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  1. Don’t listen to that person I was in the same situation and I’m now a operator. The ticket will show on your abstract but MTa themselves don’t count it if it’s 3 years or more from the date you received the ticket not the date you were convicted. So you will be good Jan 2019.
  2. Yea most of the time they do unless you do something over the top
  3. Nothing you jus have to let them know if you eventually get convicted. That’s all.
  4. Ok so whenever it’s 3 years from the day you received the ticket. They won’t count it. I think you can’t have more than 4 points. The day you were convicted doesn’t matter
  5. They count tickets up until 3 years from the day you were issued the ticket so you either have to wait til Jan 2020 for the first ticket to not be counted. Or fight this second ticket but when you schedule a court date it probably won’t be until a year from now anyway.
  6. First day you jus sit in a room and fill out paperwork then at the end they tell you which depot your gonna go to for your 7-10 day training. It’s gonna be a lot to take in because they give u only 7-10 days but just pass and even when u first start it’s gonna seem crazy but you will get it and then it’ll become easy.
  7. You can find parking in the area. It's not easy but u can find parking on the side blocks.
  8. lol y'all must have a new set of superintendents because I never heard of those people
  9. Lol dam. How many ppl was I this class? We had 51 so there was 4 ppl on each bus
  10. @Tdolcy how's it going did u qualify

  11. Yes I was there today @mtawife. Did you take your drug test?
  12. Hi @mtawife. I called today to go back in because my points cleared and the manager said they not hiring. She said call back in 2 months. What did they tell you?
  13. I have to wait til June 24 to continue because that's when my 5 points clear. So how do you get off hold?
  14. What are you up to in the process now @mtawife?
  15. My brother list number is 7225 and he got the letter but they offering him part time bus operator for mta bus not Mabstoa
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