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  1. Going to Day 10 on Monday and am stressed out. Any advice? I got gigged on bumping a curb trying to navigate all those double parked cars. Since Ill be driving out of Zerega does that mean I will do day 10 in the Bronx? So far not scanning my mirrors, and bumping a curb are the only mistakes I made, but, unfortunately I made them on qualification days. Manhattan is a jungle to test in. Any advice for Monday would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. My license is clean and I'm not saying that to brag. Im just very lucky I've never gotten a violation. I'm a cautious driver.
  3. STARTING ON THE 15th!!! Medical went great, Zerega here I come!!!
  4. Thank you for all of the wonderful info you've been sharing. Before finding this forum I had very little behind the scenes understanding. So appreciated!!!
  5. I wouldn't be surprised that a good percentage of numbers in between ours either moved on to other things or didn't qualify in some way. This was one heck of a wait! I can't wait to get through tomorrow.
  6. that would be amazing!! Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I got a phone call not an email and a class date wasn't mentioned. I'll post when I know something tomorrow !
  7. I will post updates as I go along, and I will be sure to ask the other applicants if they are TA or OA so that I can share with everyone who's getting called up.
  8. Yes! My letter (dated 4/19) came on 4/21 to report to Livingston on 4/25. This was basically an application packet review, birth certificate, SS Card, air brake endorsement check, etc. I was told to return on 4/27 for the drug screening. I was expecting a 90 day wait, but I got a phone call on 5/2 instructing me to return to Livingston on 5/5 to complete the medical screening and to bring my DMV Abstract. So, after a longgggg wait everything is moving fast. Thanks for all the great info that's been posted here by so many.
  9. I just received my answer on another thread, thank you tho. So excited!
  10. Thank you very much!!! This has been a very long road and to actually have back to back contact and see things moving along is a great feeling Hi Cory, Off of 4105- Im 175#
  11. Yes, Hi mtawife, I got a call yesterday which surprised me! I just took the drug test last week. I am going to Livingston on Friday 5/5 for medical. What is next after Medical??
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, so hello! I got a call yesterday for my physical on 5/5- this Friday! What is the next step following medical? Thanks everyone.
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