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  1. don't think so, i applied for it back in Jan of this year.
  2. plenty they said, sounded like they really need people
  3. do you take the train to jamaica and then walk?
  4. thank you for the info, it sounds like it could be stressful, do you know how much of it deals with looking at signals? Which stations do they place the block operators? I'm assuming jamaica, penn.
  5. Hey guys, I was invited for the Block Operator Trainee open house for Wednesday May 31st. Is anyone else going? Does anyone have any info regarding this position? Thanks.
  6. i think i may, how do you enter the hillside facility?
  7. I applied for block operator trainee back in late jan 2017. where is there a good place to park and where do you ever this hillside facility?
  8. hey all, i actually got an email for the block operator trainee open house for may 31st. anyone else going on? is there a thread for that? I havent seen any new ones.
  9. thanks. I looked at these (link below) and I can obviously see the difference between the green and the red and yellows. https://quizlet.com/79398679/lirr-signals-flash-cards/
  10. looks like they posted the job again today on the mta website, i wonder why. I applied again. does anyone know if you can get this job if you have color blindness? I am I think red green color blind, i confuse some colors but I can see color. I would not pass a Ishihara test
  11. just curious, did you see your status change on your application on the their website? Mine just says submitted, just wondering if maybe they update the website. thanks and good luck.

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