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  1. The intercom system from the old tech is an eyesore. There were earlier two tests on two better intercom systems for the train when it had the additional improvements, one of which included two new intercom systems that were different from the one installed for the . Nevertheless, for the awkward two-step intercom system on the new tech, I am almost certain that most of the conductors press the main intercom button (that is, the PA), and do their announcements without even activating the button for the microphone. Perhaps they believe that the two-step intercom system on the new tech is almost like the older intercom system, but it is not like that - like what I saw when I was waiting at 34th Street for the train. There was a third train that came and I saw how the conductor made his announcements via the intercom. This means that the new tech intercoms work, but they are either prone to fail or the conductors do not know that the new tech intercoms have an additional step before making announcements.
  2. It is very sad that neither the nor the know how to get their affairs in place when making sure to be on time with major reconstruction work. On a lighter note, this is the 100th post that I have made on this forum.
  3. What I meant to say was that terminals like Whitehall don't use the Spanish solution the way Main Street - Flushing uses it or even 180 and 145.
  4. Conductors do not often know which train leaves first. You would have heard from the train conductor that the train across the platform was going to depart first. But if you did not hear it, it would have been the result of a faulty intercom system that exists on the older tech.
  5. The train had been sent to the local track for months from 59th Street to 36th Street, due to structural repair work on the express tracks south of 36th Street. Your train that left 36th Street only followed the train since it had to switch back to the express track in front of the train, even when the train was across the platform. The interlocking north of there is very slow, to say the least. This really had to do with the former purpose of the side platforms. When first built, the island platform was meant for only boarding passengers for trains departing from the last stop, while the side platforms were meant for only departing passengers for trains that arrived at the last stop. This type of Spanish solution became redundant when the R type cars began to proliferate the IRT, especially with the R15 and R17 (which by that point had the conductor controls in the cabs). Today, there are only a few terminals that use the Spanish solution. One terminal, Main Street - Flushing, uses the Spanish solution at all times on the Middle track. The others (like East 180th Street and Harlem 145th Street) only use it during certain periods of the day. There are terminals like Burnside, Whitehall Street - South Ferry, Bedford Park, Astoria Boulevard - Hoyt Avenue, Gun Hill on White Plains, 149th Street (upper level), Broadway - Eastern Parkway and Broadway Junction that could use the Spanish solution, but they just don't use it. The one for 149th is a special case being that the crossovers are north of the stop, while the others more or less have to do with the difficulty of opening both sides at those stops.
  6. The new South Ferry terminal was projected to berth about 24 trains there.
  7. Is the OMNY tap and go card also projected to spread to the Westchester Bee Line as well to replace the MetroCard there?
  8. I first spotted it while I was on an XD40 on the 36 this morning. I wonder if this is a temporary move (that it would go back to Kingsbridge).
  9. Any pictures that show the new sign on the 142 and 160?
  10. For one thing, I can get why there were passengers who got away from you. As far as I am concerned, that other passenger should have just left you alone because you coughed. The fact that he chased and injured you is not the right thing to do. What he should have done to care is to just not think of harming you because you don't know any better. It's good that you called your mom and told her about that, but I doubt that Far Rockaway is not safe, despite the stop being far from a precinct. If anything, the cops over at Mott should have done their job to protect you from a passenger like that since their job is to stop crime from occurring. It doesn't make me happy that this happened to you and I am sorry about that.
  11. Its the clanking noise from the tracks as they have not been retrofitted with Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) within the Steinway Tube. This sound is made with the train's trucks.
  12. I figure that exists in some form already on the cars, particularly on the New Tech.
  13. The damage is not so bad; that one is going to come back soon enough.
  14. I disagree with this @B35 via Church. The 40/42 needs to remain at River Park Towers. What I imagine would happen is the 36 Local stays in the Bronx by terminating at Grant-174 and the 36 Select+ would cross the Washington Bridge to Washington Heights at its Manhattan end. The Bronx end would be at Grant Circle for the 36 Local, thereby having the 36 Select+ go to Olmstead/Seward Avenues after stopping at the Circle. This is what I think a redesigned 36 west of Webster would be like: The 36 would stay on University Avenue before turning right to Burnside Avenue and Valentine Avenue, where it can then backtrack left on 177th (that is, Tremont) and run its regular route via Webster and 180th Streets (going to Grant Circle and Olmstead/Seward). At 178th Street, instead of turning left to Valentine to run via Tremont (as it does now), the 36 would be rerouted right via Valentine to run via Burnside and University Avenue (going to Grant-174 and Washington Heights) *the existing 40/42 stop at 178th would be relocated north to the Twin Park Houses. This route change west of Webster would ensure that the 40/42 becomes a 177th Street-Tremont route, terminating at River Park Towers. Does anyone have anything to comment on this? At the moment, the existing 36 route east of Webster should be as is.

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