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  1. I wish I had those same incandescent bulbs because I like how it was brighter in the middle and darker towards the edges, but LED worked well too: https://imgur.com/a/ebYayr8 Thanks for responding guys.
  2. Hey, thanks for responding. I did a little more searching and I came across some Youtube videos that show warmer colored lights. Of course, it's digitized from VHS so it's not totally accurate but it seems right to me. Check out at around the 20 second mark. I know the destination light isn't on, but the bulb looks like the same as on the left. Also this. Check out 19:10. Does that look yellowish to you?
  3. Hello. I have this: https://imgur.com/a/mEyWFZ8 I was wondering if someone could put a year on that based on just the font. Also, I wanted to light it from behind but I couldn't decide on a cool white or warm white. What is more authentic? I've been trying to find night pictures of it, and I have found some sources, but the images aren't too clear so I can't really tell. Maybe someone that remembers can chime in. Thanks.

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