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  1. Not sure how it works in RTO, but shouldn't affect your seniorty as a C/R.
  2. I came from buses and went back to buses. Unfortunately I had an incident when I was posting(beginning of my 2nd week) I was having fun always wanted to be a T/O since I was a kid. Anyway made it out on my own but I always had my incident on my mind and woke up day after day not wanting to go to work anymore. I made the decision to go back to buses. It's a voluntary demotion. I didn't lose my seniority since I went back before 1 year. Also MOW(the helmets ain't hard to remember) the signals ain't difficult to memorize after a while you will be saying them in your sleep.
  3. Just left 180 and I start June 10th. See all my fellow classmates that got hired for that date as well.
  4. Thank you, yes for June 10th class
  5. Just checked my email and I have my medical /final processing on Friday May 31st. List # Range is in the 860's. Good luck to all who are going tomorrow. I had my P/E on May 15th
  6. I went for P/E on May 15th my list number is low 860's. I already work for NYCT as a B/O. I'm just ready to get out of the that sit and into a cab. I seen some in the 850 range get called for Medical for Thursday and some others what lower numbers get called for Wednesday. I'm hoping to get an email on Tuesday to be invited in on Friday. Wishful thinking and patiently waiting. I know the process very well.
  7. Did anyone in the 860s recieve a medical email? Im hoping we get an email next week in the 860s good luck to all that will be going for medical/final processing next week.
  8. I got a call and an email to come in on Wednesday 5/15. List number 86* Hopefully what they is true 3rd time is Charm as this is my 3rd time for P/E. Childhood Dream Job becoming a reality.
  9. To have a decent chance of getting out early, make sure your the first one to sign in on the clipboard downstairs so you can be the first one to sign in on the clipboard upstairs
  10. I was out by 1230p today. Here's why they call more people then they need. Reasons are people defer(because they live in Florida, or other parts of the state, isn't the right time for them etc...), fail drug test, get placed on medical hold(sleep apnea will have you on medical hold for 30 days if you have it and need to get the cpap. Machine etc...) lots of reasons they call so many extra candidates. They want to make sure they enough candidates to fill the classes.
  11. When do you clear probation? I clear mine December 26th but Train Operator is a childhood dream of mine. I can't pass that up.
  12. Fill out the paperwork they sent you. They will give you 3 more papers to fill out that day. You will be sent to the lab for a Drug Test. They will give you "Homework" which is a 21 page booklet for your work history etc..... But for Pre Employment no medical is done that day. Medical will be another day when they want to hire you(which they will email/call you)
  13. Pre-Employment Medical? Do you have Pre-employment or did you do pre. Employment already and now you have to do medical/final processing?
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