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  1. That's optamistic considering the first R179s arrived years later than they were first scheduled to.
  2. can it be made clear how many of each model are assigned to each depot?
  3. How many R179 trains are in revenue service and what number are we up to in deliveries?
  4. what numbers of XD60s are FB and MCH expected to get. They seem all over the place?
  5. what exactly is the point is burn in testing for every train?
  6. Agreed. But there has been alot of swapping between the Manhattan depots.
  7. is MV going to get all the lithium ion battery NGs from Quill in return for the 3900 series from MV?
  8. why is MV rushing to retire the 2005s when the other depots haven't even started the retirement process?
  9. They all should have Charlie's announcements. The new announcements sound terrible.
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