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  1. I just hope before 4 years is up they reach there 3300s.
  2. Damn. I hope that happens this time. Idk if ill make it in with a 3300s placement.
  3. I had heard last lost went down to those who scored in the 70s.
  4. It won't be as much. This requires a drivers, license which changes everything.
  5. So once the actual list is established is it updated in real time so we can watch as time passes and our numbers get closer to being called?
  6. So far a list number of 3426 what are my odds of getting called before the list expires in 4 years?
  7. So if we are a current city employee our pension will transfer over?
  8. I'm in the same boat. No kid yet but on that road. Me and my wife spent 2 years without a day with each other. It was very hard for us and after that I said I would only do that again for a worthy opportunity which this deff is. Right now I have a dead end job and this here is a career. I am dissapointed i didn't get one more right which would have given me a 92 score and bumped up my score. I'm at 3445 now. Hopefully I get called within 3 years. Also why do some people have a set list number and others have a range?
  9. Really? Why do you say that?
  10. Really? Why do you say that?
  11. thegameksk

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    So for the Temporary Speed Signs on my paper work there is no indications, Is that correct? It just has the different names i.e. Temporary Advance Speed-Limit Sign. So if we get that on the exam we leave indication blank?
  12. thegameksk

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    When is your test?
  13. thegameksk

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    When I try to use the cd I get "Page p171 does not exist and could not be loaded." error. Does anyone else get this and know how to fix?
  14. thegameksk

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    When is your test? I cant think of any gimmicks or tricks.
  15. thegameksk

    LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    How did you find tricks like this? That must really help alot.


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