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  1. When it comes to being a senior member, it means that you've been there for a year. When it comes to being a moderator or even a senior moderator, I think the director has to make you one.
  2. They deem that the train can handle Continental by itself, even when the train runs to either Essex, Myrtle, or East Side - 96 Street. Because of constant General Orders along Queens Boulevard, it would be even slower for the train to run alongside it.
  3. So this was a matter of track work and supplement service, factors which caused the implementation of the train as the Broadway Seventh Avenue Local during the night and the Local going back to Brooklyn Bridge with the train. Does this sound accurate, @Union Tpke?
  4. For the 36-38th Street yard, they are trying to reconfigure it for revenue service on the train. It means that there would be a significant capacity for future service.
  5. I have passed by the Dyre platform of Gun Hill when I was on the Manhattan bound train and while I was on the Dyre train. I don't know why they never replaced the 1980's wall over there near the main exit. I really believed that it was going to be replaced, but I think that is more or less one of the disappointing renovations I have ever witnessed.
  6. I've known about that reasoning, but I really think this slowdown has to do with the train, since it bypasses the Mosholu Junction most of the time while going inside the Lenox Junction with the train. If that was looked into first, the train shouldn't have to suffer because of a bad interlocking.
  7. They wanted to have that done in 2000, but Dyre residents stopped those plans from coming to fruition. However, in light of the fact that the train has been getting more put ins than before, perhaps they should Look into reverting to the original alignment as has been mentioned before with the train being the Bronx Park Dyre Local and the train being the Bronx Park thru Express and Local to 241st Street, or Implement the plan that they wanted to use in 2000. There's just no reason why the train has to skip 138, knowing how the Mosholu interlocking there goes into trouble every morning, having it slow down the entire Lexington - 4 Avenue Express. It isn't as bad in the afternoon, which is quite surprising.
  8. No, its old. Each of them has about the same Hybrid sound to them.
  9. I got my first ten car ride on a night train that was going local from Fulton Center to Harlem - 145th Street. I almost didn't catch it because the distance from where I was to the train was a bit too long. One thing that I found to be an advancement in the set I was in (3247 to 3243 paired with 3238 to 3242, with 3238 being the conductor car and 3247 being the operating car) was at 50th Street, where the conductor of that train turned off the Flexible Information and Notice Display and in effect the AAS program. The side destination signs were still on and the interior displays only said the time as well as to listen for announcements from the train crew. He only announced that the next stop was 59th Street. When he got to 59th Street, he turned on the FIND system and the automated announcements came back on, pointing to the next stop which was 72nd Street. My first eight car ride was on the train and it was something given how it ran express after Canal Street - Holland Tunnel to 59th Street - Columbus Circle for service improvement work. Every step of the way,another conductor kept interrupting Campion saying that it was going to run express after Canal Street to 59th Street - Columbus Circle. He didn't interrupt her north of 59th Street. While I believe that your peeve concerning the announcement program is valid, I also have a peeve with a different part of the announcement program - its timing. I say that because it is timed a lot longer for the 179 compared to the 160. I would propose that the timing for each announcement should be reduced considerably to like a second, similar with the announcement program along Lexington on the 142/A and Canarsie on the 143. The one particular transfer announcement that I would want improved is the one for 42 Street, where the transfers are announced after about three seconds. On my train that got routed to the express, it still continued to say the rest of the transfers before saying that it was going to 168th, but it was better on the train because the operator came into the stop rather slowly before the conductor opened the doors there.
  10. According to the documents posted by @Union Tpke, it was specifically done to improve Ditmars' ability to process the additional trains terminating there. But it failed in practice and it simply went local along Astoria after 9/11, even when the train came back from its minor break following 9/11.
  11. For #1, I think they wanted to make Broadway completely voiced by the other Thompson (Campion). But that was mostly discarded later, mostly keeping Cowdery for the and trains. For #2, this should be standard for the normally local portions of each line and the night and weekend locals. For #3, I never knew the reason why the original program was ditched in favor of a mix of announcers, though I prefer the other Thompson doing all of these announcements For #4, there was a reason why that had to be done for the Brooklyn IRT to the Bush, though I would prefer they only have the Broadway and Sixth Avenue BMT/IND based express lines heading south to just say Coney Island bound train or train out of respect for the former practice calling it after the neighborhood. What about if Campion announced it as Jamaica Center bound whenever it needs to go to Jamaica Center? There's a reason why she says Parsons Archer as well on that announcement. In fact, she should be doing that complete announcement rush; Cowdery's been doing shorter ones for a while, only doing it complete for the train via Sixth Avenue. For #5, there are announcers that do announcements by trunk; Ettinger does Lexington and Thompson Broadway - 7th Avenue. The other announcers (Cowdery, Bergen, Mitchell, Pellet, and Campion) are a special case; Pellet even did announcements for the train to and via Whitehall at one point, the last new set he did was the train transfers at Junction Boulevard and Willets Point, including Main Street and 111th/New York Hall of Science and the transfers to the train at 63rd and Lexington on the , , , , , , and trains coinciding with the return of the train on weekdays (part of why on the Lexington and Broadway programs mentioned, the service signs were extended). The shortenings done right were for 238 (as Nereid Av), Dyre, Utica, Main St, and 34-Hudson. They even had the destination sign extended to scroll for a while for Queens Blvd Express, as well as an destination sign to Broadway Junction. There were a few others done for scrolling like the train for Broadway - 4 Av Express and the train for 59 St-Broadway Local (though it should have been 60 St, since the transfer platform has always been on 60 St). For #6, the Select+ announcements have every right to be there, though I like how there are original Select+ announcements for the Bx12 (by Pellet), M15/16/34 (by Campion), and Bx41/B44/Q44/SI79 (by Cowdery). Those types of complete announcements are what they should continue to aim for. The shortened announcements on other ones created after the initial list before the M14 via Avenues A and D by Mitchell (which was complete), they came from a failed experiment to test shorter announcements for the train and train. There were two Select+ announcements for the Bx41 and the Q44 that could have been used for the two aforementioned lines, but they were butchered into the shorter ones for some reason, particularly for the train. I like how they fixed the train's destination sign to be 7 Av Express and 7 Av Local. The other one for Lexington, they should have at least left the Local signage alone because that was how it initially appeared; I didn't like the fact that they had the LCL destination sign before, but I really thought they could not extend the wording for Express on Lexington before the Clark Street Closure. Now I know that Express wording from inside the interior digital signage looked very bad on the R142 due to the enormous spacing that existed earlier that was never fixed among other bugs, but not so much on the R142 by Kawasaki as the spacing was evened out right from the start. They even left the Bronx - Lex Av Express and Local for the train alone because it was better inside that aforementioned area. The LOC for Lexington Avenue Local is silly at best. I guess what I don't understand is why at multiple stops before the destination stop on the IRT mainline (except for the train and the 42nd Street ), they removed any mention of the destination stop, but the one announcement that needs to be fixed is the long gap announcement at 59th Street.
  12. Barely anyone used the train when it ran express between Ditmars and Queensboro, stopping at Hoyt since most passengers flocked to the train which until July 2001 had been the main Ditmars to Queensboro Local.
  13. Oh, I see. In that case, could you please do a sign according to the 1990's overhead signage that says: E 177 St - Parkchester and To Pelham Bay Park, all times Pelham Bay Park Weekdays via local to E 177 St - Parkchester; Via Pelham Bay Park Local transfer to Express across the platform
  14. Thanks, man. I discovered that the dimensions for the sign you created when I tried to make it as an additional signature did not follow what it was supposed to be according to the guidelines. In light of that, I wonder if perhaps it can be reworked somehow with less pixels to match what the guidelines are in respect to signatures.
  15. Can I have a sign done that says: Uptown and Pelham Bay Park Local Pelham Bay Park Express Mosholu Local The Bronx via To Pelham Bay Park, all times To Pelham Bay Park, To Woodlawn - Jerome Av, Lexington Av Local and E 177 St - Parkchester, weekdays weekday afternoons late nights

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