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  1. DrewMania

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    It would seem 95 and better is the mark. I got a 93 and my list # is 10,xxx which is bananas but hey. That’s why you never put all your eggs in one basket. Good luck to all of those before and after keep faith alive you never know!
  2. DrewMania

    MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

    I hear what you saying but i kind disagree i’ve spoken to a few instructors at transit and they all say they rather new drivers opposed to a driver who’s been driving for a while they claim to many bad habits to break. The only thing i say is go get your CDL first that way you won’t have to stress yourself with basically another test after you make it thru training.
  3. DrewMania

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Boss is fairly simple and straight forward. And if you took the MTA boss before you’ll notice and basically the same exam. just for different departments. I remember it from when I took the MTA bus company boss this was the exact same one.
  4. DrewMania

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    If you ask me I say go for it especially if it’s your day off why not. Always keep other options open. You never know might get called back and say to yourself your tired of your current position rather do something else.
  5. DrewMania

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    nice happy to hear that. @Sb1914 the coming year is looking good. VERY GOOD.
  6. DrewMania

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Just make sure you disclosed that you got into a accident. Don’t hide it cause they will find out.
  7. DrewMania

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Congrats, I almost received mines yesterday. I was over excited to see it. Hopefully after the BOSS it’ll be little to no time before we’re put on. Keep that license clean...
  8. DrewMania

    The Schoolcar Experience

    You the man my ninja. This tread alone has help plenty including myself. And I thank you a million for that.
  9. DrewMania

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    That’s MTA for you. Basically saying get comfortable this could be a while!
  10. I hear what you saying and that’s the truth everybody does have a chance but if we’re speaking honestly and realistically. A lot of people don’t make it who scores in them mid to low 80’s unless they extend the exam. I personally don’t think they’ll extend this exam but that’s my opinion. I’ve spoken to people who work in HR. I myself work at 2 broadway at transit for marking as a customer serivice specialist. And everyone say for your best chances get in them 90’s because so many more people are taking these exams then ever before. That’s the reason I say always apply to other postions just get your feet in the door then you can move around. I’ve applied for 7 MTA exams already.
  11. DrewMania

    MTA Bus F/T B/O Exam # 7300

    Have faith my brother. I’m sure your did good thing time around because you getting another chance at it while it’s still fresh.
  12. Imma be honest a 86 is really pushing it. The lowest i heard a MTA exam going to was the low 80’s and that was mainly because they extended the exam 2 times which they still calling people from that very C/R exam until next year Feb. So i mean you never know as long as you have faith.
  13. DrewMania

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    At least you understand the issue and problems you have work on them and go for it. Make that day 7!
  14. DrewMania

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    To be honest it's kinda hard to determine whether or not the last question was tricky because technically we all had different test. Where as the same question is most likely on the exam but in a completely different order from others. So yeah. But I mean give a example of the question at your own risk.
  15. DrewMania

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    Well just from them numbers alone and since I didn’t receive a notice that tells me I ain’t in that top 2.2k. Hopely a brother in the top 4k at least. Now i’m starting to really wonder when is this list going to go public. A brother could surely use some closure I’m telling you.


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