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  1. Sorry I meant the cdl permit. Did you go in with just the cdl permit or the license ?
  2. Congrats. Did you go in with a permit or the full license ?
  3. So the points coming off your license in a year and a half means nothing? You have to wait until it's completely off of your abstract ?
  4. Damn Hopefully this test is still active
  5. So I would just have to wait for the 18 months and I should be fine ? Or would I have to wait for the 3 year mark in order to get appointed?
  6. I thought it only took 18 months for points to be removed
  7. Does it have to be 3 years since the ticket or just up until the points come off ?
  8. My application is pending because I don't have a cdl permit. How long can my application stay pending before I'm disqualified?
  9. How long can I stay on the list before they drop me ?
  10. Yes but not everyone was there for the same thing
  11. Just sat and waited have some stuff pending and was told to call and reschedule after it's cleared up
  12. I have a pending traffic ticket and my hearing is scheduled for august. How long can I stay on the list before I'm removed ?
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