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  1. DrewMania

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    Yeah i just look as well and that’s interesting how they’re already putting out another exam for both mabstoa and nyct. When they haven’t even started calling from either one. mabstoa i have a list number in 2** so i would know if they reach out for that. What is MTA up to I wonder!
  2. Personally speaking “disclose” everything. Full up the package with everything put everything on the table that way they can’t say you didn’t tell them when they start digging and trust and believe they will dig. As for dates only month and year is what matters. As for locations only general location matters like Brooklyn, NY or Queens, NY you don’t have to put the exact spot or date.
  3. DrewMania

    MTA B/O P/T Exam # 7304 Hiring Process

    Yea the young lady told me the same when i was down at livingston but i told her to wait 6 to 8 months with up and down pay working different shifts without a clear cut guarantee is hard to stomach. Lord knows i wanna work for MTA but to take a pay cut that large can put a lot of stress on someone when it comes to taking care of one’s self. Now if they told me i would know my hours from jump and work those until like say a new bid come around then cool i could get another side job and figure it out from there. But the lady told me I would be on the extra list so day to day or week to week i could be working a completely different shift. OUCH!
  4. DrewMania

    MTA B/O P/T Exam # 7304 Hiring Process

    Reason why i declined was because i learned that the training is full time but the position is part time so that means you would have to leave your current job to do the training then would become a part timer. It’ll hurt me financially to go backwards like that. Plus your going to be on the extra list for a while so finding another job along with this would be challenging.
  5. Your best bet is to always show up early. The earlier you get in the earlier you get out. Most times there’s a line even when you show up at 6:30 for a 7:30 time. But good thing the weather is breaking cause i’ve been out there at times on a line in the dead cold. THE THINGS YOU DO FOR MTA!
  6. That’s a good question i wish i could answer for you but some people just don’t think these thing’s thru clearly. Until it’s to late and they’re stuck!
  7. This is legit pure comedy right now i’ve never seen a MTA exam move so quick. List isn’t even officially establish yet and they calling in damn near a 1000 people. Thank god i took this exam and got a relatively decent score. Seems that the end of this year which is perfect these summer months is a headache. But that fall going into winter PERFECT!
  8. It’s not funny but it’s funny. That most likely the main reason why peoole missing out.
  9. One thing i learned is whenever you get a new job you always let them know of your plans you had prior to being offered the position most cases they’ll work with you. So if anything i say go thru with the process let them know of your trip which was planned before you got the job. They most likely just schedule for the class after you get back.
  10. I believe they’ll reach that. As long as they continue to have classes year around your set by year four!
  11. They get so many calls you wouldn’t believe it. My friend’s wife use to work there and she told me during these times they get upwards to thousand calls a day so i can believe that person just instinctively answer the question without even double checking what exam number you ask about.
  12. Reason i say that if you notice list numbers are high even for people with very low scores so that kind gives you a idea of how the list will unfold. They may even make it to the 70’s.
  13. Their going to fly thru this list. Which is perfect. Hurry and get to my number!
  14. Received my notice as well. 17xx with a score of 91. I also find it wear that a friend of mines got a list number of mid 2xxx and he got a 89. So that leads me to believe that they disqualify a lot of people but how is the question. Think they look at driver records. I believe they had everyone write down they drivers liscense number for this exam.
  15. If you ask me the T/O wasn’t promoted the way the C/R was. I mean i remember seeing it in news papers on the train hearing people speaking about it. Cause you literally needed nothing but to pay and show up to take the exam. I also heard that since MTA took over giving they change up a lot on how they do things compared to how dcas does it.


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