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  1. Hey guys. Congrats to all that passed the s&d overview and are moving onto next steps. I cleared medical and got my official offer letter friday via email and the hard copy in the mail today! First day of orientation is 8/2 and first day is 8/9! couldn't be happier!
  2. Yeah. My start date is still going to be 8/2 (which i believe is the beginning of the 3 day orientation) .
  3. Hey Dre, Man it took quite a while. There were some issues with paperwork not matching up for me as well. it took a month for things to get cleared up but it finally did so just hang in there. For medical I just wore a t-shirt, sneakers and a pair of jeans; nothing too serious. Hope this helps
  4. Hey guys. I know it's been a while ! I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I'm finally headed to medical this week. Anyone going through background be patient because it can take a while!
  5. Yeah those are the next steps. They call to extend a conditional offer. I know you are as excited as I am at this point Dre! I am currently going through them now. waiting for my background to finish up hopefully it wont be much longer
  6. Yes sir! Its been a long road! still a few things to navigate but ultimately at least this part of it will soon be coming to an end
  7. Just a little update. Last week I received a call from HR offering me a conditional job offer. Just finished all background information and patiently waiting for next steps IE medical and drug tests!!! Im so excited! guys keep the faith!
  8. I put everything onto flash cards ( all signals and definitions) and focused on 5 definitions and 10 signals a day. at the end of each week Id have my wife do a cumulative test on all of the information that Id been studying until I knew all of the definitions and signals. After that I just practiced them all everyday . Its very tedious and a bit stressful but It does pay off. I studied at least 4 hours each day.
  9. hey all! its been a while since I posted last; Ive been trying to focus on studying for the S&D overview .congrats to everyone who passed the S&D today i believe there was only about 19 of us! So happy to have made it past this exam I can finally breathe a little easier! now just waiting to hear word on next steps aka medical, drug testing and possible offer!! Im so excited! Gentlemen study study study thats all I can say! It will pay off in the end
  10. yeah thats the exact same message i got. Thanks for putting this up I was trying to find a way to add a screenshot here to prove to everyone thats what I received. Assistant Conductor Candidate Test via nymta.onmicrosoft.com Apr 5 to me Thank you for contacting the Long Island Rail Road. This message will serve as acknowledgement of an email received by you. It is an auto-reply and should be retained for future reference.
  11. you'll receive an auto reply email back
  12. guys who have previously sat for the S&D test: Did punctuation count against you? Particularly referring to the aspects of the signals? I dont want to get anything wrong based off of symbols and punctuation
  13. Dre, I couldn't agree more about the timeframe; 5 weeks is more than enough time to learn all the necessary information and especially if this is something you truly want and need! Nothing will stop me from having all of this information down in the required timeframe! so happy to hear that you got the email you've been waiting on. Hopefully we all make it to the finish line fellas!
  14. Hey Cappi, They are still in the book that I received on the 28th. There are a total of 75 definitions in the book . Im guessing things have changed since 2013 because we were told to learn all 75 definitions and i believe 129 signals and indications. There wasn't a particular group of definitions or signals we were given to study.
  15. Good Morning all! I hope you guys are well. I was wondering if any of you guys that have been waiting for that email receive anything as of late? I went to the S&D overview yesterday and apparently it looks like they are looking to have 6 classes this year! 2 already underway and 4 more they are looking to fill ! So hopefully there are a few more S&D overviews coming up. Just wanted to give you all that piece of information as I know that this process can be a bit intense especially when playing the waiting game . Let me get back to making these flashcards. I wish you all well throughout this process and to the vets; hopefully I can work side by side with some of you one day!
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