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  1. If thats the case, then what was the point of the swap. The R211s will be here soon, which meant Jamaica would be full NTT whether or not the swap occurred.
  2. Perhaps I should rephrase similar statements going forward. That must have not been nearly as bad as what happened with the R179s in January because there wasnt a 2 week period when the R32s were taken out for door inspections resulting from this.
  3. Its 12 mins not 15. But since the is now 100% full length there is more capacity per train. Jamaica could also send more R160s to pitkin for the to free up more R46s for the . The R32s have been doing fine on the . While the old trains may have some issues, they are definately safer than the R179s as they have never decoupled or had their doors open mid route.
  4. Not exactly, the is running its normal weekday schedule because Pitkin has a substantial amount of loans from Jamaica.
  5. Stop quoting me to respond with nonsense gibberish that nobody can understand. Sensible opinions are always welcome but nobody can understand anything you say.
  6. Shocker! Return them immediately, sue bombardier and exercise the option order of R211s to replace these pieces of junk. They will break down again, just wait. I prediced this would happen in February and everybody doubted me, no look. Just goes to show we didnt really need these cars to begin with. Even back in January when Jamaica didnt have all these R160s to offer, the system still managed fine with the R32s and R42s.
  7. There are about 5-6 sets of R68/As that rotate the Broadway line usually 1 is assigned to the while the rest run on the but that can change at any moment. Maybe there are more R46s and R160s on the currently.
  8. They need to be rebuilt ASAP by a manufacturer that isnt Bombardier. Then they will be more reliable but until then there will be constant issues. While it is good they thoroughly inspected the cars, ot everything is foreseeable. More issues are probably to come.
  9. I saw 3888 and 3889 on another consist a few weeks ago but the other cars must have been recently transferred.
  10. 16-20 sets of R160s are currently at Pitkin.
  11. Arent there still 90 R160s at CI? The wider doors would be better for the QBL because of higher ridership. They could always transfer the ex-CI units back at the arrival of the R211.
  12. We were at around Page 370 when the R179s were taken oos. Now were at 384.
  13. Is it 3380 or 3381 that has the R30 end?
  14. That brings you further from uniformity because then you have the R68, R68A, R160 Siemens and R211 all at CI and the R160 Alstom and R211 at Jamaica. If they send any R160s back to CI, it should be enough so they don’t need any other car class.
  15. That could have been because technically the R46s are 8 cars even though the train is 600ft as opposed to 480ft. With the R160s the trains would be 10 cars so the amount of confusion could be less not to mention for the time being the is 100% full length.
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