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  1. Very nice... I bet they're much quieter too... The regular buses have this annoying throttle to them.
  2. Anyway... I went and checked again... and it's the Bx27 as evident by this map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Sound+View+Ave+%26+Randall+Ave,+Bronx,+NY+10473/@40.8164379,-73.8640716,18.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c2f4df64b7d8fd:0x46c2f548c6e5444b!8m2!3d40.817175!4d-73.861716 I'm not sure why there seems to be a bit of hostility here but be as it maybe... Yesterday I received a courteous phone call from the DOT informing me they'd submitted my request to the MTA and that I should call them back at the number that showed up on my caller ID in a few weeks for a status update... I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised they even called let alone the level of professionalism demonstrated by the caller... we're used to our communication with anything government to go into a black hole.
  3. I'm going to check again... I know for example the bust would stop at the first stop to the east... move exactly one short block and stop again.. and move exactly another short block and stop the 3rd time... same bus. But I will check.
  4. From a financial viewpoint... what you gonna do with the buses you currently have? I'm guessing, if the tests are successful, the rollout will be gradual anyway as you have buses that are working fine and you still have to shoulder the cost of the new buses too... This is great news though.
  5. No it's only the Bx27 bus at those stops... I walked to all of them and checked. I can honestly say the stops in question are not heavily utilized whereas the ones to the west definitely are... as you can imagine if there are 3 stops in such a small strip, chances are the middle ones are the least utilized.
  6. I get all of that... the point is the 4 outher stops (2 in each direction) serve the purpose just fine... I don't think you need 3 stops in such a small strip... The stops in the middle have single family homes primarily and don't have much ridership compared to the outer stops which are near the schools and the apartment buildings... the projects have another stop after that on Rosedale Ave.
  7. No one is looking for a fault.. I already stated the bus stop wasn't a deal breaker anyway. But now that I'm there, I sure would like to make the neighborhood better. Here's the location... see for yourselves. The school is on the other side of the stop to the east: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1998+Randall+Ave,+Bronx,+NY+10473/@40.8170055,-73.863938,18.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c2f4d84a01ff7d:0xc55f52d3c99150df!8m2!3d40.8182078!4d-73.8541793 You can zoom in and out to see all the bus stops...
  8. So yes.. I've taken a few steps to make it happen. I contact my local politician's office and they in-turn contacted the MTA. I also took the advice I got from here and contacted the DOT by submitting an online request... Now I understand these things take time so I'm not exactly driving myself crazy over this... With respect to the convenience aspect, I'm aware... I just think walking a few yards in either direction wouldn't hurt anyone... and I think most riders would appreciate one less stop given the very close proximity of each stop... I've been living in NYC since childhood and I don't think I've ever seen bus stops so close to one another unless it's for different buses... this one here is just one bus. No brother I took your advice.. I'm not just complaining... I consider myself an active member of society and I do all I can to make the city I live a better place... heck when I lived in South Bronx a few years ago I can't tell you how many weird looks I got for saying "good morning" to strangers... a few weeks later, it was the norm :flex: lol All please understand I only stumbled on this message board after googling "request to remove bus stop MTA nyc"... I appreciate all the advice I got...
  9. Hi all, I've been extremely busy so I didn't circle back as quickly as I'd wanted to... First, I thank you all for the responses... including the hostile hollier than thou ones that were just stupid and added nothing to the discussion... Here I'll try to shed a light on my plight: Mods, I don't see the point of locking the thread simply because the person haven't come back yet... leave the discussion open. Period. Those who said I shouldn't have bought the house because I should have seen the bus stop... that's just idiotic simply because a bus stop wasn't a deal breaker for me... me noticing the weed bags wasn't when I saw the house for the first time but after the closing. Those who think I should "stop complaining" are just as pathetic as those who likened my plight to those who complain about things they should have seen.. you see I make my neighborhood better... in many ways.... a house and a street and a sidewalk are just that.. it's people who make neighborhoods better or worse. I stated simply there were 3 stops within extremely short distances of one another and asked for help fixing that... there are no hills where i'm at so you can look to your right and see a bus stop a short block away and look to your left and see another stop a short block away... all while standing on the bus stop in front of my house. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback... it was greatly appreciated. And btw Nas didn't lose... he just needed one mic.
  10. Hi all, To make a long story short I just moved in to a new home (not new new but you know what I mean)... And there's a bus stop right in front of my house... The issue is if you were standing at the bus stop and look to your left, there's another bus stop literally 50 yards away... and if you were to look to your right, you'd find a bust stop (all for the same bus) also 50 yards away. I have no idea who thought you should have 3 bus stops in 3 consecutive short blocks. What really erks me about the stop is that people throw their trash on the floor despite my neighbor having a trash can nearby... the trash includes nickel bags too... and to make matters worse, people smoke cigarettes there which exposes my kids to 2nd hand smoke every time we enter or leave our home... and thinking about the noise and air pollution caused by the bus stopping and moving so frequently. I want to request a bus stop removed (really both directions) given the reasons above and given the fact it's not an inconvenience as the other bus stops are very close as is... Heck I'm sure some riders would appreciate one less unnecessary stop. Any idea how I can go about making that happen? I have already contacted my local assemblyman's office and they said they'll contact the MTA... just wondering if there's anything else I need to or should do. Thanks in advance.
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