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  1. That would be irrelevant because the uses the Manhattan Bridge not the montague tunnel.
  2. the R42s seriously need to be retired they are all rusted and scratched up.
  3. Thats only when the is extended to Coney Island to replace service as a part of weekend track work.
  4. how many R32s remain in Service as of now & how many will be remain as spares after the R179 delivery is complete.
  5. Maybe they should do a special farewell service with the R32 on the for about a month.
  6. I hope the gets them. The last thing we need is for ENY to get more R179s since everything there seems to get scratched up or vandalized in one way or another. The newest subway cars deserve better.
  7. How will they able to accommodate that before the R211s arrive?
  8. The will most likely get the 8 car R179s when the R211s displace them from the Then the R179 and R211 will operate on the making the full length at last.
  9. The will most likely get the first of the R211s. Jamaica will definitely get them later on. However, it seems unlikely that the will get R160s if 207/Pitkin is getting R211s and 10 car R179s.
  10. I am not sure if that had been confirmed yet. If thats the case they would have enough to replace some of the R68s also making it more likely that Coney Island will get these cars as well.
  11. It really seems the got the short end of the stick here. They got new 8 car trains instead of 10 cars not to mention the getting 12 8 car trains instead of 5-6 to replace the R42. this wouldn't have happened if they didn't send R32s to ENY.
  12. I dont see the getting R160s again. The along with the will most likely only have 10 car R179s and R211s.
  13. What extra cars?? There are only 535 R211s porposed as of now to replace 750 R46s if anything there aren't enough cars.
  14. Hopefully the is full length when the R211s are delivered. the R211s hopefully displace the 8 car R179s leaving the 10 car R179s and R211s to run on the . Finally the will be able to share their fleet.

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