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  1. Make no doubts that this is going to suck big time. People well find a way to complain about the issue regardless of the fact. 20 minutes wait times while they use one trunnel. Not to mention how and the world will they get the damage duct banks aka bench walls with all that dust flying around out of a Enclosed trunnel in time for the morning rush hour which on the L train starts around 5:30am. There goes more delays which in return will have people crying and complaining. I take the L to work everything but I do know this i rather you shut it down get it fix now so I personal don’t have to hear about this ever again then you drag this along until boom one of those rack cables they got on the wall ends up falling on the track. Because of a half bake shyt job.
  2. Honestly it maybe less then a year. 2019 is a big retirement year. The B/O’s in my depot alone is losing around 70 operators. Not to mention the big L train Shut down coming. So a lot of the people off this list don’t be surpirse if it’s faster then you think. Also that last TA exam not a lot of people pass that test so they’re gonna fly i mean fly thru that.
  3. He knew he wouldn’t cut it. They told us that day one “if you feel you can’t do this job get up and leave now don’t waste our time.” And him leaving hell! He just open the door for someone who’s really in need of such a great position. He just became they’re “GOT DAMN HERO”!
  4. 180 livingston is HR so think of it as corporate which it is. Every major holiday they are off. Subways, busses is operational they run completely different. Our schedule don’t have to be recognize as a holiday but most likely corporate position will be! Try tomorrow early.
  5. Never a dumb decision to finish up on the goals you set for yourself! Before starting a new Journey! Do you thing my ninja. MTA ain’t going no where!
  6. Yeah, @Mr NewFlyer is right my instructor was one of the cool ones! He made you feel comfortable to be in the seat. But because of his back ground in the service whenver you put the bus or someone else in harms way the man become different lmao. But after he yell on you he’ll pull you aside and express himself and a more claim way to get his point across. Now Mr newflyer instructor was a piece of work the stories is nothing wait until you see her in action lmao she was something but word has it that none of her students get into any issues after they pass her 7 to 10 day training. Even the one person she didn’t pass on day 7 is more comfortable behind the way today when he drives. Why because he learned you have to block all that out while remaining in control of that bus. What we basically saying is everyone teaching styles is different some come out all reckless from jump others sneak up on you. Some will pull the brake on you and tell you get out the seat your done for today. You have to just have to take what info they preaching or yelling to you and run with it. Trust me you’ll do great!
  7. My advice to be honest is to pull that person aside and tell them at the end of the day you trying to get a job and they trying to belittle you isn’t cool. You have to speak up for yourself. But also grasp that sometimes they trying to show you that a customer can be doing the same yelling at you but you have to remain cool under pressure and drive that bus safely. Don’t ever be afraid to approach that person. Trust after that training a customer could never phase me. I’ll just laugh and say i’ve been thru much worst. First time driving a bus and someone yell at you top of they lungs after hitting that brake on you sending you and your classmates flying lmao. You’ll never be phase by anything on that bus. Lmao.
  8. Yes unless MTA personally told you it was a hiring freeze which i know not to be true because i just received letters from the agency telling me to come in for pre-employment.
  9. My advice is if you still have your notice which you should. You should go back down to 180 livingston and speak with someone face to face. Imform them of the issue and go from there. Which they’ll probably just pull you in. Truth be told you probably would’ve been in training already. Because it’s nothing to go get a Class B with P. I mean hell i know a female who went to the DMV the same day got her permit and came right back to finish her pre-employment. Only thing she’s been studying to get it for a minute. Calling them isn’t always the best solution.
  10. That’s what’s up! Lol i wear glasses to my ninja. I mean they smooth glasses lol but they glasses. As long as you got them on when you go in for your medical your fine. Don’t show up without them because they’ll put you on hold. If you wear contact lenses just bring a pair of your glasses as well so they can see you have options just on case. Other then that you should be fine. Oh watch out for how you answer them sleep apnea questions! Just some advice seen one to many people put on hold for falling asleep in front of the TV. And of course It happens but if you say it happens a lot. They’ll want to know why. You’ll see what i mean when you do the questionnaire down at livingston.
  11. Yeah I pass on day 7 and achieved my CDL on my first trip. My advice to those is to listen to your supt. (instructors) they all teach different some come off different then others. Some can be direct straight to the point where it can seem harsh and others are more patient with you. From day 2 you’ll know what kind of person your dealing with. Just listen and hold on to everything you can. Scan them mirrors. That’s key to passing! They wanna know you seeing and forward planning like they are. If they pull the brake on you don’t feel away find out why take it in and learn from it. It’s a simple program but it can go by fast. So i say learn the person your working with ask questions. Your classmates are a big help as well because if something they do wrong you can learn from they mistakes and use it and visa versa. So communicate become coworkers and help out. Those who talk and cheer each other on all win. My training class we all reach out and help one another with issues we was facing and we all pass day 7 so it can happen work together as well as do your thing. Another thing watch them bikers on day 6 lower manhattan they will and i mean will sneak up on you. Good luck to you all! I’m at Grand Av depot let me know when you come thru i’ll be one of the first to congratulate you!
  12. The CDL training isn’t as hard as some of you may think. I went in with my premit and i had to do everything the new way. It’s literally still fresh in my mind lmao. After you pass your 10 day. MTA will literally let you know everything you need to know on how to pass the CDL road exam they will give you all the tools. From the Pre-Trip to performing the maneuvers to even taking you thru the road course to show you what to look out. So trust me get your CDL premit and go from there. Not to mention it’s cheaper the MTA way. Oh and did i mention your getting paid to basically get your license. So instead of spending thousands to get it your getting paid thousands to obtain it i’m just saying! I like the MTA way better. One more thing you ask me the 10 day training is way harder then the CDL road test. So if you can pass what they put you thru those 7 to 10 days then trust me you’ll pass that road test no sweat!
  13. Yea they are. But word up here. They saying that a lot of T/O’s are going to be retiring while the L train is out of service so they wanna get as many in and trained now before they lose a mass number of operators. Which is perfect but i have a feeling soon as the L shut down they gonna freeze the hiring process for T/O’s for a while. Mainly because they already gotta relocate a large number of L line operators plus the new ones they bringing down. So get in! get in now! Me on the other hand i’ll be making all that overtime from the L shuttles that us B/O’s can’t wait for lmao. It’s gonna be epic everyone up here already talking about 150k plus the first year. Nah won’t see me on the 4th go! Get that job and don’t forget to come back and share your experience with everyone! Good luck!
  14. Tell me about it i’ve always wanted to operate them trains since i can remember but i don’t clear for a another 6 months. I don’t like to play the everything in one basket game i like multiple outcomes to a situation. Accept this now without finishing that probation period is to much of a gamble. I waited years to be apart of the Agency. I’m not trying to lose my spot. Regardless! T/O will forever be there. Besides we basically got 4 long years with this current list. More then enough time to reinstate.
  15. Just received my letter for pre-employement on Dec 4th. My list # 184*. I’m currently a B/O and since i haven’t completed my year of probation yet i’m going to decline the position. Hey one less to worry about lmao. Wanna wish you all the best and hope yall get in before this Big time L train shut down!
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