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  1. what is going on with the list for station agent 6600 I took the test in2015 and have not received anything who can I contact about this
  2. hi everyone yes it was a busy week and overwhelming i got the A division which i wanted yay, okay so now it gets real i would like to say congratulations to everyone and wishing the best. hey who is in class CR A42 on the forum i have not met anyone from this forum;
  3. congratulations see you monday and that was fast when did you get your email i missed that post
  4. oh thanks wish i had of checked kmart went to amazon and ordered the dickies short sleeve only had grey in my size so i got two thinking about returning one and get the light blue from kmart thanks tdevon2012
  5. oh wow i ordered the same one but the 18 inch
  6. tedevon2012 what kind of bag are you going to use i seen somewhere on the forum conductors were using this bag called oxa you can order on amazon 39.99 but after being told no book bags i don't know what to do.
  7. right the letter said no backpacks or bags on wheels also i was told the rule book they give you is to stay at home,so iam just going to follow the instructions i was given until i am told different, i hear we will receive a few more books a mask and we have to carry it everyday
  8. right what is really going on with the list
  9. however you should be fine you are really close make sure you are checking your email at least three times a day and check your spam folder and every other folder that an email could possibly end up in also go to you doctor and do a complete check up for example urine test for protein cholesterol and your sugar if you need glasses get them or any hearing aids don't wait to find out there because you will be put on medical hold also do a ekg all of the test can be done in one visit.
  10. do you know they are offering people on the 8094 list the cleaner position. when i was in for final processing there was people there for the cleaner position i spoke with some one ther list number was in the 12xx's they told me they were told that 8094 was expiring soon maybe one more class. i guess they have exhausted the list and are offering the cleaner position
  11. well they just went over the 21 page packet which no longer was 21 pages say maybe like 50 it was so much paper work most due to my employment,i needed extra paper and plus all the paper work for every time i went to pre employment,they give you more paper work to fill out for your pension,finger prints,beneficiary so no there is no time or the energy for the formal job interview
  12. no i did medical and final processing today i qualified but let me tell you it was a very long day i did not get sworn in until 4pm and i ll have to go back to take photo for my pass ,it was to late.
  13. I start on june 19th just looking for the big and tall dickies I guess with a couple of light blue shirts to hold me over until I get measured
  14. where is the best place to purchase big and tall uniform for school car
  15. can anyone tell me the best place to shop for the uniform i need big and tall size i need the best so i can manage until i receive my mta provided uniform thank you in advance
  16. good luck just make sure you do it before they start to call more people for medical or you will have to restore your name again
  17. FINALLY FINALLY Received my email for final processing i have to report friday 7:30 am iam so happy after 9 months and four drug test i am there wow is all i can say looking forward to my future
  18. did drug test yesterday hoping to get a phone call or e mail by next week for final processing i did hear that the training could be june 12th or the 19th has anyone heard anything
  19. sorry kinda new to the forum posting that is just started, thanks for the info iam 6ft tall so this kinda lets me relax a bit
  20. thank you Tee1985 iam 6ft tall so hearing that makes me relax somewhat good luck your next
  21. oh yea if not this go around the next one just be patient you are really close i just got close in february if they did not extend the list again i would not have made it i guess this position is for me

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