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  1. MTAHopeful813

    The Schoolcar Experience

    If you don’t mind me asking, how are you guys learning the signals and definitions in verbatim? Is it daily quiz on them? You guys create your own study groups? Thanks.
  2. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Is it mandatory to use their assigned doctors? Or would any physician suffice?
  3. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Or possibly the opposite, they won’t need the extra workforce to accommodate the L shutdown. A lot of BO’s were hoping for this to happen to get that extra OT money. With this not going down everything is now business as usual.
  4. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    If I may ask, if it’s for blood pressure/high cholesterol do you have a copy of the form? I for sure know ill be on med hold due to one or the other, would like to be ahead and have the docs fill it out prior. Thats good to hear the freeze doesn’t effect us! I was worried for a moment. list 115x
  5. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Yes, but 60 in a qualified class. Meaning they went through a few hundred just to get a class if 60. Not everyone accepts/qualified for the position.
  6. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Congratulations! Same here man, I’m hoping feb/march with list range 115x if they okay additional classes. It would def help with everything going.
  7. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    (347) 643-7221 found this off google under 180 livingston exam unit.
  8. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Did you follow up? Trusty ol’ USPS is not always the safest way to return documents. I would call 180 Livingston, if you haven’t about the license to see if that is the reason they held your score. But if you know you did not meet the required grade it’s no point.
  9. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Sticky board on top of this thread. Provides a link for you to view your score. You should contact 180 Livingston and correct your address if it has changed.
  10. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    I hear ya, just want to be over prepared. It’s been a long wait and getting anxious. Anyone hear anything about a February class? That’s been the concern for us 10xx folks.
  11. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Good to know, no one mentions what goes on after they get in. Wasn’t sure what a days like besides hitting the books. So it’s straight up classroom/yard training throughout the whole 11weeks?
  12. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Been reading a lot about preparation, kakabag, boots, how about food? Are there lunch breaks in schoolcar? Given you’re behind the lever all day how do you prepare your bags?
  13. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    You are a lucky one, but yea I doubt well get into dec/Jan unless everyone before us is defer or dq’ed. I’m in 115x and we’re estimating feb/March if they establish a class.
  14. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Don’t forget that DCAS packet is used for all nyc exams. Other exams that can claim residential credit causes the confusion.
  15. MTAHopeful813

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    I can’t wait as well, i actually finished my homework while waiting for my piss test. I’m around 115x. I wonder if they’re just prepping or if that many people are failing/DQ’ed off.


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