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  1. Thank you Will, much appreciated as always!
  2. Hi, if I bid out on AM EXTRA and be awarded that person RDOs and your. Do I also assigned that person home station/zone? If I live in zone3 and the person live in zone 1....when I awarded for the said bid, when I call OSAC...are they going to assign me assignment along with my zone3 or they will still assign me zone1 route?
  3. That's make sense, Thanks Dave. Now, I've some other questions: 1.How, when, where to pick RDOs? 2.How to bid out on the Open Job bids? How often "Open Job" bids are available? 3. What is vacation seniority number? Where do you find out this # from? 4.Does lunch relief has 15 mins check-in rule? 5.For example, I've assigned to be an extra and my main jobs are lunch relief; let say I have to there 11:00-11:30 for one station lunch relief then my next assignment is another station lunch relief at 11:40-12:10 and I was late to the second lunch relief by 5 mins because of the train delay or walking to another side of the station. How do I avoid this problem and how do I resolve it when it happened?
  4. For station agent extra questions: 1. Once I've assigned as to work for what tour, do I also assigned to what RTO I get? Is it going to be the same every week? 2. Do trainee get to choose what tour they prefer? What if train ran late and you're late to get to your next assigned booth, isn't that mess up the whole schedule? What do I do? Stick with the schedule and let the regular booth agent figure it out? Is there any consequence? Let say they give you 20 mins to commute from Utica to new lot but it actually took you more than 20 mins to get there; what the extra trainee can do? 3. Does extra work within their zone most of the time? Or they could be assigned to any zone? 4. What are the responsibilities for lunch relief? 5. Are lunch relief is the same thing as extra? If you are assigned as extra and work for lunch relief, you don't work as RDO relief, right?
  5. @Will. Thank you so much for your detailed responses. You're awesome to all our newbies here. Much appreciated. Look forward to meet you in person in the near future
  6. @Dave I totally understand what you mean by "my coworker became an extended second family". I can't believe you had to gave 3 hours notice and that was it. I bet you feel so bad by doing that but you have no choice. So what station you working at now? And how you like it so far? How long you worked so far?
  7. @lou lou. Good luck to your final exams! The school schedule sounded very intense. You mentioned booth observation, what you need to do? And what difficulties you faced? How many days the school sent you for booth observation? What do you do when you need to use bathroom during your shift? How long is the lunch break? Did you have down time when you did booth observation? If you've down time, what do you do? Also, are you able to pick what booth and shift you going to work at? if you don't mind, which borough you live and what station you prefer?
  8. Hi Kae, nice to meet you! What position you're in?
  9. @lou lou. Thank you for your reponse and congratulations to you and your classmates as you guys almost graduate. I wish you guys success in the job and look forward to meet you all. As for me, I hope they will email me soon. I really want to get into this position as soon as possible. Also, from the date of your final phase, how many days/week you got before you started school? I'm worry as I need to resign the job I currently have and hoping I can give them proper 2 weeks notice. Also, do you know what is your final exam about ? Is it multiple choices test or written test? How's the class schedule ? Any reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I'm new to this forum and been catch up you guys posts in order to have a better understanding the process and the S/A job. So I went in for pre-employment process yesterday. Filled out some forms and did the drug test. After the urine test, the lab lady sent me back to the pre employment counter and tell me to showed the preemployment staff that I've completed the drug test. Then the pre-employment lady told me I'll receive an email with 3 days or to 3 months. I want to know how long usually it take for them to call me in for the next step? And what's the next step? Also I have been seeing MTA workers standing by stations entrances/exits with a tablet on their hands. Are they "new station agents"??? Or they still calling people to fill in S/A jobs? Does anyone know when is next Group of S/A school going to start? I hope you guys can answer and respond to my post. Much appreciated . Thank you!
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