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  1. man its Friday, these forums are DRY! someone shed some light!
  2. Folks around 101x has been confirmed for July 22’s and it’s still a month away. They usually filter through 1:2 to 1:3 ration per class, depending on deferrals and holds being lifted it’s a really good chance if they continue hiring for 7/22.
  3. good stuff, keep it rolling!! good luck all for july 22nd.
  4. your name will not have any changes until it gets close to your #, you'll see a cert date and a expiration date that usually expires in a month. from there you can gauge your number,, mine expired last Friday so I know ill have to wait.
  5. I think you may only make it September if a lot of people defer. im 115 and im hoping for Aug but expecting September (if there's a class). we have to remember each class you might have a good percentage of people who deferred previously being reinstated, and hopefully the drop rate of 1:3 ratio is still valid which means they'll call atleast 180 individuals to fill a class. im just enjoying the rest of this summer preparing for the golden ticket.
  6. i would pre-fill everything ahead of time. i literally didn't have to sign anything since i had it done before hand. find a copy machine and make copies of the blank sheets if you haven't and fill it in, i notice a lot of people did not write "Present" on current jobs/addresses etc. they made a few folks correct it when you go into the room to review your docs. and the piss test, don't forget to time stamp before dropping it in the mail slot. some folks dropped it in without a stamp and it seem the folks behind the wall purposely delayed them for not doing so. they took the pile without stamps dropped it by the stamper and said find your sheets and time stamp, like 4 to 5 people got up and had to wait all over depending on when they came in. also, do not leave that lab room once you go in, they'll get rid of ya on the spot if they catch you. for the B division folks, where do you normally report for tours?
  7. Do we even know the highest called for July yet? Given June just started.
  8. I didn’t get called into medical yet, but I do have high bp which is controlled. I got a doctors note for my job last month but I’m afraid the date might cause a problem since it’ll be probably 2 month old by the time/if they call me for med.
  9. anyone get put on hold for high bp? wondering if a docs note would pass it or would my pcp need to fill out a mta clearance form.
  10. 2nd. PE was awesome, in at 730 out by 1040 ish, confirmed there is a class for July and August.
  11. I would say FDNY, I was part of exam 2000 that didn’t make it due to the mishap and now I’m over the age limit and lost my chances. It was a dream job and somehow I got lucky with having MTA as a plan b. But if I was in your position I wouldn’t skip a beat with it, 100k job, a second family with your squad, more demanding job yea, but you signed up for it for a reason. Not everyone can run in when one runs out. If that’s your calling, choose it. If you can’t, stay with MTA.
  12. Time to tickle the thread. 115x got called for 2nd PE 6/5. Let’s go!
  13. I think you are right, I remember back in PE Vargas did mention she receive classes in quarters. If she’s approved, it’s usually every 3mo then wait until more dates are approved.
  14. for those that didn’t see it. 115x no letter for 2nd PE

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