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  1. Yes, that was my point with this, @B35 via Church.
  2. The 38 began from the 28, serving the last two sections (4 and 5). The only main difference is serving 206, not 192.
  3. The 10 does exist; what I meant to say was that the 1, 2, and 10 would be overwhelmed around Mosholu if this were to go through.
  4. I did say there was going to be a part two with this one, so here it is. Anything that I put in Blue Gray are my own suggestions. What doesn't work in the Bronx Redesign Plan (and what I question their necessity of) Every route to Co Op City - Earhart Lane/Erskine Place serving Pelham Bay Park and not serving it (i.e. the 26/28/30/50): Whoever decided to come up with more cuts in Co Op City service needs to get their head examined. I have a fellow friend that I rode with on the 26 some time back, and she was heading home to her place on the Hutch nearby PS 160. If the 26 was cut, she'd have to get on the 23 that would serve that area and then transfer to the 26 towards Lehman. Perhaps she wouldn't go to Lehman, but she is a Co Op City resident. Besides, I went to school in 153, and I think that by cutting off the lines that would touch the 23, it would overwhelm that bus. Co Op City as a whole would be in one way or another an area where the most severe cuts has ever taken place anywhere. The two split 15 buses: Having the 55 come back as a LIMITED stopping at all the Third Avenue stops would work best over calling the other 15 the 125. The 16's Mundy Lane portion: That one is more or less unnecessary for the 16 to go via Pitman, Mundy Lane and 238th (i.e. Nereid). I think it is quite dangerous for it to run through a narrow lane. Having it run straight up Baychester into 238th is better. The 19 to Riverbank State Park and Bronx Park: I'm really thinking this should have been split at the Hub over the 15, given how many times it has been slowed down in front of traffic lights so many times. Giving the 23 more intervals to run in place of reduced Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit service: This was not really thought out in the most constructive way possible, given how there is a potential for bunching to occur. The 28 section via Mosholu and Paul Avenues being cut: I'm not sure what is going on with the planners, but that section serves the Tracy Towers, Bronx Science and Dewitt Clinton. Having this cut would overwhelm the 1 and 2 that would be the only routes serving there, meaning that it would just serve Lehman - following the 26. The 29 cut from Bay Plaza: This would become a disaster because it is heavily used north of Pelham Bay Park. 30 service to Norwood being cut: It may be true that the Bainbridge section is rather notorious for duplication, as there is the 16 and 38 also terminating there. Because it mainly signifies Boston Road service, it's necessary for it to continue connecting it over there. Having the route run completely via Boston Road to Pelham Parkway may help make the 60/61/62 have pickup only to White Plains and New Rochelle as well as drop off only from there via Boston. But having it become straightened out would provide more problems than it's worth. 32 having twenty stops cut out from the route: At the very least, the 144th on Morris towards Bronx Veterans as well as the 171st on Morris stop (both towards Mott Haven and Bronx Veterans, given how the main entrance to Taft each weekday morning is always through 171st) should still exist as I'm not certain a wholesale stop cut of that amount is necessary. That's one thing I question. 36 having eighteen stops cut from the uncut areas: I just question why that has to happen. Like the 32, the 36 is planned to be a Select+ route, given its status as a Bus Priority Study Corridor. Keeping the Morris on Tremont stop would be important given how there are kids going to head start as well as MS 117 on 176th Street. 38 cut of ALL service: There had been a plan for some time to have the 28 become a Select+ route, given how there had been a myriad of articulated coach buses over there. In the meantime, the 28 should be a LIMITED before any talk about cutting the 38 occurs. 46 to Hunts Point and Prospect: The 46 should have been absorbed with another Coliseum (i.e. West Farms) Line running near there. Perhaps the 27 would have been better for this. 4 express service cut from the Grand Concourse and peak extension to Wakefield: The Grand Concourse section is more or less dependent on it, due to only two ADA stops at 161st and Kingsbridge (with a third due for Bedford Park). Rerouting it to the Deegan at 233rd would somehow help, but it would create more trouble because the lifeline that was there at the time I was growing up would be no more, in addition to cutting the 4 from Katonah. 5 express service via Bronxwood to 233rd Street: I'm quite certain they want to stop running the 11 via White Plains Road. Calling it the 5 would bring it under Liberty Lines Express, but I'm not sure how this would help. 17 express service via Queens: I question this necessity because it was just not studied enough as a route that should leave the drawing board. 18 express service via Hudson Yards: This would be a bummer since it wouldn't really stop at Hudson Yards itself, while cutting out the stop for the World Financial Center.
  5. Perhaps that was what I meant to say, that the 11 could use more ridership from East 177.
  6. God, that's really painful. My sympathies and condolences go out to you man.
  7. I got on 8634, in service on the 16 to Pelham Manor. 8636 was in service on the 16 to Norwood this past Friday.
  8. The Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority hasn't operated a circulator of that level before; the only line that was close to this was with the QBx1 which mainly ran a circulator service between Pelham Bay Park and each part of Co Op City under Queens Surface, present day College Point. The only time it ran to Main Street was during off peak, but even with that - there was a variation of which section it would serve during that time. They had the intermittent service to/from Flushing via Bellamy. It later became quite confusing with time despite the original circulator directly serving each section of Co Op City, which is how it was split into the 23 as the loop service and the 50 as the main service to Main Street - both from New York Bus Service, present day Eastchester. I question the fact that they wish to make the 23 do more work with more intervals and cut the 50 out of Co Op City entirely, because I know it'd only hurt Co Op City more. It's true I didn't give a reason as to how that would supposedly work as well as the fact that I'm unsure as to how it would be profitable. You got me on those points @B35 via Church. My reasoning behind saying that it was going to be a test was in regards to the 46 not being proposed for major changes. Its more or less a line that has a wasted potential, meaning it could do more.
  9. In regards to the riderbase question, I was talking about how the 11 would replace the 36 right along 174 into Hugh Grant Circle. In this proposal, the 11 would likely be marked as Hugh Grant Circle - East 177th Street/Parkchester via 170/174 Streets.
  10. I don't believe I gave any input to what the changes are in this forum space, although I did this online and gave some of my ideas as to what I think should happen. There are some reroutes in this plan that work, and some that don't work. There are also some that I question their necessity or saw a missed opportunity. Note that this is part one, the next part is going to be on what doesn't work, what I question their necessity, and potential opportunities that were missed. What works in the Bronx local plan: The 8 to Country Club - Dean/Layton Avenues, and the 24 extension to Locust Point - Tierney Place/Longstreet Avenue: I think this would be great for Country Club and Locust Point because at the very least, Locust Point would still have a bus available to them. The 8 could benefit from a significant shortage of service in the sense that there would not be any reliability issues on the Country Club end, as there is in the current Locust Point end. Perhaps that would cut out the ever growing short turns that exist on the 8 that sends it to Westchester Square. I'm certain that this 24 extension would not cause trouble, similar to the 8 when it served Stadium Avenue (and marked as via Pelham Bay Park in the process). The 6 Select+ to Turnbull/Pugsley Avenues via Story: I had sensed this one coming since I never understood why the 5 has to terminate there at all. Hopefully they would just cut out the 5 short turn and send all weekday runs over to Simpson Street (i.e. West Farms Road/Southern Boulevard). The 11 to Hugh Grant Circle - East 177th Street/Parkchester: The 11 had been long overdue for a new ridership base. This would help to appease 36 riders that would depend on service along 174 Street. Another improvement that I would propose is to make the 11 run overnight with one to three buses running from 1 to 6AM, similar to what's currently done with the 36 overnight. The 18 as the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority's first true Circulator via Morris Heights and Highbridge: While this route is dispatched from Tenth Avenue (i.e. Kingsbridge) considering that home is under the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, this could be a test to see whether a circulator service would become profitable in the long run. The 36 and 40 swapping sections of 177th Street (i.e. Tremont Avenue): I had wanted the 40 to be the 177th Street-Tremont route, but this seems to be better for the 36, as it would just focus on running almost entirely via Tremont and the 40 could take over the 180 Street portion for a better connection to East 180th Street on the #2/5. The 4A to Simpson Street via Metropolitan Oval: This would help eliminate a duplicate of a route that has operated in hand with the 4 since the 14 was cut. Additionally, another improvement I would propose is to call the route the 4M (with the M signifying its operation via Metropolitan Oval). The 35 covering a portion of the 11's route via Jennings Street: Perhaps this could help maintain service in the section that is going to be cut from the 11.
  11. Has there ever been a route before that served Soundview/Pugsley Avenues prior to the Bx27 and 39? I tried to look through the History information behind each Bronx route near or east of East 177th - Parkchester, but I seem to be quite stumped.
  12. I would say that the Independent Railroad was a futuristic rapid transit railroad. They set up their stations to be able to accommodate elevator installations. The Interborough Rapid Transit and the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit did not think about elevators until later.
  13. I commend Flushing for doing just that. Dyre and Bronx Park thru local conductors are poor in doing that. Van Cortlandt keeps its doors open during peak hours.
  14. Most, if not all terminals, have a bumper block in place designed to indicate where the train has to stop. The Port Authority Trans Hudson may be an exception, due to the presence of relay tracks in all but two terminals, which are 33rd Street and Hoboken. There are a few NYC terminals that do not have the requirement for lifting up the Master Controller lever or the power lever prior to reversing, and those terminals are inside the Interborough Rapid Transit. The Brooklyn Bridge, Bowling Green and South Ferry loop stations are perhaps the only three terminals that can pass the air. Stillwell is unique in its own.
  15. Bus #304 has the Via-Nova screen even though it was not on; I got it on the 31 going back to Katonah.

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