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  1. Thanks. That question was for a friend. My next is how does one go from b/o to supt without dispatching and I’ve heard it is possible. Is it a who you know kinds of thing...or are there several kinds of material I haven’t gotten any info from any supt idk why it seems like a secret
  2. What material can one study to become an ags if never worked for MTA before since this is a resume opening. I’ve heard it’s rare they hire without but not impossible. Any suggestions appreciated this is something of high interest.
  3. I like it better than the shortys. Plus a dollar more.
  4. During our class of 42, half was forced to SI, I was forced to pick Manhattan wishing for a bx depot, so far the commadary within the depot is cool, the lines are fairly easy and knock on wood my commute is free and easy to the depot. So I'm contemplating doing my probation yr here and maybe pic bx come the general pick in dec. let's see.
  5. Two questions. How do you make that MONEY!! I'm hearing the lingo with ot and banking days and what not just wanna be well informed so I know how and #2 any study aids for dispatcher test, I applied because why not. Another option 3 yrs from now any help hit me up please.
  6. Manhattan and Bx? That kinda got me feeling good since I had to pick into Manhattan or either get shipped to Staten Island, hopefully I get to pick the depot I want soon since I got classes coming after me.
  7. for me training was somewhat intense. Everyone is different and so are the instructors. But they do want us to do and be clear of one thing. Safety! Some are easy going while hearing from others in my class very militant. Good luck. Any other questions feel free to ask.
  8. Just started but I'm still gonna put in for that dispatcher exam. Anyone know top pay for dispatch
  9. I pressed my luck with the take home. And got through. Pm me for the info if you like.
  10. Ahhhhh! I passed! Qualified day 7 and Dmv road test today! Let's go! Thank everyone who helped on this board. Much appreciated for the help let's continue to pay it forward for the rest. #showmethemoney
  11. any "job" and trust me on this all they will ever see us as is a #. So you do the same, make your numbers and do it safely don't let anyone break ya stride, do ya hours and make ya bread go home and chill. The job alone is stressful don't stress ya self out on things you'll have very little control over. Good luck.
  12. If anyone is interested in the take home sleep apnea test hit me up. I used one that was official and not costly
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