorrect, it's worth the effort if they can attend & attempt it, as one answer changed would get them onto the list if they can protest & get a positive ruling & result.
  8. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    Does the open data Request Date, Cert. Date & Cert. Expiration date signify anything? Has anyone seen any correlation to these categories and how they worked with any prior established lists? I'm really not sure how the hiring process goes for these types of positions, you have many variables, some of those on the list will have selective certification in certain fields & these analyst positions are quite variable in task & scope. Some on the list likely took the exam to be "In Title" and are already with the TA. Should be interesting soon. Maybe +Young+ can shed some light on what the general hiring practices & protocols are usually for most established lists, my guess is this will mirror those closely. Hopefully they will start contacting individuals soon to get things going. Good luck to those who get the process started, will be great to keep the board updated.
  9. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    Indeed, likely it will operate like any other list. They will establish contact, meetings, request paperwork, drug test etc. After 16+ months, there were some positives. Initially at the start of the application for testing [Jan. '17] the pay rate on the Trainee position was stated at $46,225. On current employment listings it is stated as follows: Transit Management Analyst Trainee (OA) $49,295 - $49,295 Transit Management Analyst Trainee (TA) $49,055 - $49,055 Not sure if MTA resets pay rates at the start of the calendar year, or at a fiscal calendar point during the year. But with '19 a short while out those numbers above may or nay not change. Good luck to any of you, who will likely soon begin the hiring process for this established list.
  10. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    With a listing as low as you have you might get to enlighten many of us as to the process & proceedings soon enough. I suspect that many of the 20+ or so "ahead" of you may already be with MTA & "in title" or above, so you may be able to soon shed some light as to how things proceed forward. Since it's a "trainee" designation, I am not sure if it will be valid across titles, as Staff Analysts have their own designation & exam. My best guess is that with a rank in the 20s, you'll soon be entering the process [whatever that process may be] Let us know if you can, it would certainly be helpful. Good Luck.
  11. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    Just a quick update on the list establishment date of 11/14/2018, as per the Notice of Results for this exam, dated 11/20.
  12. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    KidSon, thanks for the update on this. Thought this was on ice for a bit. 470 Eligible, with an average passing score of about 79.80. 47 people in both the upper & lower 10% of passing scores. 376 In the middle 80%. Guess we will get the test score letters soon. Best of luck to those who decide to proceed forward with it. > Exam Announced: Jan. '17. Administered: July '17. Answers released: August '17. List Established: 11/21/18 [16 months total from exam date] List End Date: 11/21/22 [?]
  13. The following exams are occurring later this week: Exam #/Title/Test Date 9613, Assistant Transit Management Analyst, 11/18/2018 9614, Associate Transit Management Analyst, 11/18/2018 9718, Promotion to Associate Transit Management Analyst, 11/18/2018 These seem to be some of the first exams that have the new expanded Selective Certification for Education and Special Experience [15 categories/backgrounds] http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/select_exams.htm "Selective Certification for Education and Special Experience: If you have the education and experience listed below, you may be considered for appointment to positions requiring this education and experience through a process called Selective Certification. If you qualify for Selective Certification, you may be given preferred consideration for positions requiring this education and experience. If you have a qualifying degree and experience, as listed" There is also an upcoming Exam 9615, Principal Transit Management Analyst & Exam 9720 Promotion to Principal Transit Management Analyst on 12/8/2018. Good luck to anyone taking any of these, feel free to share any thoughts or info.
  14. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    So attached is an print-screen version of the e-mail that I sent them, in addition to their response. To make a long story short: It seems that they're in no rush to produce the list anytime soon. Thank you for the effort to get a response. It would seem it's in one of those not going anywhere for a while moments. Got to figure a large number passed, and any list might be lengthy. And there seems to be way less trainee positions than actual TMA spots. Levels 2 & 3 to this position have an exam in a few weeks time. Seems these type positions have an exam once every 10 years, and it might take 2+ years just for a list to establish, then the wait again for a lucky open position within the 4 years of the list existence. Thanks again. Perhaps by mid '19 this will get off the ground.
  15. Alucard

    Transit Management Analyst Trainee - Exam #7606

    Only time will tell...we will see... Wondering if this is the normal timeline or if this one is going long? Test was announced in Jan. '17, given in July '17, answers released within a month [8/'17] & then it's gone cold. It's in month 15 from the test date & seems to be on ice for now. Also see there's another analyst [higher levels] exam upcoming next month. Guess once it crosses 15 months, next outlook is to 18, and then 24. Hopefully the list will have a lengthy duration, are these typically 4 years?


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