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  1. I hear ya with the bills and stuff but we have to look at it this way, we weren’t suppose to be called until probably 2022 or so. If it wasn’t for the circumstances were actually ahead of the game. I’m 11xx too and I’ve learned to not stress it and just keep doing what you’re doing as if this job never existed. Keep applying to jobs, keep looking all over, don’t throw all your eggs in a basket.
  2. How’s the 1/28 class doing? Any tips or experiences you can share?
  3. I think someone mentioned next class could possibly be in March/April. Patience! List: 11xx.xx
  4. For those who have children or opted for insurance with the MTA what choices do you guys have for HMO? Or if they have UHC? My child’s doctors accept certain insurances only, i like his docs and would prefer not to change them since they’ve been with him since birth. Thanks!
  5. No news is always good news when it comes to city jobs. If something’s up believe they will contact you. from reading the forums folks who were on medical leave or had issues with paperwork were contacted to correct what they needed. Ex. School verification, medical holds etc. just be prepared and proactive, double, triple check paperwork. Make copies, scan it into your phones, whatever works. the faster you have everything ready they better, also check with your doc see if he has any vacay plans coming up during the time you think you may be called.
  6. I really hope that’s the case and continue to process us along. it seems they’re using the budget situation and pressure from cuomo to hold the next quarters hiring. Every time I see someone trying to fit into a train holding everything up makes me want to double drop kick them back out lol.
  7. Tbh right now no one knows with the freeze in place. Even for those who are next don’t have a time frame anymore since they did not approve the next quarters hiring. Just have to sit back until they start calling the folks for the second/third PE IF they start the hiring again soon. 1/28 class just started, maybe the guys inside might hear of something in the next few months.
  8. For those who completed school car how bad are the fail rates for a TO? I ask because I’ve taken the LIRR conductor exam before and the fail rate is ridiculous, didn’t want to psych myself out.
  9. As we all know; MTA - might take awhile. just forget about the process and wait for the mail/email one day.especially if you know you’re in the next round, you’re closer than a lot of folks waiting behind, can’t imagine what they’re going through hearing this news.
  10. I got a feeling it’s about the issues going on in the news lately. Whole funding/fare hike business. Maybe by month end after the next meeting we’ll get a clearer picture.
  11. Anyone on the job hear anything new about the freeze?
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, how are you guys learning the signals and definitions in verbatim? Is it daily quiz on them? You guys create your own study groups? Thanks.
  13. Is it mandatory to use their assigned doctors? Or would any physician suffice?
  14. Or possibly the opposite, they won’t need the extra workforce to accommodate the L shutdown. A lot of BO’s were hoping for this to happen to get that extra OT money. With this not going down everything is now business as usual.
  15. If I may ask, if it’s for blood pressure/high cholesterol do you have a copy of the form? I for sure know ill be on med hold due to one or the other, would like to be ahead and have the docs fill it out prior. Thats good to hear the freeze doesn’t effect us! I was worried for a moment. list 115x

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