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  1. Ohhhh yeeeah, they're gonna tell you every day what you're working the next day. You'll have no choice for months
  2. The email doesn't tell you what to do 🤔🤔🤔?
  3. Well, maybe Linda's doing other sh!t now........just email the person who sent you the email and CC everyone else's name on there too
  4. The Monday after your orientation is Book of Rules 😁...... all your questions will be answered there
  5. TF I look like.......you didn't save the emails they sent you?!?! 🤔
  6. You "CC" her in the same email.....come on man....this is emailing 101 type sh!t
  7. I would email Linda Oliver and follow up to see if they "lost your paperwork". Happens more than you think.........some people get hired because of the way they "pound the pavement" 😁
  8. 1st 3 days are orientation. 1st day is filling out paperwork for benefits, MTA heads talking to you about benefits etc... LIRR peoples take turns telling you how lucky you are and to not screw it up.......couple videos and some other boring stuff.
  9. Know only 1. (a) & (b) for 14L......they ain't asking that other shit yet. Yes to door op
  10. Big.....black........ boots........with a defined heel.........able to withstand 750 volts of lightning
  11. Well, what did you apply for Conductor or Engineer? Reply to email to double check.
  12. Alright Donkey boy! I'll see you soon and when I do, I'll greet you as Donkey boy!!
  13. Yo donkey boy! I'm gonna be looking for you. You one disrespectful lil punk. In fact, when I find you I'm gonna put my foot in your a$$hole!
  14. Just to clarify my post, The position was just posted yesterday 3/19/2019. I am aware this forum is going back to the posting from 2018 to 2016. I would not expect a response in one day (although that would be great). I am just trying to get an idea of what the people in this forum did differently to get an invite to the open house. 

  15. Nope! You don't study those until you know you've got a start date here
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