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  1. and also if you’re muscular or have big arms. They have 2 wraps, you can ask for the larger cuff if you’re reading higher than normal and for sure it’ll read a tad lower since it’s not squeezing the life out of you. naturally we’ll be nervous as well, you can always tell the physician you’re a bit nervous so they don’t think you’re about to catch a heart attack. i have high BP but I was open about it from the start and had my doctors note. They were aware and I was cleared by the doctor.
  2. Sounds like you did not meet the NOE requirements which may be why you were not qualified for the list.
  3. I’m a bit lost? They wouldn’t have known you do not have a HS diploma or equivalent unless you went to PE. All this time for me, not one person called me or even spoke to me in MTA until my first PE. I would double check if it’s something else or you misunderstood.
  4. I chose the rockports since most folks gave that some good reviews and states its comfortable. Shirts, I was thinking golf polo’s (sweat wicked) since I sweat like no tomorrow. It all depends on what our instructors mention since a member here recently said they’re changing the short sleeve polo policy. are they picky with what shade of grey for shirts and blue for pants, Light/Dark? Any recommendations for pants?
  5. For those who purchased their work boots. i choose the rockports from reviews and forum recommendations. What boot did you pick? What are your pros and cons with your selection.
  6. For those with professional careers. before moving to transit did you resign The second you got sworn in? Or did you wait until your start date at transit (orientation etc)?
  7. 115x, our group was fairly small. When waiting for the final swear in the waiting area I counted about 15-17 people waiting with me. I couldn’t see how many was called before me or if everyone was for TO, there were a few BO there in that same group
  8. I’m in for Aug 19th, got sworn in today. would've been a quick medical but the lady giving out the paperwork messed up a few peoples and gave us missing documents. Left around 1:30pm ish and got there at 7:10am. no mention of a September class, they were hush on it.
  9. Same here my dude, July 25th!! 115x
  10. Man, now you have me wondering. I never knew of the 3:1 thing. But on my 2nd PE they took 3 of us in an “interview room” where our paperwork was reviewed by Igor? And a few questions were asked. I’m hoping that’s not the same 3:1 thing.
  11. 115x nothing yet, hoping this week I’ll get the golden ticket.
  12. you are the man, how do you even get this info!! prob see you in Aug!
  13. awesome that lifted some weight off the shoulders.
  14. im still banking on it as well. just some things are going on at work and I am really hoping I can jump ship as early as possible.
  15. that a downer to hear, I was there a few weeks back and they mentioned an Aug class, sucks that theyre quiet now.
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