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  1. Like the 44, the 46 got a pneumatic brake system that was not tested before; they switched the controller to the Cineston controller which let motormen use their wrench by the side of the controller box, and the brake system was updated to the NYAB NewTran SMEE braking system. As far as the blue stripe goes, it was prone to getting hit by graffiti during the worst years of the corporate era, so they removed it completely during the General Overhaul Program.
  2. Yes, they still send out a 68 from the train to the train for service to Far Rockaway on the weekdays. It is just one 68 that terminates upstairs as a train at Harlem 145 Street and goes to 207 Street to get laid up for evening service from 207 Street - Washington Heights to Mott Avenue.
  3. Anything that is 75 feet from the Grand Concourse are in four car sets which equal to eight cars overall. It is very likely that the train is going to get R179 sets from the train, in addition to the 46 and 68 that are definitely going in service for this coming general order.
  4. They are there to make sure that you are doing what you are supposed to.
  5. Yes sir; they only managed to have the train have a stopover at Howard Beach for JFK as well as the train at Sutphin on Archer for the Long Island and the Airtrain.
  6. Do you remember when the failure within the mainline IRT occurred? What was the source of the Automatic Train Supervision failure on the mainline IRT?
  7. That is above 109th Street; yet you are right in saying that it ain't true.
  8. The local buses make all stops, while the LIMITED buses make stops at busy intersections and heavily used stops. You might be talking about the way that the LIMITED runs near the ends as they are local near the ends of their routes, given how locals make stops within the LIMITED path. To be honest though, the LIMITED was designed to save time over the local. But with the traffic changes over the years, the LIMITED runs like it was the local. Some of the LIMITED routes run all day (M2, 101) or even six days a week (Bx1 since September 2010) (their local counterparts do not run at those times), they can run in both directions during rush hours (Bx36), they can run peak direction service in both directions (M1, M4 - this was the original interpretation of it), they can run weekdays (M5), they can run in one direction (B49 from Franklin Avenue/Fulton Street), they can run in between the locals (like the Bx12 and the M15 did prior to their conversion), and they can have different numbers to differentiate between the local and LIMITED (Staten Island is a perfect example of this; where you got a 53 you switch it to a 93).
  9. It's likely they would go for the 62 chime instead, based on the mockups that were done from when they were advertising the features at 34 Street - Hudson Yards.
  10. What are you saying? The 262 is meant for the train, the train, the local and the 42 Street . It is the R142 from Wakefield and East 180 Street that is going to go to the train, and the train is going to run a mixed 142 and 142A fleet coming from Mosholu. In fact, I believe the train is going to get a piece of the 262 as well to replace its mixed 142 and 142A.
  11. Turns out that the IRT is an afterthought when it comes to things like this; it began with the IND/BMT over the fall before coming to the IRT in the winter.
  12. I really do not know; bet they gave up even trying to institute it particularly for the homeless. They likely know it is going to be temporary; same reason why they only marked the conductor/motorman position further by telling passengers to stand clear of them, even when on the IRT - they mostly gave it red conductor tapes to indicate the ends.
  13. Make that the SIM3, 3C, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 33C, the express bus system in SI was redesigned under Byford's watch. As far as the wait goes, its normally about half an hour for the express bus - so they operate on a timetable that they are supposed to follow.
  14. Is there expected to be elevated and open cut subway service as a result of another snowstorm happening tomorrow?

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