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  1. So they are making normal bus service similar to SBS what is the point of that?
  2. So just like when they have some other Subway lines sharing tracks on Weekends what is the difference? Plus the could make Express stops below 34 St.
  3. How would you know what MTA would could do you don't work for them?
  4. Yes they could handle riders that's why they don't need a Part Time Supplement line when they could have Full Time Lines.
  5. I know you are from another planet my bad. Plus are not phasing out SBS so why would they do that for.
  6. I know you are from another planet my bad.
  7. So why they are planning to it similar to SBS?
  8. The Bx19 is getting changes. They are removing redundant stops. The features that would help improve performance for the Bx19 are: -Bus lanes on 149th Stthroughout and Southern Blvdparticularly around East 163rd and Westchester Avenue. -All door boarding -Off board payment -OMNY (off board tap for mostand inside tap for people running in last minute) -Traffic signal priority. The route is already prettystraight. Some of the things you mention are already in the works. Instead of complaining, take the time to read the Better Buses Action Plan. It describes in detail a number of corridors that are being worked on by the DOT and the City, and include things like bus lanes, Transit Signal Priority and so on. OMNY should be on all buses Citywide by sometime in 2020. Until then people will have to be patient and wait. What is concerning isn't what they're doing, but rather what isn't being done, and how long some of these things have been in the works. https://www1.nyc.gov/html/brt/downloads/pdf/better-buses-action-plan-2019.pdf Why are they doing it like SBS?
  9. They have already been cutting service from Brooklyn so what is the difference.
  10. That means Bx19 will become SBS awesome.
  11. If there was a problem the services then why are they still currently doing it? Mister Genius.
  12. If there was a problem the services then why are they still currently doing it?

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