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  1. By splitting up the Bx15 with the new M125 will force everyone to transfer either to another bus or by taking the Subway. Normally the current Bx15 service is a one seat ride and buses are usually crushloaded by riders from 125 St and along The Bronx.
  2. M100 serves as a relief along 125 St because usually when someone is traveling up along Amsterdam Av, M101 buses are crushloaded and M100 is the relief because it starts at 2 Av and those buses are empty. They should also put some more artics on the M100 to handle the crowd more those who could get on a Crushloaded M101 bus.
  3. At Forest Hills-71 Av, I think during PM Rush Hours they should have some and trains run to 179 St, to relive some of the backed up congestions.
  4. R46 is still the most dominate fleet. 13 trains of R179 and few R32 trains, and 1 train set of R68/R68A Weekday Evenings. Does anyone know how many Train sets of R32 are assigned to the ?
  5. That means Trains will not be able to travel between Manhattan and Queens running in two sections. Some Trains will operate only in Queens and some Trains will Terminate in Manhattan.
  6. And what about the Fulton St Line ? Also does not have a overnight exp service.
  7. I tried to answer a simple question concerning, Overnight Express service and if it should be discontinued? What was wrong that question? Because other Boroughs have Overnight Express service except Brooklyn. And you all could not even give a straight answer all acting foolish.
  8. Or are you Blind as a Bat Too, read some of their comments towards me, they are even more childish and bunch of grumpy old men.
  9. They are also Insulting Me Too and Calling Me Name Don't You See That. And keep laughing at me for no reason.
  10. Oh Shut Up You Pest. Who Ask You For Your Two Cents of a Brain?

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