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  1. I went through the whole process.....written test....background check....conditional offer....phyiscal....and it's been about a month and haven't heard anything about hiring. Does anyone know how long they keep you hanging? The recruiter said I will be contacted shortly. That was over 3 weeks ago. Anyone know when the next class starts?
  2. I applied multiple times. I think the last time I applied was about 1 year ago. Invited for the test in January. 4 weeks later notified I passed and had to fill out a background check consent a couple of days ago.....now I wait. Hoping someone can give me an idea of what is next. Hope this helps.
  3. I received notification that I passed (took the test in Jan '17) and that my background check is in progress. Does anyone know what the process is from here? Is it months, years of waiting at this point? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks,
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