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  1. They always screw up the Brooklyn Division meanwhile Manhattan, Bronx and Queens always fully stocked.
  2. That's Spring Creek Depot issues something they need work on.
  3. They have run to 2 Av on Weekends or to Prospect Park and relay on middle track.
  4. Yes mta first said they would put with full length trains to helped riders. Then they realized full length is not really needed because riders prefer to the instead.
  5. Riders from could transfer to lines other than . Also NTT's are faster than older cars you all are too dumb to see that.
  6. First of all the reason is still using small length trains because long length not needed riders need more . You smart ass.
  7. doesn't really need to be full length that's what the is for.
  8. I also think the line crew prefer to operate R46 more than R32, and uses R32 and R179 which is more than enough. And uses R46, R68/68A, R179.
  9. R46 are always more dominant on the signature fleet, just like R46 are more dominant on than R160s.
  10. B36 doesn't need to serve Kings Plaza because it connects with B3 at Avenue U. Riders from Kings Plaza that needs the Brighton Line or service could take B3 to Avenue U Subway Stop or B2 to Kings Hwy or B9 to Avenue M.
  11. It should be easier to find now.
  12. I'm mean my first time seeing a R68A on .

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