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  1. What could they do is extend and making local stops between Forest Hills 71 and 179 St, meanwhile operate Express weekdays or Rush hours only. service remain the same and service remain the same.
  2. IRT lines the most important services in the Subway System keep messing up now.
  3. I'm actually glad they're putting artics on more bus routes to handle crowds better.
  4. I don't understand why they keep cutting S78, Hylan Blvd should have more frequent service.
  5. doesn't go through the 4 Av line disaster the Brighton line is so smooth.
  6. And now we have Bx15 Local and Limited service.
  7. Because they said in fall would start the Shuttle service to Times Sq early. It would use the Express tracks. That would make the Local and then I suggested for the Express 34 St and Chambers St.
  8. They could also have the operate Express between 34 St and Chambers St. Then Local between 42 St and 96 St until after 11:30pm and then start making all Local stops.
  9. Right because the focus now is Bronx or Manhattan needs get there artics first before Brooklyn and I'm surprised that B44SBS is the only articulated route in Brooklyn. Meanwhile Manhattan, Bronx and Queens has a lot of artics route.
  10. They should do 4 Express trains instead of 2 during rush hours.
  11. Well of course Bronx would get more articulated routes and Bx35 so far is getting them not Bx11, plus they could interline. Bx28 need artics because it's more demanding then Bx30 and it would be the only route on Gun Hill Rd and until it reaches Co-op City. Also to help the Subway riders.
  12. How does it affect on the Westside and the problem is on the Eastside 42 St-GC ?

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