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  1. I still find it incredible that people took this not knowing you need a license. There were people on my class who didn't have a license and when they were told no license no test they started saying how no one told them. lol
  2. Is there a particular reason why they requested so many people to be certified? My certification number is higher then my actual list number. What does that mean? Do the vets here think that due to the virus they will extend the list ending date? Thanks!
  3. I really hope they extend this list. Im sitting at 3xxx. I doubt they will get to me unless it gets extended.
  4. My score is 33xx. Does anyone know if I have a decent chance of getting called before the list expires? Also does anyone have any insight as to if they will extend the list? I know the last few tests they extended the list. Thanks.
  5. If you look at previous exams they usually make it to 4000 in terms of list numbers before the 4 years is up. They might even extend the years like they did with last exam which they exhausted. There are also rumors that the test we took is the last one that will be open and it will turn to promotion based only. If that turns out to be true they will have to extend the years since I don't think they will have enough promotions to fill the spots.
  6. Usually how far does list go until the 4 years is up and it expires. I'm 34xx. Wondering if I will get call before it expires.
  7. I know the last list was renewed several times and almost everyone was called. Does anyone know how far the list before that went before it expired?
  8. Do you mean over the 4 years till list expires?
  9. I've heard its good for 4 years unless they renew it like they did the most recent list. I've also heard they usually call up to 4000s before 4 years is up. I'm not sure how accurate that is though.
  10. According to my friend who works as a conductor and was promoted to TO they have called 1000 ppl so far from the list.
  11. I just hope before 4 years is up they reach there 3300s.
  12. Damn. I hope that happens this time. Idk if ill make it in with a 3300s placement.
  13. I had heard last lost went down to those who scored in the 70s.
  14. It won't be as much. This requires a drivers, license which changes everything.
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