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  1. You never know, with the complexity of some of the questions there is a chance that some might get reviewed via protest, being that close [2 off] is always a sting. Which of the exams did you take? The one luxury of them was that they were given in sets [9613/9614] were given together & the time allotment was abundant really, think 6+ hours. With all that's going on with TA recently it might be tough goings with all these exams. The Trainee level eligible list was established in Nov '18 & no hires yet. These likely will not establish until sometime in '20 & it would seem they are doing their best at eliminating [or attempting] to eliminate people who took it already. Hopefully a protest may help you breach the pass line, you never know once the final answer/results are released. The "next" time with these exams seem to be 10 years, long waits seem to be the standard all around. Good luck to you.
  2. Sure thing, here is the full annual exam list from dcas https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/dcas/downloads/pdf/noes/yearly_examschedule.pdf [there are quite a few cancellations as well] When the application period begins, you will find the notice of exams (NOE) here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/employment/current-upcoming-exams.page under the "Other Open-Competitive" Exams section or Promotion if you are already in title.
  3. Seems the Exams Unit have begun sending out ineligible letters on these exams [9613/9614] for various reason, giving 30 days for a filed appeal on their decision. Some of these exams required 1 year in the mass transit industry & some didn't, tough to lose out on these due that requirement especially if you passed the exams. It's kind of a wall built to only accept people who are already in the space. Tough goings. With TA in essentially a massive overhaul, hard to guess how fruitful these exams/lists will be in the future. Some might have just been a cash grab on one end. DCAS will have their own series of these Analyst exams upcoming in June.
  4. It would appear that on DCAS Open Data the last sets of outstanding certification expired on 4/4 and no new one has been established. It very well could be that due to all current restraints [financial turmoil, hiring freezes, overtime issues at TA being brought to light] that this list might just not go anywhere for a good while [if ever at all] For the list, there is no more outstanding certifications, so it's truly at a standstill. Have to wonder if there have been in the past established eligible lists that never filled and just went to expiry. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-transit-union-finances-cbc-20190430-z6hj2qm33bagllcdc6jhdiqqfq-story.html https://cbcny.org/research/reform-bargaining-table This was quite interesting https://nypost.com/2019/04/20/sanitation-department-to-trash-supervisors-exam-because-of-suspected-cheating/ Guess the way most of these exams are administered, some set of individuals always have a first look at what's to come.
  5. This sounds accurate, however with these exams being administered once a decade it seems to run a bit different than most other lists. I would think that there were people working at TA who were provisional, say interns or college aides/students, that were given the provisional tittle contingent on passing or getting onto the eligible list. So I am sure some of the provisional individuals took this exam, and as I said they likely can slide into title. It was odd during the initial call in that there were individuals who were with TA as Associate Level TMAs and were there for this trainee list. I didn't know what to make of that, whether they took in as a requirement to be "in title" or what. The more you read on the state of TA and the chaos that seems to be brewing over control/revenues/fares etc the more murky hiring becomes in a cost conscious environment. Not filling anyone from this list is a roughly $23M cost savings at its base, much less employee benefit costs etc. The hiring freeze has been mentioned since August 2018 in some publications, and there really doesn't really seem to be any relenting as of yet. They also have the capacity to wait and establish the higher level TMA lists & take from there instead. Initially it was nice to see this list get established, but the more time that erodes, it would probably have been better suited had the list not been established until the hiring freeze thawed a bit. Maybe by November [one year into the list establishment] it will be a bit clearer as to how it's going.
  6. Well this certification [in 3 batches] went and made 155 individuals onto a new outstanding certification list, along with the other 252 on the previous [this one however will expire in a week] Can't say that we can read too much into the list since it's become essentially an inactive list, meaning it's not moving. I think some of it is TA HR having to process something on a certain time basis to/from dcas. But these certifications have shown no continuity. The pieces of data are usually erroneous at times [ie on the 659/660 certifications, the salary data is from the NOE, vs the current] The number of openings states 100, but that's just a number, it would constitute 20% of the whole list and that doesn't seem likely. Until someone actually gets appointed from this list [who is a non TA individual, as they could just slide over on title if they are already in there] then this list of eligible individuals seems to be going nowhere. Least that's how I see it. Unless they hire, the list will not move. The certifications does allow them to call individuals in, but if there's no job the whole thing ends up just being keep busy work for the employment center. As to why some got left off, no clue, These 3 certifications seems very random in picking by list number, it skips all over the place. What I do know is when batches get called in the true order does get recognized, so you can take a batch of all groups and rankings, but when you get in they will sort all by list/rank order for processing and interviews, so there is a bit of an equalizer there. I suggest if you want more actual details on this list to call the employment center [347-643-7413] & ask for the individual that is working or responsible for this particular list/title. they perhaps can shed some light on if there is any true momentum outside of the data lists. the young lady there, I didn't get her name but she was forthright with information & about the process, just ask. Might be a a task tho to get to her, the first person that picks up will have to have some knowledge or experience, if not ask them to ask someone who the individual is that handles the TMAs lists. Honestly, this might have never occurred. Even though that 2nd certification existed, it very well could be that nothing progressive happened past it. Hiring freeze definitely a major hindrance.
  7. Pathway, just curious what is the source that provided that info you stated above(looks like a copy and paste)? [As that 14 ties into the certification list # stated of number of vacancies] Also to be exact, the actual eligibles for DCAS current certification #69446 that expires on 3/15, are #s 11.5, 28.5, and #s 60-298, the block from #1-59 [except 11.5 & 28.5] are not on the current outstanding certification. I'd be curious if this occurs normally, it just seems odd that the block that had the lower ranked listings are not eligible, while those higher are. Just seems odd, especially considering there we no fills from the initial lower ranked group.
  8. BronxRider... The letter was dated 1/18, it was mailed [from Brooklyn] and arrived after the MLK holiday on 1/22, requesting people show up on 1/23. If you sense that that was very tight timing, I can only imagine some missed the date entirely due to mail being delayed or just not checking their mail with that sense of urgency. Very poor protocol in my opinion there on TA's part. Certainly the first batch was called, but there were no hires [per someone at TA employment] the list was sent back to dcas and there was a subsequent new certification that didn't include anyone one the first certification, so essentially the new certification begins with around eligible rank #60. Again very strange, as the people who were in 1-59 are no longer on an outstanding certification. How that makes sense I can't figure out, the higher scoring individuals aren't at this time seemingly eligible for appointment. In regards to the employment center, expect to wait [if you are in TA already you will get expedited it seems & be out of there much faster, but 5-8 hours seems average] You will enter into there as go through "final processing" which is quite a misnomer, as nothing is final, and you might interview but the letter you get will explicitly state that by the time you are to interview, positions may already have been filled by individuals in front of you. So if you're say 1-10 on the next called group [the will interview in rank order] you might get a shot. But, it would honestly appear that, there is an explicit hiring freeze & any and all hiring for this title/position must get approved, so you're interviewing for a position that might be fictional. Honestly there is not too much paper work, you maybe sign a couple of forms, they collect your letter, you wait to get called for an interview which may be panel, 2 or 3 people, and it's going to run like a mill. They will interview,, and tell you there is a hiring freeze and there is no true position. Now this was the story for the first group, your experience might differ. Until the hiring freeze ends, I would not expect much to happen on this title. It likely deemed non critical to operations & seeing the financial perils they are in it might just be another cost saving measure. If you do get a letter certainly will be informational to let the board know. Good Luck.
  9. I have say you've presented some of the more informative posts in regards to these positions. From experience I have actually been to these interviews & been told the odds of getting the job were low not due to qualifications or experience, but just due to the fact that those in TA will get priority. Taking and passing the open competitive exams seems to be a viable route, but still has it's complications. With limited openings, the eligible list start to erode as soon as they are established & the agency doesn't for any given reason fill off of it [ie. hiring freeze, budgetary etc] So a list say like the Trainee list established in November '18 has just been sitting and losing time toward it's expiry, and no hires have come off of it to move the list along. Even with the higher level exams [Assistant, Associate] there were promotion exams that coincided with it so the candidate pool for say Associate will be both a promotion list & a competitive list, which honestly puts all those on the competitive at a disadvantage out the gate. I also sense that there are tiers on each/some of these titles, as I have seen Assistant TA II or Associate TA II, perhaps time allows for those elevated titles, with higher pay. I will look into the other DCAS exams, certainly get the idea that the more agency lists one gets on the higher the odds of perhaps an opening occurring. Still it's sort of the thing you dort of have to forget about, you take the exam & maybe it comes to fruition in several years at best. Do you have any thoughts on this: I guess getting in at level 1, assures you level 2 after 1 year, then it's about waiting & seeing if a level 3 becomes available. TA definitely is a challenge to get into on many levels. But I do agree that it does offer a bit of security over the private sector where you sort of never know when the finish line will show up at a private sector gig these days. Thanks again for the thoughtful responses, certainly is a bit insightful into hear about the inner workings a bit.
  10. There appears to be a high degree of difficulty to get into TA as an analyst, I have interviewed for several Associate Level positions [as a pure outsider, prior to taking any exams] and it appeared that there was a stone wall for entry (especially for someone outside TA) Deciding to take the exams seemed to be the best option, but the duration which it seems to take to get the process moving is a bit daunting for anyone seeking to find a landing spot at TA. There was a time the positions would be posted up so one could apply, but since the hiring freeze all those positions have disappeared. These exams to point of hire are seeming like 3 to 5 year processes. By the availability of public records, that Principal TA title has not been utilized broadly for a decade, it would seem that either the title is being resurrected for some purpose, or will be used to replace perhaps some supervisory titles. It may be one of those titles that ends up having a few limited slots, especially considering there were promotion exams for it. The open competitive one might not get touched. So you may be right in that it could have been a bit of a cash grab. Several hundred took it for sure. Since you're on the inside, would you say the better path is to wait for one's slot on the higher titled exam? Say for example, one passes all the exams from trainee [level 1] to Associate [level 3] Is it best to enter in at the higher/highest title? As from what you say it seems like there's a lot that has to go right for a bit of forward momentum to occur. And if one starts at trainee, after year 1 they move up to assistant title, but after that it may begin to to move like a slow crawl. Thanks for the info. It's really good to hear what the position & internal environment is like from someone who's actually there already.
  11. Could you shed some light on the Analyst positions within TA? How's the experience been, has there been mobility & upward or lateral progression in the position since you've done it for a while. Any insight would be welcome, these exams/lists from the trainee level onward might be hitting a wall due to the hiring freeze that has been in effect since fall of '18. The quick observation is there used to be many postings for open TA positions on the MTA employment site, but those have all evaporated. In regards to the disqualification, good luck. Once you have the time in position & the staff supervisory experience it should be a valid appeal. You're already in the door, seems like a tough door to get into these days! :)
  12. It appears hiring for this list/position is on ice. Someone at the Employment Office mentioned that this list was sent back to DCAS with no hires coming off it. Those who interviewed on that first batch called in were told that indeed there was a hiring freeze & it would require approval by TA for any opening of hiring/positions off this list to occur, and it seems that was turned down. So likely, due to the hiring freeze & the likelihood that these positions are not deemed critical for operations & the financial perils that are currently existing, this list might just not be going anywhere for quite a while. Which likely will be detrimental to some on the lower end of the list, as time for the list is eroding, and with no fills it's just purely eroding without moving. Maybe later down they will extend the list time due to these issues, but for now I have to think there's not much to expect on this list in the near term. I would also think any other individuals called in will face the same "hiring freeze, need of approval to hire" issues that occurred with the first batch that went in. A quick look at the MTA employment site shows how depleted open positions are due to the freeze, normally there would be 100s of postings, now there are less than 40 or so.
  13. As Young stated, the hiring process for this position is a bit different from others. There is no medical/physical/drug test. Upon getting your "conditional offer" letter to show up you will go through their "final processing" but it doesn't necessarily mean you will get appointed to the position. All the individuals that were on that first call in went through final processing.
  14. That seems strange, all #s from 260-270 are on the latest 69446 certification on the data set. I would think #s 1-59, and 299-470 would not be on outstanding certification according to the new certification data set. Maybe it's on the certification, but too far from the starting point of #s being called, which would seemingly begin at 60. So even if they called 50 people in, it would only be from 60-110, that could explain it perhaps, or maybe not.
  15. Truly not sure what to make of the data, some observances of this new certification: 1. The original certification [ 68808] had all 470 individuals "certified" this newer certification[69446] list has 252/250 requested. 2. Also, the "certification sequence" is split between the 2 certifications, the new certification sequence starts again at one [with candidate 11.5, then 28.5, then candidates 60-298] 3. The # of Vacancies column for this newer 69446 certification, states 14. 4. Individuals on the 1st Certification, do not appear on this newer one, their dates list the expired 68808 certification time frame. 5. There were 13 of those [.5] adds mentioned by a previous poster [11.5, 28.5, 63.5, 77.5, 157.5, 163.5, 230.5, 253.5, 262.5, 275.5, 280.5, 285.5, 291.5] Don't know what relevance is really being shown with the data, could be something, could be nothing. Only way to see the data changes is to split it between the two certifications. So essentially people who were on the first "outstanding" certification are not on the current "outstanding" certification. Which would mean if you're 1-59 on this list, you may have been on the first outstanding, but are not on this one. How that relates to hiring is anyone's guess. By what I've read on several other boards here, usually the outstanding certification means you are "callable to" an opening/or possible processing/interview for opening. But who knows, it would seem strange if all those in the top 60 of the list were skipped over and not callable for open slots. I think today marks 3 months since this list was established, after taking 16 months to GET established. At a certain point, I can see why many abandon the pursuit. As to if anyone's been appointed, there were some on this board that mentioned they were quite high on the list, but I don't think anyone has confirmed a fill. Compound that now with the fact that the new certification list excludes the 1-60 ranks.

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