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  1. Oh ok, thanks so much. I can't believe they want females to wear a tie. I asked my friend and he said it applies to everyone. I've never worn a tie in my life lol
  2. So any advice on where we can get the tie, shirt pants and shoes from?
  3. Is anyone down here?, this wait is giving me anxiety lol
  4. Postal Money Order for $88.25 · Original Social Security Card; · Original Birth Certificate, or a valid non-expired issued U.S. Passport, or Employment Authorization Card, or Naturalization Papers, or a Permanent Resident Card; or Alien Registration Receipt Card; · Valid Motor Vehicle Driver License · If you have any criminal conviction(s), please bring any information that you would like to have considered, including evidence of rehabilitation and good conduct, a certificate of relief from disabilities and/or a certificate of good conduct. That's the email she also sent. For anyone who couldnt make out the voicemail she sent.
  5. Final processing January 2nd. Class I believe she said January 21. Anyone else got called?
  6. Yeah it was my 3rd drug test, because my drug test expired. But they never gave me a start date, just the same 3-90 days wait. But one guy in the front told me that in a month I should start. But I will take that with a grain of salt.
  7. Yeah me too. I hope this isnt an old day thing for the drug test.
  8. Is it packed? I'm on my way there now, of course I overslept So what you doing? The drug test again?
  9. Is it packed? I'm on my way there now, of course I overslept
  10. I read somewhere that your supposed to pay for the finger printing, is that during the final processing? Because she didnt say about bringing money or anything, do u suggest I bring money just in case?
  11. I took that already, i actually did everything, PE, medical both drug test, which is all between the 90 day period.
  12. I'm hoping when I go on Friday its not for a drug test, cuz the lady left a voicemail but she didnt say for what. Just to bring my BC. SS, ID and pen
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