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  1. 4 weeks? No way. Everyone gets the same. No one gets 6-8. Everyone gets 5 weeks.
  2. Wear a suit. And yes. The ishihara test is used. If you’re colorblind ur likely out.
  3. You need to know all the signals & definitions like the engineers & conductors? Then why is it that they test you on half of the amount they test for the others? And give you 3 weeks to study as opposed to 5 weeks for the Engineers & Conductors? Why wouldn’t it be the same tests & study material. Just curious.
  4. oh wow,..a lot less. i thought there had to be a reason they only gave 3 weeks as opposed to the 5 weeks everyone else gets.
  5. How many signals & definitions do they give you? It has to be less than the conductor & engineer I imagine?
  6. Has to be less materials. fingers crossed anyway. the full spectrum is a daunting task in 3 weeks, especially if you work full time.
  7. Training is supposedly a little easier for B/O. You don’t have to qualify for the entire RR. Just specific areas. From what I’m told. But i still don’t get the S&D. 3 weeks as opposed to 5 is a huge difference.
  8. Anyone know why they only give you 3 weeks to study for the S&D as a Block operator as opposed to 5 weeks as an AC?
  9. AC is a job that’s always hiring. BO is a little harder to get into. Less positions avail. That’s why it’s smaller.
  10. Yes just got the email Friday so possibly trying to fill a class. I’ve been through the AC process but not the BO process. Not sure. You’ll find out everything on 1/31. I’m just not sure why they only give u 3 weeks for the S&D? It’s a lot for 3 weeks E
  11. I just got invited to the open house on Jan 25 and if i make it passed that, the overview on Jan 31. I noticed they only give you 3 weeks to study for the S&D whereas the conductors & engineers get 5 weeks. why is that?
  12. I did not, but I did just get invited to an open house for block operator trainee,...fingers crossed once again
  13. I thought you were studying early? I was done with the definitions before I got screwed. lol
  14. excellent news,..how long ago was the 1st chance and what happened that they passed on you in the 1st place?
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