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  1. (this one is really far out there) (Y) B Division - Kingsbridge Rd, Southern Blvd, Cross Bronx/Whitestone Expwys via Whitestone Bridge, Kissena Blvd, Parsons Blvd Runs R143 cars, CBTC ready Based in Van Cortlandt Yard, expanded with second level for B division cards Stations Bronx -231 St (@Broadway) - , Bx1, Bx7, Bx9, Bx10, Bx20 Manhattan -225 St (@ Broadway) - , Bx7, Bx9 [note: positioned slightly north of platforms to allow for turn onto 225 St] Bronx -Bailey-Heath Avs (@Kingsbridge Rd) - Bx9 -University Ave (@Kingsbridge Rd) - Bx3, Bx9, Bx32, potential University Ave Subway -Jerome Ave (@Kingsbridge Rd) - , Bx9, Bx32 [to be eliminated if Jerome El is replaced with University Av Subway] -Grand Concourse (@Kingsbridge Rd) - , , Bx1/2, Bx9, Bx22, Bx28 -Fordham Plaza (@Webster Av/Fordham Rd) - Bx9, Bx12 SBS, Bx15 LTD, Bx17, Bx22, Bx41 SBS, W60, W61, W62, potential Third Ave Subway -Arthur Ave (@Fordham Rd) - Bx9, Bx12 SBS, Bx17, Bx22, W60, W61, W62 -182 St - Bronx Zoo (@Southern Blvd) - Bx9, Bx19 -West Farms Square - Tremont Ave - , , Bx9, Bx21, Bx36, Bx40, Bx42, Q44 SBS -Rosedale Ave (@Cross Bronx Expy) - Bx36, Q44 SBS -Parkchester - , Bx4, Bx4A, Bx36, Bx39, Q44 SBS -Castle Hill Ave (@Cross Bronx Expy) - Bx22, Q44 SBS -Lafayette Ave (@Hutchinson Pkwy) - Q44 SBS, Q50 Queens -20 Ave (@Whitestone Expy) - Q20A, Q50 -Linden Pl (@Whitestone Expy) - Q25, Q50 -Roosevelt Ave (@Main St) - , Flushing Bus Terminal -Franklin Ave (@Kissena Blvd) - Q17, Q25, Q27, Q34 -Holly Ave (@Kissena Blvd) - Q17, Q25, Q27, Q34 -Horace Harding Expy (@Kissena Blvd) - Q17, Q25, Q34, Q88 -Jewel Ave (@Kissena Blvd) - Q25, Q34, Q64 -73 Ave (@Kissena Blvd) - Q25, Q34 -Union Tpke (@Parsons Blvd) - Q25, Q34, Q46 -Jamaica Ave (@Parsons Blvd) - , Q25, Q34, Q43, Q65 -Jamaica Center - Parsons/Archer - , , , Jamaica Bus Terminal, JFK Airtrain[Airtrain Extended]
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    i just joined this and i cant wait to put my voice into the forum! my name's kiran, uh idk what else to put here Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
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