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  1. It was my mistake that I doubted you regarding this. I looked at this differently from you.
  2. I discovered that the question regarding stops that can only be entered in a single direction is a bug. Aqueduct Racetrack has a single platform and 145th Street on Lenox has two.
  3. Here is how this all makes sense: The train got the later 179 cars in four car sets, specifically numbered 3150 to 3237. Within that group, it was determined there was a ton of issues with the doors on two trains of that group. The train, on the other hand, has the earlier group numbered 3050 to 3149; these had more intense tests on them prior to entering service. The train has long had issues with its five car sets; the pilot had to be sent back to Bombardier for additional modifications that were necessary before going back to Transit to be tested again. This factored into how the ones for the BMT East entered first before the ones for the IND north.
  4. That's unlikely to happen; they were already done with for the most part. If anything, we would likely be going back to how in the final years of the corporate era, they decided to retire the 30, which caused a fleet shortage at the time. This scenario would happen with the remaining 32 as well, although I hope that there would be pairs placed in reserve if the 179 decided to pull an I Robot.
  5. I ran into you without even realizing it @Coney Island Av. As for @LaGuardia Link N Tra and @Union Tpke, I don't know if I even met you on that excursion run to Euclid. But I definitely rode with @Dj Hammers in the conductor pair from Washington Heights - 168th Street to Inwood - 207th Street and back to East New York - Euclid Avenue as the 2:01 out of Inwood - 207th Street. Thank the gods that he announced them according to how it was signed and in three cases (for B'way Junction, Canal Street and Chambers Street) how it was identified initially. I knew that as the 179 A train numbered 3318 to 3327 was coming to 207 on the east track, there were gonna be hooligans making shenanigans of those lemons, and it actually happened - yet I was not surprised. I saw that the folk from Transit Tech could be very troublesome, as well as jerks and killjoys. I just wanted to comment on how you said there were foamers that just went nuts over what transpired. However, this was definitely a ride for Transit History, and I loved the moment when, at Euclid, a motorman from the corporate era told Hammers about how 4572 to 4573 was identified as the pair that rain in The French Connection. His explanation was that he drove that pair. As for Hammers, he was a cool guy and I loved riding with him. Due to the noise that was made, it was sometimes difficult to hear what he was saying over the main intercom when he was detailing the history surrounding the 42. Nevertheless, I consider it a joy to have taken part in that farewell run, one that I would always remember.
  6. I imagine the explanation with that has to do with later orders. Now, 3350 to 3499 initially had the horns outside because it is possible that the horn was tugged on using a cord, as was done with previous orders and it did not have to do with any flaw regarding the horn design. But 3500 to 3949 did not have them out in the open because they somehow either became test pairs for having buttons to press the horn, or it was done to protect the horn from failing outside. Perhaps the horns were also outside from 3500 to 3949 before the General Overhaul Program, but they may have had them enclosed inside the bulkhead out of fleet standardization with the other fleets around them at the time of its eventual overhaul. The one order that I think made this standard possible was with the R40 since it played by a different design standard that was only introduced before it came to the R62 for the Interborough Rapid Transit. Many of the horns along the IRT prior to the 62 were known for being outside.
  7. Those were the Bronx bound express tracks.
  8. I would like a R62A sign Express Pelham Bay Park, Bronx Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan
  9. Can I get a FIND map that says: Mosholu-Lex Av Express Crown Hts-Utica Av Eastern Pkwy Express Next Stop: Mosholu Parkway Bedford Pk Blvd-Lehman College Local Burnside Av - NYU Local 149 St - Grand Concourse 125 St - Lexington Av ♿ M60 SBS to LGA Metro North 86 St M86 SBS 59 St - Lexington Av 42 St - Grand Central ♿ Metro North 14 St - Union Square M14 SBS Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall ♿ Further Stops: Fulton Center ♿ PATH Wall Street - Federal Hall Bowling Green ♿ Staten Island Ferry Borough Hall Nevins Street Last Stop: Crown Hts - Utica Av ♿ B46 SBS
  10. No. The last time I saw Burnside, I didn't see any indication that bases were installed there. I don't even think 183rd Street has it either.
  11. From my observation riding the train in the morning peak, there are no bottlenecks north of East 180th Street in the morning peak, as the and trains do not merge on each other from the Bronx. The point where it starts to get blocked are at Jackson Avenue and 138th Street due to the fact that the Bronx Park at that point becomes two tracks. Entering the direct junction immediately south of 149th Street has not been a problem, but getting to the Mosholu Junction has been. One early morning, when I got on an early train out of 238th Street that runs as the Bronx Park thru Express, there was not a train in the way at 138th Street; there have only been a few times where I have gotten them from 238th Street since I believe that those out of Dyre (the ones I've taken at more frequent levels being that its the main branch) have been rather problematic further south with merging. The midday train is quite interesting; the junction issue at 138th Street is not as bad and the Jackson Avenue portion seems to run very well when both are local, but the 180th Street junction has an issue since it becomes local from Eastchester Dyre only. I don't really like to take it that often, as I have taken the Express out of Pelham Bay Park without much trouble with merging, even with the train when running local. The last one I took early in the morning hauled through two different crossovers at about twenty two miles per hour where it would normally run slowly at about fifteen (a direct one to the local being that it departed from the east track and the local to express one just before East 177th Street). It felt like I was riding on the train when it came to those two switches. The Local as well as the Grand Concourse Express are better at timing since there is deinterlining at play there.
  12. How are Burnside and 183 not included with the base installations?
  13. On the Clever Devices front (Version 3), I saw 683 on the 32 use sentence case when it came to the stops, as opposed to all caps. Perhaps that is the only XN40 to have that, or there may be more that I have not found that were retrofitted as such.
  14. Neither does 149th, they have to do a makeshift crew quarter there, unlike East 177th for the Local, where there is a crew quarter.
  15. I noticed that the last time they turned the train at Burnside Avenue during a General Order, the crew was kept until Utica. Beginning with the train to Burnside, they decided to change the crew at 149th Street instead of Burnside (where I would imagine they would have begun to do so). I'm not even sure why the crew cannot simply be changed at Burnside Avenue whenever that General Order is done. The same thing began with the train this past weekend. I'm starting to wonder whether the crew was meant to go to 149th Street, because I'm not certain as to why the crew cannot simply be changed at Burnside.
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