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  1. They should also reopen Amsterdam Depot.
  2. NTTs are faster than the older Subway cars in terms of racing and leaving the station at the same time. Then NTTs would start to move more quickly to the next station.
  3. Most of the daily riders already know the trains they take everyday even if the signs are messed up. As long as the trains are moving and taking them to their destinations is what they care most about.
  4. Yeah they are going to do whatever they want on line. They probably really don't want to use R46 on and to keep them on . Just like the probably really don't want to use R32.
  5. They probably want to be more uniformed and want more of the R46 on for LCD signs at Ditmars Blvd, and for LCD and because most R68/R68A cars does not have 96 St destination rollsigns the same reason how they are using more R160 on for LED signs. They also are probably trying to keep R68/R68A on 100% similar to using 100% R68, and some train cars are also stored in Concourse Yard in the with . Just like how some are also stored in Coney Island Yard with . They are trying to be uniformed.
  6. Does the have any R46 cars running today? Are there any R32 cars running on ?
  7. Crazy how all of these train cars are swapping all over the place around the same time.
  8. will mainly use R46 and R179 for normal service and then use R32 for Rush Hours or some Off Peak runs if they need to use some. Also glad they are putting some R46 back on some full length trains and used with R179.
  9. Just like / / . Circle is Local and Diamond is Express usually during AM and PM Rush Hours.
  10. The remaining cars of R32 eventually need to be gone from passenger service. 2020 should be their final year just like the current R42. They are long overdue and all were suppose to be have been gone around the same year and time, when they retired the other Subway Cars Redbirds/R32/R38/R40s/R42 and then they retired The Subway R44 because they were in bad conditions. After when they finally retire the rest of R32 and currently R42, The B-Division will have in service R46/R68 & R68A/R143/R160/R179. The A-Division currently has R62 & R62A/R142 & R142A & R188.
  11. That means we are on the same Train. Right now at Far Rockaway station.
  12. I am currently now on the R42 and I will enjoy the ride and with other riders. This is a Special Day.
  13. I could to live right in Brooklyn and not far too from Line.
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